Top 3: Movies About Teeth that You Will Love to See!

Movies and dentistry

Because of movies about teeth or TV shows, people may get the wrong idea or develop a phobia towards what occurs during a visit to the dentist.

They drastically change the frightening experience to fit the horror genre or any other genre available.

There are several movies about teeth where you can see an unfortunate end at a dental place or any medical facility.

But we all know this is just fiction, and going to the dentist does not end in the way movies are showing.

So here we present some films related to teeth that may come as a surprise to you.

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Stories about a tooth fairy are prevalent; usually, when we are children, our idea of losing our baby teeth is related to money.

In this movie, the original purpose of getting a coin for our teeth changes to the concept of having an unwanted visitor.

Darkness Falls

So this movie is about a lady called Matilda that used to give a gold coin to the children when they lost their last baby tooth.

She became adored by the children, and soon they started to call her Tooth fairy.

One night, a fire lit up her house, disfiguring her face, so she began to use a white porcelain mask.

The adults became suspicious about Matilda, and one night when two children disappear.

They accused her and killed her.

Before her death, Matilda placed a curse over the city affecting all of them and swore revenge.

Over the years, the story of Matilda became a legend, stating her spirit visits the children the night they lose their teeth. 

At the end of the movie, people in town confront Matilda’s spirit.

If she gets exposed to light, she becomes vulnerable. 

As her spirit gets consumed in flames, destroying Matilda.

The curse finally ends, and not everyone lives happily ever after.

Thinking about movies and teeth, we can also recall Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo

This story is not about teeth, but it takes place in a dentist’s site.

It all starts when Marlin, a clownfish, takes Nemo, his son, to the first day of school.

Nemo is eager to explore life around the ocean, but his dad is overprotective of him.

So on the first day of school, Nemo sneaks away from the reef towards a speedboat, and he gets captured by some divers.

Marlin starts his way to try to find his only son left, Nemo.

While this happens, they take Nemo to a tank in a dentist’s office.

And the plan is to give him to Darla, the dental surgeon’s niece, whose rough treatments have killed most of her previous fish. 

Nemo meets some other fishes at the tank, and they try to help him escape from it, as they already know what has happened to Darla’s previous fish. 

While the story is taking action, the fishes see some of the dentist’s procedures.

Some are horrifying to their point of view (which, of course, we know going to the dentist is not as bad as they present it).

At the end of the movie, Marlin arrives near the location where his son is.

On the other side, Nemo, with the help of his new friends, can escape from the tank at the dental surgeon’s office before Darla takes him. 

They finally get back together and go back home.

We are going back to the idea of the tooth fairy. There is one comedy movie called just like that.

Tooth Fairy 

This movie is about a hockey player, Derek, which has the nickname of tooth fairy because of his rude ways of separating his opponents by striking them and get their teeth knocked out.

Derek is dating Carly, a fellow friend of his.

She has two kids, one of them is only six years old, her name is Tess.

One night, Tess mentions she lost one of her baby teeth, and Derek tells her the tooth fairy does not exist.

During Derek’s dream, they take him to the realm of tooth fairies; where he receives a punishment of helping with this crucial labor for two weeks.

Derek then starts his labor, trying to be a good tooth fairy.

But ended up causing more harm than good. 

So he is given another opportunity to do well.

He rapidly starts to work harder and improves his tooth fairy skills.

After committing the goal he was given, Derek’s fairies duties are complete.

And will go back to his original life. 

Derek returns to his traditional life.

And with a new optimistic spirit, he continues with his life.

Do you Remember Any Other Good Movies About Teeth?

These are only some of the movies which can be related to teeth or even remind us about a dentist’s visit

Some films also give the actors different looks in their smile to provide a better effect to scenes.

However, we are glad we have our dentists, and we can take care of our teeth the right way.

Tell us about it and how it makes you feel about dentists.

Remember going to the dentist and giving proper treatment to your mouth can lead you to a healthier life. 

It is important to keep your mouth completely clean to make regular visits, a simple task for your dentist.

It can make it easier to avoid difficulties in the future.

If you do not know how to start taking care of your teeth.

Do not lose your time, make an appointment with our dentists, and give us a visit. 

We will always take care of your teeth and provide only quality products for their care.

Any questions or doubts you might have, go ahead and give us a call or visit us, feel good about your teeth and your smile, providing the best to yourself.

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