How Teresa From California Had a Smile Makeover in Mexico

How Teresa From California Had a Smile Makeover in Mexico 1

At TRUST Dental Care, what we do best is give each of our patients a beautiful smile makeover. If you ever visit us, you can be confident you’ll get the best care from a dentist in Mexico. And what’s better than getting high-quality, world-class dental care at a fair cost? Well, Teresa has the answer. She took the first opportunity she saw and made the best out of it.  How? Let us give you some background.

Meet Our Smile Makeover Patient of the Month

Teresa's smile makeover before and after pictures

Teresa is an outgoing, fun soul from Murrieta, California. She is 53 years old, and she’s the type of person you always want to be around. Something about Teresa is that she cares a lot for others. So much so that she tends to put herself second. And never asks for anything in return. But she’s also human, and she needs attention too from now and then. So when she noticed that her oral health started to worsen, she knew that as hard as it might be, she would have to dedicate some time for herself.

Although she thought about it a lot and took her time to figure out what was happening with her teeth, she eventually got a bit scared of seeing her front teeth treat break and chip. Not to mention the awful sensitivity she started feeling around the gum line. The matter couldn’t wait any longer. She had to find a dentist quickly for a smile makeover. 

Teresa’s Journey to Find the Right Dentist for her Smile Makeover

A picture of a smiling Teresa

Teresa was faced with the same problem that millions of Americans have been dealing with for a long time, finding affordable dental care.  The dilemma was finding a dentist who could do the high-quality dental work for the smile makeover she needed within her budget. And oh boy, it was a challenge. She exhaustively looked at almost all the dental offices in her area, but none seemed to fit her needs. This ended up being quite discouraging for Teresa. She felt as though she wasn’t meant to have any type of self-care.

That was until she saw a very interesting post on Facebook. It said, “6 Porcelain Veneers for only $2499!”  She had to read it twice just to make sure she was reading it right. And she was. Teresa immediately started her research about the place. She went straight to Trust Dental Care’s page and read the reviews. Everything looked super legit. It was like a sign from heaven for a great smile makeover. To make sure, she asked her friends if they knew anything about going to a dentist in Mexico. To her surprise, they recommended it. That was all she needed to pack some things, get in her car and drive down to Tijuana, Mexico, to get the smile makeover had been dreaming of. 

“I’d rather drive 2 hours, pay less and get good results than go around the corner and be in debt for life” she said to herself and drove off.

Dentist in Mexico: A New Experience that Changed Teresa’s Life

With the assistance of her GPS, Trust Dental Care’s patient coordinator, and our complimentary Luxury VIP Limousine Service (available for all patients), Teresa arrived at our office safe and sound. Teresa’s nervousness and concerns started to fade away when she walked through our doors. “In comparison to the U.S., Trust Dental Care is super clean and comfortable”, she said. But what was most important was, of course, the attention she would get from the staff.  And fortunately, it didn’t disappoint. This dentist in Mexico was really showing the hospitality they’re very well known for. From the driver that brought her to the office to the dentist who saw her, she really felt in good hands. What now was in her mind wasn’t the cost or the results anymore. She wanted to know what was her oral health’s current condition. During her first appointment, Teresa got a computed tomography, photographs, impressions of her teeth, and a dental cleaning. After that, she finally got the news: she was a great candidate for Porcelain Veneers! Her smile makeover was about to become reality!

But to complete her desired smile makeover successfully and with the results she wanted, there were a few things her dentist had to take care of. The main one was to perform a gingivectomy, a standard procedure in cosmetic dental transformations, where excess gum tissue is removed to fit the veneers properly and ensure they look natural. Another important thing that needed to be taken care of was a pair of crowns that she had unadjusted. She replaced them with new, strong porcelain crowns that we could fabricate in our office in One Visit using our state-of-the-art German CEREC technology.

When Teresa finished her treatment, there was something she had discovered of herself. As she looked in the mirror to admire her new beautiful smile, she felt thankful for the opportunity she had to save her smile. And therefore, save a part of her spirit. This was a call for her to realize it’s okay to be there for people, but you should always look for the things that make you happy. Now her self-confidence was strong and allowed her to value herself more than she used to. She was ready to live her life to the fullest without any fears. This is the result of high-quality dental care from a dentist in Mexico. Trust Dental Care is lucky to have patients like Teresa, and we treasure every single one of the stories that come through our door. 

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