Dental extraction has always been a difficult choice for the patient.

A painless and easy procedure

Tooth extraction is usually the last resort for an unsalvageable tooth

Many patients with tooth decay, periodontal disease or trauma to their teeth are some issues that may be too advanced for the tooth to be restored, and patients suffering from them will frequently have severe dental pain or a toothache. The most common indicators of imminent tooth extractions are dental decay, a failed root canal or a troublesome wisdom teeth extraction.

Tooth extractions can be either urgent or opted for. In urgent cases, they are carried out by our best dentist in Tijuana, when a patient is in severe pain and the only solution to relieve his or her discomfort is by tooth extraction.

Sometimes, due to trauma, a tooth is loosened and displaced from its normal position in a way that patient becomes unable to close his or her mouth. This situation also requires urgent tooth extraction for the sake of the patient comfort.

Opted-for tooth extractions are usually reserved when a patient can comfortably wait for a few weeks or even months before the tooth is removed. This is a common scenario for the removal of wisdom teeth which are not causing any discomfort but are prone to experience episodes of infection anytime in future.

Tooth Extraction Benefits in
Tijuana, Mexico

  • Quality of Care: We are the only U.S licensed dentist in Tijuana, Mexico. You can choose to get your normal tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal done at our center with a complete peace of mind.
  • Professional Expertise: Our top dentist roster includes some of the most knowledgeable and experienced dental surgeons in Mexico. They are highly qualified and skilled in all dental procedures, not only tooth extractions.
  • Safety: All dental procedures at Trust Dental Care are performed by taking all necessary precautionary measures. All steps of patient safety including infection control, pain control and risk management are inculcated everyday.
  • Hospitality: Hospitality of our dental staff is our gratest asset. A welcoming staff with excellent English proficiency are fundamental for us at Trust Dental Care. We always keep the comfort and safety of our patients as our priority.

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Tooth Extraction Cost in Mexico

Save Time & Effort

 Surgical extractions are charged for around $400 in the US and Canada. This way you can save more than 75% of tooth extractions, by choosing to get your treatment done with the best Dentist in Tijuana.

Prices for tooth extractions in Tijuana, Mexico may vary by location, and condition of the tooth.

Dental TreatmentBeverly HillsUSA
Teeth Extraction$1000$400
Dental Implant$7575$2300

**These are the estimated prices, nationwide not necessarily the standard. 

Dental crowns in Tijuana have the latest technology and the Top German quality materials in the dental field.

More often than not, dental insurances think that dental implants are an unnecessary procedure or an elective one, and this is an outdated idea because patients and dentists are more likely to choose dental implants over other methods as a standard to take care of or replacing missing teeth.

Even when most dental insurances do not pay or cover the total costs for dental implant procedures, some of them may help you pay for a crown, but that depends on the type of insurance you have

Tooth Extraction Procedures in Mexico.

Dental extractions are carried out in a step by step procedure, involving different phases of pretreatment assessment, such as; making the diagnosis, carrying out the procedure and then the post-treatment follow-up.

  • Step 1: Our dentist evaluates your overall health and suitability to undergo this minor surgical procedure. Along with your detailed medical and dental history, a record of your drug history is important for the decision making a process for teeth extraction and then restoration with Mexico dental implants.
  • Step 2: Clinical examinations follows. Our dentist evaluates the condition of the tooth and surrounding structures. Presence or absence of dental infection is assessed as well as the possibility of any alternative to tooth extractions
  • Step 3: With our top-notch technology we will get an x-ray done prior to the tooth extraction This is a small x-ray done chairside. If more than a few teeth need to be extracted or wisdom teeth removal is as well considered our dentist may ask you to get a larger x-ray done, usually referred to as a panoramic radiograph or OPG.
  • Step 4: A simple tooth extraction begins with the application of a topical local anesthetic agent in the form of a gel, so the patient doesn’t feel a thing.


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Our dentists will give you a complete set of instructions involving wound care, diet modification, and medicine prescription. You are usually not allowed to take hot and hard food for a couple of days. However, intake of liquid and cold diet can be initiated as soon as after thirty minutes of tooth extraction.

Dental Implants in Mexico reviews

Dental Extraction Reviews in Mexico

“Great service! Stunning office and high-tech equipment. My teeth whitening was perfect. Thanks.”
Javier I.

The Latest Tooth Extraction Techniques

Extraction of a tooth surrounds the dental disease phase, tooth extraction phase, the healing phase and lastlythe rehabilitation phase. Recently some advancements have been made in the techniques for teeth extraction which have added to the comfort of patients.

  • Alternative to Needles: The next state in dental tools, which is now coming use by a dentist in Tijuana is the use of a pen-like jet device that can administer a local anesthetic agent without the need of any needle syringe. Moreover, the needle used by Tijuana dental experts is usually very fine, in the range of 27 or 29 gauge, which you can hardly feel during the process of local anesthesia administration.
  • Bone Grafts and Growth Factors: Dentists in Tijuana are also concerned about your rapid recovery and pain-free healing. This has been optimized for the use of bone grafts and bone regenerative materials. Bone grafts from both the bovine and artificial sources are now available which can be placed in the tooth extraction socket, right after the procedure. These graft significantly expedite the healing process. Similarly, use of growth factors such as Bone Morphogenic Protein (BMP) is the twenty-first-century tool which promoted bone formation and thus enhances recovery.
  • Immediate Dental Implants Mexico: The rehabilitation phase asks for the replacement of the tooth being extracted by an artificial alternative. Now, this can be accomplished in the same day visit in which a dental implant is placed right after the tooth is extracted.