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How to walk across the Tijuana international border and save time

Step by step directions on how to cross the U.S./Mexico international border at San Ysidro once you get there.

  • Walking across the border:

    Walk along the pedestrian passageway going south towards Tijuana. Go through the metal revolving doors.

  • Follow the sidewalk:

    After you pass under the sign that says “Mexico,“ it’s super easy. Walk along the customs hallway until you reach the Mexican checkpoint.

  • Meeting Point:

    You’ll be walking until you reach a mustard-colored pharmacy called Milenio. Once you reach the pharmacy and find a long line of taxis, look for our driver’s description and he will assit you in getting to the office.

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There Are Many Tourist attractions you can visit while staying in Tijuana

Tourists from the United States and Canada have realized that the city of Tijuana has transformed into one of the most amazing places to visit in Mexico.

Because nightlife is no longer the most attractive thing to do in the city, gastronomy and local breweries have also become a landmark for tourism at the border.

According to the New York Times, Tijuana is one of the cities people need to visit during 2019. Great quality dental care is just another good excuse to visit Tijuana.

Plus, if you’re looking for great wine and you’re interested in vineyards, you can also visit Valle de Guadalupe wich is just an hour and 30 minutes away from the border