Top 10: The Strongest Bite in the Animal Kingdom

Strongest Bite in the animal kingdom

Before getting to rank the strongest bite in the animal kingdom, let’s take a quick view of human teeth’ average strength: “162 pounds per square inch (PSI)”

To put it in perspective, humans can crush a pistachio shell with our bite’s power. That being said, we are not near compared to the strongest bites in the animal kingdom that can pierce through a skull with the same ease. So here are our top 10: 

10.- Alligator Snapping Turtle 1000 PSI 

Alligator Snapping Turtle

This may be the most interesting member of our ranking because, well, they don’t have teeth! However, this turtle can crash a whole pineapple in a split second or bite off a human finger with their sharp break. To lure their prey, they count with a fleshy appendage in the mouth that resembles a worm.

They are mostly herbivorous, but their diet also consists of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and some mammals. Their jaws are strong enough even to feed themselves with other turtles, studies have found that almost 80 percent of the alligator snapping turtles studied had turtle shells in their digestive system. An adult generally ranges from 13.8 to 31.8 in carapace length and weighs from 8.4 to 80 kg 19 to 176 pounds. From its size, it can appear inferior to other animals on this list but don’t overlook them because, in bite force, they are even more powerful than a lion, a cougar, or a wolf, neither of them made this list because of this potent little fella. 

9.- Bengal tiger 1050 PSI

Bengal tiger

These beautiful specimens have the largest canine teeth of any living cat, at approximately 4 inches long, and with their claws, they can climb trees easily. Their powerful bite allows them to hunt down water buffalos, deer species, wild boar, and other large animals. A hungry tiger can eat up to (88 lbs) in one night.

They can also hunt other predators such as wolves and leopards, and when they do have not many good options, they can go for a rhino or an elephant. After they leave their mother, they become solitary and only meet for breeding. Their stripes are unique to each individual and act just like human fingerprints do. Their weight is up to 258 kg, and their height consists of a maximum of 120 inches, including the tail.

8.- Spotted Hyena 1100 pounds 

Spotted Hyena

Hyenas can turn out to be for many the biggest surprise in this ranking, beating in terms of bite force powerful animals like lions and tigers. However, this African scavenger has powerful jaws to feed upon leftovers from other animals and hunt by themselves. 

About their prey, they can aim for big, large animals like a rhino, wildebeest, or Cape buffalo, yes their bite is strong enough to crush this animal’s bones with ease, and they usually eat the whole animal, with no leftovers. They hunt in large groups called clans with up to 80 members, always led by females. They have a terrible reputation, but the truth is that they constitute one of the most complex social setups of any carnivore. They are as unique to have their family species: “Hyaenidae.” 

7 .- Grizzly Bear 1160 PSI 

Grizzly Bear

They are almost tied in bite force with the other family members who live in the Arctic. This 7ft tall 800-pound animal can pierce with its bite through thick trees and bones. They also have powerful claws and a good sense of smell that constitute good weapons to have a successful hunt. They rarely attack humans but tend to be very aggressive, so you better not bump into these big fellows because they won’t hesitate to attack if they feel threatened. 

6.- Polar Bear 1200 psi

Polar Bear

The bear has the strongest bite in the animal kingdom and the sixth among living creatures worldwide. This 9.8 feet length creature has a reason for its powerful jaw; unlike most bears, they are total meat-eaters. We must remember that almost all their preys in the Arctic have thick skin. 

These excellent swimmers can weigh up to 2000 pounds, and with their thick fur and their layer of fat, they are well adapted to survive in one of the harshest environments on our planet. Another fact: They can sniff out prey from up to 16 kilometers away. 

5.- Gorilla 1300 psi


Yes, the world’s largest primate occupies the 5th spot in this ranking. Gorillas love bananas, but their powerful bite is made to crack nuts, and chew hard shoots, bark, and tubers. 

Fortunately for their neighbors, their diet is mainly vegetarian, but to protect their own, they use their powerful jaw to pierce almost any living creature. This 6 feet tall animal can weigh up to 485 pounds and tend to live in groups with as many as 50 members, led by a dominant male called a silverback. 

4.- Jaguar 1500 (PSI) 


If you were wondering which big cat has the strongest bite, it’s the Jaguar. This means it can pierce the thick skin of a caiman with ease and bite straight through its habitual prey’s skull. This excellent swimmer weight goes around 220 pounds, when they are mature they become lonely animals that only tolerate others of their kind when they’re about to mate, they can mate up to 100 times until they can procreate, exhausting isn’t it? 

3.- Hippopotamus 1825 (PSI)


Many people imagine hippos and think of them as this big cuties. But they’re one of the most dangerous animals in the whole world. Having the third powerful bite behind the Great White Shark and the Nile Crocodile is good evidence. If you ever run into a hippo, you’re done, they can be pretty aggressive, and they can easily kill a lion or a crocodile with their bite. To put it in perspective, this 8000-pound animal can crush a watermelon with the same ease as you break a tiny grape with your teeth. But don’t worry, they won’t eat you, they are herbivorous. 

2.- Great White Shark 4000 (PSI)

Great White shark

This infamous, feared, blockbuster protagonist, has the second most powerful bite in the animal kingdom, and maybe the scariest teeth on the whole planet. 

It can grow up to 20 feet in length and 4,200–5,000 lb in weight at maturity. Another curious fact is that these big fellas live almost 70 years and do not start to procreate until their third decade. Their prey: anything they encounter. Their natural predators: None. 

1.- Nile Crocodile 5000 (PSI)

Nile Crocodile scaled

And the winner. The strongest bite in the animal kingdom and every living creature in the world belongs to the Nile Crocodile, which is the second-largest reptile on this planet averaging 20 ft in length and up to 1650 lbs in weight, absurd, isn’t it?

To put it in perspective, it can take down any form of life that comes within its reach with its bite. It has no natural predators, and any animal could potentially be its prey, practically impossible to escape alive from the power of its teeth. Their diet: almost anything, it can go from fish to zebras, antelope, birds, and carrion. As you can see, they like variety. 

As you can read, as humans, we are no near in comparison to these strong animals that happen to have the strongest bites on this planet. We have weak teeth that need constant care, so don’t forget to pay a visit Trust Dental Care loves you and your teeth. 

PD: Don’t try to crush a pistachio shell with your bite, unless you want to visit Trust Dental Care sooner than your next appointment.

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