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Our commitment to you and all our patients is to provide outstanding care and quality dental work at
all times. We strive to keep our promise of helping all individuals regain their confidence and smile
through painless dentistry.

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Trust Dental Care appreciates all feedback and opinions from our patients, as it gives us an idea of what we can change to create a better experience for all. We have 44, five-star Tijuana dentist Yelp reviews, 27 on Google, and 23 on Facebook.

Feel free to browse through some of our favorite ones here or visit our individual pages on Yelp, Google, and Facebook to read more. We treat hundreds of American and Canadian patients each year, and we hope that after reading our excellent reviews, you will give us the opportunity to help change your life.

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Dental implants in Mexico saved me 75% on the cost of dental implants compared to U.S. prices.

“My teeth were very very bad, I didn’t know what to do with it as it was very expensive to have the teeth repaired in Canada. So I started looking online and I found Trust Dental Care and I’m very happy that I actually did in the end. We’ve had a really great experience down here, I had several implants to be done and bone grafting, and the whole experience, like I said, has been very fantastic.

Now I have a mouth full of teeth that I never had before, It’s just great. The atmosphere down here is fantastic, the doctors are fantastic, I think they really do I great job, and like I said Im very happy with it. I cannot say that enough.”

Diane B.

Trust Dental Care the best dental work in Mexico.

I never felt this way with a dentist. I was always afraid of the dentist until I came here and I’ve been telling all my friends in America to come with me to Tijuana and get it done. […] I just think that if you need dental care and any help with your teeth, your gums, or having dental problems, need braces or anything, just come down and get it done.


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