Rugby Players Replacing their Missing Teeth with Bottle Openers

rugby players

Have you heard about the sport called rugby?

The name of this sport is linked to the English city where it was invented: Rugby.

The game originated in the old English town of Rugby.

These days, this sport is popular in Great Britain, France, Argentina, and various African nations.

The International Rugby Board (IRB) is an entity founded in 1886 that is in charge of directing the different national rugby federations and organizing the World Cup.

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This sport has two teams of 15 players each, and the objective is to bring an oval ball behind the line that represents the end of the field.

Replacing Missing Teeth After a Tough Tackle

Replacing Missing Teeth After a Tough Tackle

This sport is known for its violence since it allows the players to use their force to stop the opponent.

A standard defensive play is a tackle, which involves knocking down the opponent.

In Rugby, as in any other contact sport, bruising is common.

It is not strange that those who practice it end the games with scratches, a black eye, or even a broken bone or some missing teeth.

Wounds that, if all goes well, will be recovered after a few days or weeks. In the event a player loses a tooth, it can be resolved with the placement of a dental implant.

There is an initiative that an Argentine beer company started.

An advertising campaign in which rugby players can replace a lost tooth using a bottle opener tooth implant.

Sebastian Juri invented this piece, and the function of it is to open bottles.

Yes! That is correct, a dental part to pop bottles.

How surprising can it be someone would like to replace one of their teeth for a bottle opener?

The main fear of those who launched this advertising campaign was not finding players that would use a bottle opener tooth implant.

But this fear disappeared soon as the rugby players wanted to be part of the experiment and agreed to try the new dental piece.

You might know someone that always wants to show off how to open a beer, maybe using another beer, a spoon, or even their teeth, well, these players no have a show stopper with their new implant.

So you might be wondering how is this dental piece replacing a tooth?

As you can see in the images, this metal piece knows as an implant replaces the missing tooth, just the shape as a bottle opener.

A Bottle Opener Tooth Implant

bottle opener tooth implant

Rugby players started to take the implant and use them for commercial videos.

In the videos, rugby players showed how this dental piece that replaced their tooth is used to open beer bottles.

Sooner than expected, it became a hit among rugby players.

This trend has also been popular in the USA; news spread around.

An NFL player also decided to try and replaced his missing tooth for a bottle opener.

It might be surprising for some of us to think about the idea of replacing one of our teeth for something different than the usual.

But for these rugby players, it was something new and exciting they did not lose the opportunity to try!

Putting their fears aside, they moved forward to become part of something unique and unconventional.

Not to mention, it has become a successful promotion for the beer companies.

It is crucial to take care of our teeth, even more, when we practice a sport like Rugby, where the physical contact is not an option.

Nowadays, it can be easier to assure the wellness of our teeth, due to we have the opportunity to use a mouthguard.

This option can be an advantage while when practicing any sport or activity with physical contact.

It is our benefit to have this product protect our teeth and to avoid any difficulties that may occur; because of the different activities, we can practice.

Sports guards are used on the teeth.

They protect from blows to the head and face. MMouthguardsare designed to protect against dental fractures, lip cuts, or any other damage to the mouth.

If you are using braces or another mouthpiece on your jaw, your dentist will suggest a mouth guard for these teeth.

The Use of Mouthguards to Protect Teeth

In rugby, as in other contact sports, mouthguards are very important.

Mouthguards exist to protect teeth as much as possible from damage or losing teeth.

But, players need to replace mouthguard every season.

They need to replace it because, over time, mouthguards wear out and become ineffective.

A large number of professionals in different sports change their mouthguards every six months.

If you practice any contact sport, the best thing you can do is to find a way to protect your teeth.

Ask your dentist for a mouthguard if it is necessary.

Even when mouthguards can’t guarantee 100% protection, they can help a lot.

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