Shelby Jacobs, NASA Icon, Gets All on 6 Dental Implants in Mexico: A Smile Makeover

all on 6 dental implants shelby jacobs

Shelby Jacobs has done many things that changed his life completely. But two of them stand out. One of them was finally recovering his smile by getting all on 6 dental implants in Mexico. The other one was to become a NASA icon. Yep, no big deal.

Have you ever thought about how long you have known that the earth is round? Maybe you found out at school, on TV, or you just realized it by just looking at the sky. In any case, the first actual look at the curvature of the earth is owed to the intelligence and determination of one man: Shelby Jacobs. It was not an easy journey. He was one of only eight black engineers at the company he worked for, a place where racism was prevalent.  

Shelby still rose to the top among multiple challenges and a systematic inequality that wanted him to fail. He always chose kindness. By following Dr. Martin Luther King’s nonviolent philosophy, he patiently and gracefully achieved remarkable progress that made him a role model for many generations.

All on 6 Dental Implants: The Missing Part of Shelby’s Life

After his outstanding achievement with the camera system that captured the earth’s curvature for the first time, Shelby continued to work with NASA on many other successful projects. Fast forward many years later, he had become a part of history and was thriving along with his wife. But there was something he hadn’t taken care of properly: his smile.

all on 4 dental implants mexico

It’s already incredible to believe that humans are behind creating these enormous and complicated vehicles that go to space. Still, it is even weirder to realize that they’re people like you and me, with the same issues and concerns. Shelby, just like millions of Americans, had been struggling with oral health. He had missing teeth, and the remaining ones just started to worsen more and more. It got to a point where his partial dentures just weren’t helping anymore. And the requests for interviews and documentary appearances became more and more frequent.

But Shelby didn’t feel comfortable appearing on screen with his teeth. And because of this, there was a chance he could miss the opportunity to tell his story to the world.  A story that could inspire millions of young African-Americans to follow their dreams and never let anyone bring them down. He had to find a solution. So there he was, having the dilemma of every other person trying to get dental care “Where?”

A TRUST Dental Care Smile Makeover

As a man who cares for quality and results, Shelby had to find the best place to fix his teeth. He couldn’t find a convincing place in his own city, so he turned to something that has helped thousands of people worldwide. He decided to give dental tourism a try. He chose Tijuana, Mexico, which is only 10 minutes from the San Diego airport. He began detailed research to find the right dentist for him. And eventually, he found it.

Trust Dental Care is a modern dental office that focuses on innovation and Same-Day dentistry. Shelby looked at the many positive reviews and decided to make a call. He was amazed at the professional and friendly customer service he received. The feeling of reliability made Shelby decide to start his journey with us.

He came down to Tijuana and had his first consultation with our team. We carefully studied his case and determined a great permanent solution for him: all on 6 dental implants. We started his treatment immediately using our state-of-the-art German dental technology to ensure correct, painless, and fast placement of the implants.

After the surgery, we waited for his mouth to heal. In the meantime, we fabricated his new, strong, natural-looking Porcelain Dentures that would function as Shelby’s new teeth.

He came back to finish the process, and that was it. His all-on 6 dental implant reconstruction was ready. And so was Shelby. He was ready to tell his story and to make it known that if you have a dream, you go for it. And you never stop. No matter how many forces want to knock you down, you will choose to be the change. 

A Celebration of a Groundbreaking Career

All on 6 dental implants

Shelby was back, and this time he felt even more fulfilled than before.  He continued to appear on TV, recounting his life and experience as an engineer without any fear of showing his smile. He even got an exhibit about his career titled “Achieving the Impossible” at the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey. It was an honor for Trust Dental Care to have such an important figure as our patient. Shelby continued to visit our office, and we received him with open arms every time. If you’re a fan of space or simply want to get high-quality dental care just like Shelby did, check out the many benefits you can take advantage of here at Trust. Our patients deserve only the best, and we make sure to deliver and exceed expectations. The future of dentistry is at Trust Dental Care. Shelby knows it, and now is your turn!

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