Will Other People Notice my Dental Implants?

Will Other People Notice my Dental Implants?

When you are looking for a solution for missing teeth, you are going to find some involving dental implants.

Although there are more options to replace the loss of one or more teeth, dental implants can be the best investment.

There are dental bridges, complete or partial dentures or you can just do nothing about it.

To restore the smile, dentists use a single-tooth implant or more in patients who need it.

Some people have no knowledge of this method to address missing teeth, but it is basically a small surgery.

During this surgery, a dentist will place a tiny titanium piece that will mimic the root of one tooth.

This piece will be attached to the jawbone of the patient, and once this implant integrates with the bone, the following steps are the easiest ones.

So, even when these steps are easy, some people have concerns about the whole process.

One doubt they always have is if the implant is going to be noticed by other people.

The main objective of an implant, besides replacing an empty space, is to look as natural as your original tooth and even better.

So, here I’m going to explain how a dental implant can look natural that it can be almost invisible to the naked eye.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

First thing first: you need to have enough bone to place it.

When you leave a gap in your mouth, the bone can deteriorate until there is nothing left.

If you want to succeed with your dental implants and don’t have enough bone in your jaw, the dentist will suggest a bone graft.

But, if you have bone but the case is that it is no strong enough, the dentist can recommend a different method to proceed.

So, after that step, a dentist will place little titanium pieces into your jawbone.

These little pieces are going to simulate the root of a real tooth.

They will integrate with your bone; this can take a few months.

Once they integrate with your bone, the following steps are the simplest.

Within a lapse of three to six months, one patient can heal the wound where the implant was inserted.

An abutment will be necessary to connect the implant with the crown.

This abutment can be made of porcelain, gold, or metal. A dentist will attach the abutment using a screw.

After this step, the next one includes the placement of one custom-made crown.

This dental crown has the shape of a real tooth, and a dentist will attach it too into the abutment and the implant.

As you can see it is a simple process.

All these steps are necessary to create the appearance and functionality of a real tooth.

If you have multiple missing teeth, you don’t have to worry, because you can place more than one dental implant in your mouth without problems.

After this, you will have confidence in yourself to smile again.

Those are the steps I know to place implants.

But since every patient is different, a dentist can proceed differently with each person.

The First Consultation

dream of teeth falling out

To know if you are a candidate for dental implants, sending photos to a dentist won’t be enough, especially if your dentist is in Tijuana.

Dentists will do a complete examination, and during this process, they will evaluate your dental and medical files.

They will also take some X-rays, and impressions of your upper and lower teeth.

Dental impressions work to determine how your bite will feel once the new implants are in place.

This step is essential to be able to create the right bite that doesn’t interfere with the rest of your teeth.

Sometimes additional studies are required to design the right smile.

None of these tests are going to bother, this whole process is pain-free and will be fast.

You can’t skip them because tests have a reason to be and they work for many things.

They will help your dentist to know if your bone will support the implant.

From your first consultation, until the placement of the crown can take about six months or maybe a little bit more.

First, the dentist will place the implants, and then you have to let those wounds heal. Wounds can heal within 3 or 5 months.

It depends on each case because each person is different as I said at the beginning of this blog.

For example, if you need a bone augmentation, it probably will take a little longer to the area to recover.

Nobody will notice your Implants

One of the biggest uncertainties of the patients is if other people are going to see the existence of the implants.

But, you need to find a great dentist to achieve the mission!

The right dentist will design a dental piece perfect for your mouth.

This dental implant will blend with the rest of your teeth.

Almost every single dentist can successfully achieve the placement of implants.

Even if the process involves a lot of preparation, tests, and others kind of details.

The results will provide striking resemblance of real teeth.

The little post that goes into your bone and gum is not visible.

Your dentist is going to insert it and therefore it will no longer at the sight of anybody.

On top of that post, a dental crown will be in place to provide an aesthetic that will resemble all your existing set of teeth.

You will not be able to feel the implants either.

Maybe you know that tooth is not real, but soon you will forget that it is fake.

An implant looks and feels like a real tooth, and only a dentist can tell the difference.

Sure, because it’s almost invisible to the naked eye.

The implants have many aesthetic and functional benefits.

The advantages that can offer you are too many, so don’t hesitate and start planning with your dentist to restore your missing teeth.

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