Sunken Face: How Multiple Missing Teeth Affect Your Face
Sunken Face

Sunken Face: How Multiple Missing Teeth Affect Your Face

A sunken face is a common condition that affects many individuals, such as aging or simply getting older. 

Many cases related to this condition are due to the loss of bone that occurs naturally or because of missing teeth.  

The most common reason behind this condition that gives the individual a sunken look is the loss of the bone in the jawbone located in the mouth. 

Over time, when the bone no longer supports enough natural growth or the jaw bone is lost or shrinks, it creates a dip between the persons following facial parts:

  • Jaw
  • Mouth
  • Nose
  • Cheeks
  • Chin

Giving the mouth that unordinary sunken look. 

Other causes for the sunken face look is missing teeth. 

Sunken Face

Teeth provide a rounded, more compact look that allows the individual to develop overtime correctly, even at an older age. 

Missing teeth is another common factor for the sunken face condition that affects many people without them knowing, and by the time they realize it, it will be too late.

Replacing Lost Teeth

Thanks to our intuitive tech, we can perform various treatments and offer solutions that would otherwise be difficult to restore. 

So, missing teeth can also produce the same results as the loss of jaw bone would cause. 

The dentistry field allows for many outstanding procedures that would not have been possible twenty years ago, as well as in the medical health field. 

In health, the facial skin that surrounds your face rests over your gums and teeth. 

Treating them properly will undoubtedly resolve any performance or functions your mouth would generally be able to execute. 

But, as we mentioned earlier, when you have multiple missing teeth, your skin will sink and create once again the sunken face condition. 

Many people in the United States suffer through this condition as they age without knowing that various solutions resolve it in a matter of visits to the dentist. 

Treatment for this condition has numerous solutions, so why wait to solve it? 

As time goes on, it is natural to lose some muscle tone in your facial structure and form various wrinkles that are mainly age-related. 

These can be visible over the following:

  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Chin

And various other sections of your face. 

Factoids That Cause A Sunken Face

Bone loss

As we mentioned earlier, many reasons cause a sunken face. 

But, solutions are available in almost every dental clinic, as well as in our dental office. 

The following factoids are the leading cause of a sunken face, such as:

1.- Unhealthy Gums: What Causes Gum Disease? 

The accumulation of plaque created by our daily diets is one of the causes of gum disease and excessive bacteria produced naturally in your mouth.

Gum inflammation is visible at an early stage, mostly known for causing redness around the bottom of your teeth.

Infectious deterioration in the gums and surrounding tissue around your teeth also causes sunken face symptoms as well as other potential threats found in your mouth.

These are the initial types of symptoms that cause a sunken face look that will develop abnormally and possibly affect your chin and make it more pronounced.

This should be avoided; this will not allow you to chew or potentially even speak properly over time.

Receding gums is also one of the common causes that gradually affect your jaw bone over time.

This symptom causes the gums to remove from the teeth and progressively move away.

Thus, creating pockets that produce infectious and increases painful inflammation around your teeth, irritation over the insides of your cheeks, and other symptoms.

If this condition results untreated, gum diseases contribute to most notably, tooth loss.

This can indeed affect the rate in which bone loss in your jawline will finally result in a sunken mouth and potentially even your jawline. 

2.- Poor Denture Placement: What are Dentures? 

poor denture placements

A sunken face can cause visible distortion and produce a sunken upper lip that will not allow you to speak correctly.

This can disrupt your daily life in typical situations, such as a simple chat with a friend or loved one.

Your jawline and other natural happenings such as wrinkles may appear around your mouth and cheeks.

It might suggest that it is time to replace your traditional dentures for a treatment that will offer a permanent solution to your sunken face condition.

Traditional dentures offer a short-term solution that comes by as possibly disruptive or uncomfortable.

Such as in public events or while spending time with your family.

We’ve all seen those videos where a person that wears dentures loses during an act of blowing or eating, and no one wants that happening to them.

Thanks to innovative tech, traditional dentures are a thing of the past, and with affordable treatments that offer a permanent solution, you cannot refuse. 

3.- Bone Loss: What Causes Bone Loss in Jaw That can Lead to Multiple Missing Teeth?

jaw bone loss

The loss of bone is a common condition that many elderly individuals go through while aging, and is a natural process.

Many solutions, such as bone grafts and dental implants, are a great way to solve that problem.

Women diagnosed with a condition known as osteoporosis are the candidates that are more susceptible to tooth loss, according to the NIAMS (National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease), this condition affects women the most.

Regardless of sex, missing or damaged teeth can cause infectious diseases.

And being ignored and not avoided can lead to spreading towards your teeth’s root.

This will undoubtedly contribute to bone loss.

Proper oral health is always recommended by all dental surgeons and should be promoted around the household.

Maintaining the proper integral structure of your jawline is crucial when at a certain age.

To keep the integrity of your jaw, missing teeth should be replaced or rebuilt with a permanent solution such as dental implants or traditional removable appliances such as dentures.

Crowns are also a recommended treatment that can stand up against wear and tear.   

These conditions can be solved within a matter of visits to our clinic, thanks to same-day implants and procedures. 

No Need to Live With a Sunken Face

Happy woman smiling

The lifestyle choices we make are all up to us; daily habits such as poor dental hygiene or smoking can lead to damaging results that affect your jaws, teeth, and gums. 

Aging may be inevitable for now, but a nutritious diet, daily brushing, and flossing are all practices that only take a few minutes of our time. 

Routinely visit your local dentist and prompt treatment of dental issues will help you maintain a firm, supportive, strong jawline that supports your mouth and lower face structure for years to come. 

Consulting with your dental surgeon regularly if you ever experience any issues or problems with toothaches, difficulty chewing your food, loose teeth, bleeding gums, or any other issue will help you avoid harmful conditions that can otherwise be treated beforehand. 

Chewing your nails and drinking beverages with large amounts of caffeine can also affect your teeth’s overall performance and appearance. 

Eating nutritional portions of food and healthy meals also improve your overall health. 

Oral Care Routine

brusing teeth

Daily brushing, flossing, overall regular oral care, and dental check-ups should be performed twice a year, are all proper oral habits we should all promote and practice. 

Anything is possible, keeping up with your healthy habits will offer you an overall healthy lifestyle, which is something we should all try to reach. 

Any person can reduce bonce loss in a matter of visits to the dentist, and eliminate the sunken face condition. 

If any individual focuses on preventing and working with any professional dental surgeon. 

You will then be able to create a trustworthy relationship with them and avoid any further damaging effects gum disease can cause or prevent plaque accumulation that can potentially decay your teeth. 

In case of losing your teeth or about to, they should be extracted right away. 

But, some numerous treatments or options can prevent tooth extraction if appropriately treated. 

If you have missing teeth in dire need of replacement, our dental team can assist you at any time. 

Remember, they will discuss the numerous options you may have that will best suit your dental needs.

It is possible to maintain a healthy mouthful of teeth and a strong jawline that will offer continuous support towards your mouth and lower face well into later stages of your life. 

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