Precision & Efficiency Dental Technology


Next-Generation Diagnosis and Dental Treatments

We pride ourselves in using only the top tier technology when it comes to meeting your dental expectations.

That’s why we fully rely on Sirona technology, the top brand in dental technology in the world.

In order to provide you with a painless, effective and long lasting treatment, we now use the Sirona Sidexis 4.

A machine that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist the doctor on the best way to treat your particular case with 0% margin of error.

The machine sends and receives EHRs (Electronic Health Record) from the American healthcare system in order to continually keep improving on dental procedures that are comparable to yours.

With EHRs containing a full record of patient history, the margin of error can be reduced.

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence can solve any dental problem that you may have.

CEREC dental implants in mexico


CEREC enables our dentist to insert esthetic ceramic crowns or partial crowns in a single session.

Software with built-in AI will be able to catch any diagnosis or treatment errors that are frequently caused due to miscommunication or lack of access to data.

Artificial intelligence can reduce delays, minimize errors and provide meaningful data faster than is possible by humans alone.

  • Ceramic material looks like a real tooth.
  • No dark edges are visible.
  • Ceramic is very close to the hardness of the natural tooth,
  • Is a gentle treatment for your teeth.

Sirona XG 3D Scanner

The Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3D scanner is the world’s most sought-after radiological equipment; the perfect radiography machine for fast and efficient diagnosis.

This machine produces 85% less radiation and is 10 times more accurate on your diagnosis, so you won’t have much exposure when getting your dental x-rays.

With this Artificial Technology, our Tijuana Dentist uses it to plan complex procedures such as the placement of dental implants.

  • Clinical safety
  • Precise diagnostics
  • Quickshot mode
  • AI technology
Sirona Omnicam for root canal

Sirona CEREC Omnicam

The CEREC Omnicam allows doctors to print digital impressions of a patient’s mouth with more precision than ever before.

Our patients can easily visualize the treatment recommendation and the treatment process on the monitor while the restoration is being designed.

Replaces conventional tray impressions, known to be unpleasant. It also accelerates treatment by using a compact, powder-free intraoral video camera that captures the smallest of details to create a perfect dental restoration.

  • Precise 3D scan of teeth
  • 70% faster
  • Painless
  • High precision & accuracy

VITA Easyshade Color Matching for a Perfect Smile

High-precision VITA technology ensures that the digital focus remains squarely on tooth-shade determination and communication. Determine the patient tooth shade for selecting CAD/CAM materials, fabricating layered crowns, selecting prosthetic teeth, choosing the materials for direct fillings, and planning esthetic corrections using veneers.

all on 4 dental-implants

AI 3D Implant Planning Software and Surgical Guides

Using special 3D implant planning software, our doctors will direct the creation of a surgical guide that is placed over the gums, like a template, to precisely guide your implants into the correct position at the right angle.

The artificial intelligence software saves time, is safe, and improves your results. A great software structure makes no mistakes and precise diagnostics.


Sirona Intraoral Camera

Sirona Schick® technology to create custom porcelain crowns and veneers right in our office during a single visit. The doctor will take digital impressions of your teeth and design your restoration on the CEREC design unit.

Your restoration is then milled using the CEREC milling unit while you wait, and you will walk out of our office with your final restoration in place, eliminating the need for any temporaries.

Automatic Dental Sterilizers

With one of the largest chamber sizes of any tabletop sterilizer on the market, the Ritter M11, and the BioSonic® UC300.

Designed to optimize sterilization output, ensuring our patients get the cleanest and safest equipment for their treatments.

VITAPremium Dental Ceramic Firing

VITA introduces a line of modular ceramic furnaces that provide an unprecedented level of adaptability to the dental lab.

Thanks to the system’s innovative design, the concept satisfies laboratory firing needs in an efficient and economical way.

This allows us to work with ceramic for various and custom dental implants.

Advance Surgical Tool For Dental Implants

This tool was designed by analyzing feedback from clinicians to ensure this surgical micromotor satisfies professional requirements.

This light and compact micromotor feature a LED light for visibility with up to 80NcM of torque for diverse procedures that require surgical precision (dental implants), paving the way for an advanced treatment environment.

Hi-Tec Biomedical Centrifuge System

Endoret® is a Biomedical Technology aimed at stimulating tissue regeneration by applying autologous proteins.

Endoret® technology provides the means necessary for the isolation and concentration of the blood proteins involved in tissue regeneration, as well as its suitable application at the injury site, helping you heal in a small amount of time.

No exogenic agent can effectively govern all these processes.

Diode Laser Makes Restorative Dentistry a Breeze

A diode laser very precisely removes soft tissue (such as the gums) and bone tissue. Our doctors use it in gum disease treatment to decontaminate infected gum pockets and to remove diseased gum tissue.

It is also sometimes used for gum recontouring, or to remove the decayed part of a tooth when treating a cavity. The benefits for the patients are painless, minimal to no bleeding and no swelling.

Sirona Next Generation Intraoral Sensor

Schick 33 provides unsurpassed image quality. This new intraoral digital sensor, which has a theoretical resolution limit of 33 line pairs, the highest available on the market, is paired with newly enhanced imaging software that enables dentists to review, store and share images from a variety of clinical perspectives.  This combination of enhanced hardware and software provides the dentist with the best possible image quality.

Schick 33’s powerful image enhancement software provides practitioners with an unprecedented level of control over enhancements and customizations to its digital images.

Artificial technology allows precise, painless and effective treatment that will let you heal faster and do minimal invasion to your mouth.

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