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Why Are My Teeth Yellow And What Can I Do to Turn Them White?

why are my teeth yellow?

Why Do White Teeth Turn Into Yellow?: Main Causes

Our teeth undergo a color change and turn yellow due to different circumstances. Some of these causes are up to us, such as maintaining proper hygiene or eating habits. Others do not depend on us, such as genetics or age.

It must be borne in mind that, to a certain extent, we ourselves are the ones causing the change in the color of our teeth. However, some of them are not really up to us. Additional factors beyond our control are also decisive for the appearance of yellow teeth. Here are some of the main reasons:

Feeding Habits

why are my teeth yellow - drinking coffee

It is perhaps the best known and safest factor that you have heard on many occasions that coffee or tobacco contributes to the yellowing of teeth. This is a correct statement that applies to these two products and to others less named tea and cola or red wine. And even fruits such as pomegranates or blueberries can cause stains on the teeth due to their high pigmentation dose.

porcenain veneers in tijuana

Oral Hygiene

It is an apparent cause, but we consider it necessary to remember and influence it. Without a doubt, not following strict, daily, and constant oral hygiene can become the origin of stained teeth and yellow teeth. And we are not only talking about something aesthetic. The lack of cleaning can generate severe and painful oral problems.


why are my teeth yellow - medication

The intake of certain medications can have some impact on the coloration of the teeth. Some antibiotics, such as doxycycline, cause tooth discoloration when taken during childhood (up to about 7 or 8 years). In adulthood, the medications that have the most significant impact on yellowing the teeth are antidepressants or antihistamines such as benadryl® (diphenhydramine.)


genetics yellow teeth

Genetic inheritance plays a fundamental role in many aspects, including that of our teeth. Our parents can mark the characteristics of the enamel of our teeth, and these can be decisive for the coloration of the teeth. The thinner the layer that makes up the enamel gets, the more yellow our teeth will become. Curiously, it is a case that usually affects redheads. Heredity can also lead to cases such as dentinogenesis imperfect, a process of defective formation of the dentin structure that leads to abnormal development of the teeth, which present with yellow spots.


age decoloring teeth

The passage of time is inevitable, and its effects are being noticed as we go on adding years. Age causes gradual wear in the dentition, as well as a progressive process of dental demineralization, processes that gradually lead to a loss of the original white of the teeth. It goes without saying that regular dental check-ups help to slow down the advance of these effects. Still, over the years, our teeth will inevitably yellow.

Now that we know the causes of yellow teeth, what do we do?

Dental Cleaning

You should visit your dental hygienist every six months for prophylaxis and scaling unless your dentist recommends something different. Have all the tartar and yellow deposits that surround the surfaces of your teeth removed with special instruments.

You might be surprised how much your teeth will shine after this. But if it is not enough and you keep seeing your teeth yellow and want more drastic results, you will need to look at other teeth whitening options.

Teeth Whitening

It is a comfortable and straightforward procedure that offers very positive results almost immediately and without permanent side effects.

However, it is possible that you may experience some tooth sensitivity during your treatment, be assured that it is entirely temporary.

Lamp Session

teeth whitening

This teeth whitening is indicated for people who take good care of their teeth and gums and, therefore, do not have problems with cavities or periodontal disease.

In addition, the product in charge of whitening teeth, called hydrogen peroxide, requires that there be a certain thickness of enamel.

Its function is to open the pores of the tooth and penetrate the enamel, cleaning the patient’s dental structure layer by layer.

You can only do this once since bicarbonate, used regularly, can affect the enamel. Mix the pasta with a teaspoon of the rest of the ingredients and tap water. Create a smooth paste and brush regularly.


Strawberry Tooth Whitening

Before going to bed, rub your teeth with orange peel. You will most likely notice the first results fifteen days after starting to put this trick into practice. You can also make a paste with some ground strawberries and rub your teeth with it, but always with gentle movements. Lemon is also very efficient when gargling. You can also use its peel to rub your teeth. Apple is perfect for improving your dental health. You have to eat it as is and chew it as well as possible for it to take effect.


You just have to leave a few basil leaves for a few days in a sunny place. When it is completely dry, you must grind it. Add the result to your toothpaste and brush it in the usual way.

Charcoal burnt Rosemary or even burnt bread.
In the latter case, we refer to the classic toast that burns you and that you scrape with the knife. These remains can be mixed with the toothpaste, thus obtaining a very convenient natural whitening.

The importance of prevention

To prevent the yellow tone of your teeth from increasing, you should take into account the following tips:

  • Change your eating habits and your unhealthy habits. Stop smoking, try to eat more fruit, and turn your diet into a source of health.
  • Learn how to brush your teeth correctly. You are not brushing a couch, but the gateway for bacteria. Brush well, use dental floss, and a mouthwash that helps to better eliminate bacteria.
  • Make an appointment with your dentist. As soon as you see that your gums start to bleed, that the tone of your teeth changes, or that the enamel appears damaged, do not hesitate to trust a specialist either local or visit one of our dentists in Tijuana
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Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
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