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Wine Kills Germs That Cause Sore Throats and Dental Plaque

Wine kills germs that cause sore throats and dental plaque. For at least the last few decades, alcoholic beverages have generally been associated with family gatherings and events.

Now we can add it to another list; it has been shown to have properties that help fight germs that cause various diseases.

Wine kills germs

In 1988, research was carried out to analyze the stability of beverages such as beer, carbonated drinks, and wine in the face of bacterial proliferation.

In this study, these beverages were exposed to pollutants, such as Salmonella to demonstrate which of them was less vulnerable to contamination.

A study was conducted in 1988 to check the antibacterial properties found in wine, milk, beer, water, and carbonated drinks. The beverages were infused with bacteria that are infectious such as E.coli, Shigella, and Salmonella.

The exciting thing about this research is that it was discovered that wine kills germs and has disinfectant properties. Due to its acidity and alcohol concentration.

The results after two days showed that the least amount of live bacteria was in the wine. Which means that among the studied beverages, wine is an effective disinfectant. A high point to score for wine.

Wine Kills Germs: Later Studies

A later study found that these components of wine are beneficial to our health by combating various types of germs that cause diseases.
In 2007, a group of researchers took up the previous study of the ’80s.

It published an article in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in which they demonstrate that acidity and alcohol are not responsible for the disinfectant, antioxidant, and antibacterial property of wine.

The researchers point out that neither the alcohol nor acidity of the wine had any effect on the pathogens. Instead, the antibacterial property of wine is due to the presence of some organic compounds found in the drink.

What are these components? Lactic acid, malic acid, succinic acid, and tartaric acids, which are organic components that naturally contain wine.

These acids were separated to analyze their effectiveness as disinfectants. And it was shown that they can kill 99% of the germs in our mouth.

Each compound was isolated, diluted, and then retested for its effect on bacteria survival rate. The study reported that the less acidic the wine, the more it killed oral Streptococci and Streptococcus with the effectiveness of up to 99.9%.



Wine kills germs

Bacterial Plaque Buildup

The two microorganisms are responsible for sore throats and bacterial plaque formation. Bacterial plaque buildup can cause periodontal disease, cavities, or tooth decay if not treated on time.

So, moderate consumption of red wine or white wine can help keep a mouth free of bacteria.

On the other hand, it has been shown that red wine is relatively more effective than white wine, that is, it has a superior disinfectant property.

But these effects are not magical. To see benefits, you have to consume moderately, but regularly.

“exposure to wine had a persistent antibacterial effect, as a minor side note, however, is that red wine is better at killing bacteria than white wine, but not by much.”

To prevent any damage to the enamel of our teeth is to brush them right after we drink the wine.

Dr. Bartlett from the Academy of General Dentistry advises that you should wait at least 20 minutes before you brush your teeth after sipping wine.

Dr. Bartlett’s other suggestion is to try to stay well hydrated and respect our hours of rest to avoid this problem: “If you’re using wine for sore throat, make sure you’re also getting enough rest and drinking a lot of water.”

Did you know that there is a hypothesis that wine can help prevent coronary artery disease or cancer?

This is supposedly due to its concentration of polyphenol.

These can also be found in strawberries, peaches, or spinach: “the antioxidant and antiradical properties, particularly of red wine, attributed mainly to high polyphenol content, appear to protect against the risk of coronary heart disease and cancer.”

Similarly, it’s thought that the antioxidant properties of wine can function as an antibiotic measure against streptococcal infections. But, the theory of wine as an antibiotic and the hypothesis of polyphenol isn’t yet 100% scientifically proven.

Do you crave a glass of wine?

Do you want to check the benefits of wine in your oral health?

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