Tooth Extraction: Why this Procedure is Necessary Sometimes?

Tooth extraction is a procedure needed in many different types of situations, for example, this type of surgery is the last resource for a tooth that can not be saved, if there is a lot of tooth decay, tooth infection, or crowding. Also if the person has braces it could need a few teeth removed to make room for the other teeth so they can move into place.

Another reason why tooth extractions could be necessary is when getting rid of wisdom teeth.
The back molars are the last adult new teeth to appear in the mouth between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one. The thing with wisdom teeth is that many people do not have enough space in their mouth for the molars to emerge, so it can cause a number of issues. This is another instance where a tooth extraction can be helpful, it a very common procedure among patients and you can recover in a week (in most cases) from the surgery.

Tooth extractions are available at our dental office in Tijuana. Our team of specialists performs this procedure in a single visit using either local or general anesthesia.

Tooth extraction can be a difficult decision, but it can offer significant benefits and even change your life for good.

Many patients with severe tooth decay or even trauma caused by numerous individual teeth harming each other may be quite complex to restore.

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What To Expect When Having Tooth Extractions?

Individual teeth can cause minimal to severe discomfort.

It can be difficult, especially when you want your tooth extraction to be as painless as possible.

Thanks to a local anesthetic, we can perform painless tooth extractions with an overall 100% success rate every time.

In a simple extraction, our dentist loosens your tooth with a tool called “elevator.”

A surgical extraction is a more complex procedure.

Dentists use this procedure if a tooth may have broken off at the gum line or has not come into the mouth yet but may still be causing discomfort, which is more common than you think.

Remember, living with an infected tooth can be harmful to your general and oral health. Don’t wait until the last minute! Waiting will worsen any symptoms that you may have occurring right now.

Differences Between Extractions and Wisdom Teeth

Many people still do not comprehend the difference between regular teeth and wisdom teeth.

Healthy teeth that grow in place of your first set of teeth are called milk teeth or baby teeth.

The last teeth that come at the end are called wisdom teeth, and they appear at the end of the row of teeth, both top and bottom.

However, when it comes to extractions, your healthy teeth don’t need to be extracted unless your teeth can no longer be saved with treatment.

The removal of wisdom teeth and extractions are necessary for patients when their jaw and healthy teeth are experiencing health issues or certain deformations.

Standard tooth extractions resolve other issues that are interrupting a patient’s dental hygiene.

Extractions are required to treat decay that could have made its way into the tooth.

The infection could damage a large part of your tooth, or the existing teeth may not have enough room in the mouth to develop and function correctly.

Wisdom teeth need to be taken out of our patients mouth through surgery.

Areas that were treated will go through a numbing fase thanks to local anesthetic to avoid any discomfort that you may feel after the procedure.

Our dental surgeon will execute incisions in your gums to remove the hidden tooth and remove emerging wisdom teeth.

What Types of Tooth Extractions do We Offer?

There are two types of extractions that we offer, the simplistic and the surgical extraction.

  • Simplistic: this is done on a tooth that dentists can see in your mouth. Once the tooth is loose, they use a pair of forceps to extract it from its socket.
  • Surgical extraction: it is a complicated procedure, which occurs when a tooth has broken off at the gum level. The amount of time for this surgery to be finalized may vary depending on the patient’s jaw structure.

During the surgery, it is essential to note that you should be feeling pressure and not pain.

Here at our dental office, we have advanced dental technology to help provide minimally-invasive and pain-free procedures.

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What is the Cost for a Tooth Extraction?

Surgical extractions have a cost of around $400 in the US and Canada.

This procedure can be realized in Mexico painlessly and safely that can save you up to 75%.

Does money and time matter to you? Well, we can assure you that by utilizing the tech found in our dental office, you will receive the most effective treatments for your dental needs.

Even when most dental insurance companies do not pay or cover the total costs for tooth extraction procedures, some may help you pay for a percentage or possibly not even include any of the expenses.

But that varies depending on the insurance you may own.

Check our dental insurance page for more information. Contact one of our staff members to solve any questions or doubts you may have by calling our office.

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Extraction procedures For Teeth Removal

Extractions are executed in a step by step process which involves distinct steps for treatment, creating the diagnosis, realizing the entire process, and post-treatment follow-up.

Step 1: Our dentist evaluate your overall oral health
Step 2: Clinical examinations follow
Step 3: X-rays
Step 4: Application of a local anesthetic
Step 5: Extraction takes place

Our dentists will proportionate your instructions about medicine prescriptions, diet modifications, and wound care.

There are two types of tooth extraction:

Simple Extraction: Patients receive local anesthesia, which numbs the area around the tooth that is going to be extracted. So patients will feel just the pressure, not pain, during the procedure.

Surgical extraction: Patients get both local anesthesia and intravenous anesthesia, which will make the patient feel more relaxed and comfortable. Patients may also get general anesthesia, depending on the case. Patients remain unconscious during surgery.

You are not allowed to take hot or hard food for a couple of days to avoid any harm.

However, the intake of liquid and foods that are hot or cold can begin as soon as after thirty minutes of your tooth extraction.

AI Tech Provides Effective Tooth Extractions

Utilizing the Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3D scanner, radiological equipment we use in our procedures to diagnose and avoid little to no invasion of your jaw during extraction.

It produces minimal radiation, which is up to 85% less than other brands and is ten times more accurate during the diagnosis to obtain dental x-rays.

With this artificial intelligence tech, our specialist uses it to plan complicated procedures such as dental implants.