Want to Try This 2022 Dental Trend? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Want to Try This 2022 Dental Trend

Squirrel teeth, a new TikTok fashion trend that promises to give you a more girly and youthful touch, is set to take over the internet in 2022. Here, we’ll take a deeper look at this most recent “trend.”

As you may know very well by now, TikTok is a super popular social media application that allows users to enjoy the content of all kinds of stuff. Because of this, it’s only natural that people are always aware of the newest trends and things going on around the world. The trends on TikTok are never-ending and shift quickly from one day to the next, and the squirrel teeth phenomenon will likely be manifested soon in the form of another TikTok challenge.

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Ariana Grande, Kendell Jenner, Katie Holmes, and a few other celebs have all been seen with squirrel-type teeth.

The TikTok squirrel teeth craze will surely become a new trend in a few days or weeks. It’s a fun and demanding trend that seems to be targeted mainly at young girls. In recent weeks, the trend has been extending the incisors and giving them a distinctive appearance. Needless to say, there are some things about this trend that worry dentists. The materials are certainly not toxic, but the shape of it all just doesn’t seem quite beneficial or practical for your oral health.

The procedure of getting these teeth entails applying a substantial amount of composite resin to your natural tooth to give it the trademark squirrel-like shape. Then you’re free to spice it up with some gems and piercings to give it a more glamorous look.

Will Squirrel Teeth Become a Trend?

Many people and articles talk about this particular look, but where exactly did this trend come from? Who started it? And what are the chances of seeing people with squirrel teeth everywhere in 2022?

Unlike other TikTok trends like filing down your teeth by yourself or whitening your smile with a sponge (yes, that’s a thing), this one might not be so intentional. 

Will Squirrel Teeth Become a Trend?

The look you see in this picture had a motive, and it was for a photo shoot of a clothing store. This was the work of the make-up and special effects artist Lisa Michalik. She has been doing this type of work for a while, and it’s known for having some unique and out-of-the-box concepts. She also has experience when it comes to teeth. She’s designed some interesting Grillz. Take a look:

Worst Dental Trends

Although there’s not much difference, the teeth you see in the viral pictures are bunny teeth (which refers to the clothing store that the photo shoot was for), not squirrel teeth. It apparently turned out to be a unique style that really sparked people’s interest. So much so that they are thinking this will most likely become the next big cosmetic dental trend.

But to be fair, the trend is being shut down already. People don’t seem to be having it. And we can’t say we disagree. As an art form, it is very interesting, and we dare to say that the pictures came out super fun and unique, but they should remain that way. It is important to mention that despite people disliking the extreme look of rabbit teeth, a new aesthetic standard might be on the rise.

Many celebrities and people naturally have two front teeth a bit larger than the others. If people begin to perceive this particular feature as something beautiful and desirable, we might see more crown-lengthening procedures in 2022. There’s nothing wrong with dental trends if you speak with a professional first. Teeth are not hair or nails, they’re a vital part of your overall health, and you must give it the special care it needs.

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