Real Patient Smile Transformation With Dental Implants in Mexico

Dental Implants in Mexico

At Trust Dental Care, having dental implants Mexico is an experience that just keeps getting better. To prove it, we’re happy to share that we collaborated with DIOnavi. 

DIOnavi it’s a multinational dental conglomerate that has evolved cutting-edge technologies and techniques to make implant surgery more efficient and comfortable for patients.

This allowed us to help patients like Lindsay, to whom we gave a very well-deserved dental transformation, and this is her story.

Lindsay is from Minnesota, and she is in the sixth month of her pregnancy. Having a baby on the way was a blessing that made her very happy and excited. 

However, her dental issues represented a bit of a complication for both her pregnancy and her daily life.

To give you more background about Lindsay, it’s worth mentioning that she has a history of ectodermal dysplasia.

It is a category of diseases characterized by the uneven development of two or more ectodermal-derived structures, such as the skin, sweat glands, hair, nails, or teeth.

Each person with ectodermal dysplasia may have a unique set of defects. Hair and nails, for example, can be affected in one person while teeth are involved in another, which is Linday’s case.

Ectodermal dysplasia does not have a cure, unfortunately. Instead, people who have this condition manage the symptoms with medication to live a safe and enjoyable life as much as possible.

As a result of this genetic disease, Lindsay never had permanent and posterior teeth. Because of that, she had many memories that involved the dentist, and her emotional state wasn’t the best. 

She went through over 100 dental surgeries throughout her life, trying to restore her missing teeth. This eventually led to her getting dental implants at the young age of fifteen. 

 It was not easy being in your teenage years, dealing with all the changes that come with it, and then the constant mental and physical toll of tooth loss. 

At least she used to be able to get the care she needed thanks to her insurance. But now, all of it was out of pocket. She had to find another way to get her smile back without spending thousands. Perhaps money that she needed to receive her new baby.

Life as an adult with dental problems wasn’t any easier. Having an incomplete smile gets in the way of embracing yourself and building the confidence you need to navigate the world. 

Getting a job was hard for Lindsay, and meeting new people was a challenge. Eating wasn’t something enjoyable. She even shared with us that she hadn’t eaten meat in a very long time.

When she came to us with her case, we knew she deserved only the best, and that’s exactly what we gave her.

An Easy, Painless, and Fast Way to Get Dental Implants Mexico

For Trust Dental Care, putting the latest dentistry advancements at our patient’s reach, it’s essential. Technologies like DIOnavi offer a new alternative for people to go through dental treatments in a faster, more comfortable way.

When we examined Lindsay, we found about four root residuals in different areas. She had six implants that were already healed and part of her jaw.

We concluded that we would perform the extractions and take the X-rays to plan an implant-guided surgery for the lower arch. 

We placed the two implants within fifteen minutes, thanks to the DIOnavi technique. Which also allowed us to make a flapless surgery. This means that there was no incision needed to carry out the procedure.

How is this beneficial?

It way more comfortable for the patient, and the healing period shortens dramatically. We were happy to offer this to Lindsay because nobody knew the aftermath of implant surgery better than her. It was great to save her the experience of going through that again and offer her a much more pleasant experience.

We gave her an acrylic denture for her upper arch. We keep monitoring her healing period to ensure everything goes as planned. In about three to four months, Lindsay will be ready to receive her Snap-On denture, and she’ll finally have the full smile she always wanted.

Lindsay was relieved when she saw her results. Although they were temporary, she felt ready to start saying goodbye to the days she had to worry daily for the simplest things.

Laughing, eating, seeing herself in pictures, and feeling pretty, all of it had returned to her life. She was ready to embrace it. 

Her food habits would get so much better, and both she and her baby would be able to be in much better health. 

“I’m so excited. It’s going to be nice to eat chicken. And I’m not embarrassed to smile anymore, thank you so much. This literally changed my life.”

When asked about her overall experience at Trust Dental Care, this is what she had to say:

“It’s very beautiful and nice. If I hadn’t known that I’m in Tijuana, I would’ve never guessed that I was here. Everybody is very friendly, they really go above and beyond.”

We’re very excited for Lindsay and wish her the best for her and her family. It is a pleasure for us to offer the best dental service to our patients.

Innovating is one of our biggest goals, and we’re always finding new ways to improve as a practice. DIOnavi will undoubtedly mean a significant change when getting dental implants Mexico.

If you’re trying to restore your smile just like Lindsay, now you know it is possible and that you should only choose the best for something as crucial as your teeth.

Whether you’re missing one or numerous teeth, the best dental solution is at Trust Dental Care. We have the experience, technology, and prices that you need to make your smile makeover happen.

Give us a call or send us a message to learn more about how we can help you plan your restoration here in Tijuana, Mexico. 

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