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Professional Root Canals In Tijuana

Preserving your natural teeth for as long as possible is critical to your oral health. That’s why a root canal in Tijuana is one of the most common procedures in our practice.

When you have a tooth that suffers from decay or was injured, the pulp that lives inside can become infected.

Without the advanced technique of endodontic therapy, this type of damage could cause irreversible consequences to your tooth.

Thanks to the specialists in endodontics at our practice, patients with severe infections who visit us can get their treatment right away, which gives them a better chance of avoiding an extraction.

You won’t have to make time-consuming trips to other locations. Here root canal is a quick, precise, and comfortable process that will save you precious time and money.

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Advantages of Root Canal Therapy

The main goal of a root canal treatment is to save your tooth from being extracted. Remember that the more natural teeth you have when you’re older, the better.

Some of the advantages of getting a root canal with a Tijuana dentist are:

  • A pain-free comfortable procedure. With the help of advanced techniques, years of experience, and anesthesia, you’ll have a painless and easygoing treatment.
  • Affordable. Compared to your local dentist, a root canal in Tijuana is much quicker and cost-efficient.
  • Esthetic results. With the help of a crown, the restoration of your teeth can look beautiful and help you regain confidence.

Essentially, this treatment will allow you to keep your natural smile, enabling you to have a much healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. You’ll be able to eat the foods you enjoy the most and keep your appearance at its best.

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Get Your Root Canal In 3 Steps

Having the necessary dental technology and endodontic specialists, we have been able to offer fast and pain-free procedures to our patients for many years.

We worry about your well-being and work with you to help put your mind at ease if this type of procedure distresses you. Generally, root canal therapy goes like this:

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Step 1

You’ll get an oral examination and X-rays of the affected tooth.

step 2 root canal

Step 2

Our endodontist will apply anesthesia. Then remove the infected pulp inside your tooth and disinfect the area.

step 3 root canal

Step 3

Then, your dentist will fill in and seal the tooth to protect it and restore its shape.

When Is A Root Canal Needed?

When you leave your mouth unattended, the bad bacteria that live there produce harmful acids that cause cavities.

When you get cavities, the most viable option is to get them filled in. If you don’t, they can progressively get worse to the point where they make their way through the enamel until they reach the heart of your tooth: the pulp.

When this happens, it causes discomfort, and the infection spreads to the root canals of your tooth. If this is left untreated, you could face lots of pain and tooth loss.

Root canal therapy is here to prevent precisely that. The process consists of drilling a tiny hole in your tooth to access the affected tooth and root canals.

Once there, it is possible to remove the infection and save the tooth from being extracted. Your Tijuana dentist can place a dental filling or a crown to retrieve the tooth’s shape, and function and keep it safe from further damage.

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How Much Is A Root Canal?

Getting a root canal in Tijuana, it’s affordable and easy. You can get high-quality care from skilled specialists at an accessible cost. To put it into perspective for you, here is a simple comparison of prices between Mexico and other countries:

United States – $2,500
Canada – $2,500
Mexico – $522

Trust your oral health in the right hands and enjoy the benefits Trust Dental Care has to offer you. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. Make your first appointment with a Tijuana dentist by contacting us today and get on the right path of your smile journey.

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