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What to do in 48 hours in Tijuana?

At Trust Dental Care we also like our patients to enjoy their experience when coming with us, and that’s why we prepared this for you.

If you had an All on Four surgery or a dental implant and our dentists discharged you, we think you’ll be interested in the following. Or, if you’re about to schedule an appointment with us, it might also help you get to know a little more about Tijuana.

We tell you some places that you can go to know in your next visit to Tijuana, places where you can live with the smallest ones in the home, for teenagers and young people, as well as for anyone who likes to enjoy a day in the most beautiful corners of this city.

Tijuana is known for being a multicultural city that has been in constant innovation for the last few years, so we don’t find it strange to find places that range from cultural exhibitions to gastronomic centers that offer fresh products and the best quality of the region.

This city is also known for being a multicultural city that has been in constant innovation for the last few years, so we don’t find it strange to find places that range from cultural exhibitions to gastronomic centers that offer fresh products and the best quality of the region.

As we told you, the city has been transformed in such a way to increase tourism, to add that, also because it is known as “the most visited border in the world”, Tijuana has attracted the attention of many tourists around the world.

With this entry we want to show you some characteristics and emblematic points of the city so that the moment you come to visit us you can also tour and find activities to make your visit more pleasant, and that is why we made a small itinerary about what you can do during two days in Tijuana!

Once you’re out of your appointment, or better yet, a procedure you’ve done with us at Trust Dental Care, the best way out to put on your brand-new teeth and is enjoying a delicious Mexican meal or style BajaMed.

What better than taste a delicious steak, tacos or just having a very cold delicious beer after one of our trust doctors discharged you from an All on Four?

Since weekends are more accessible for your visit, we will start on a Saturday morning.

10:00 am

There is no better way than to start your day than with a breakfast to charge the energy needed for your adventure around the city, then we recommend that you go to Casa Coronados Café and taste the delights of its menu, which can range from eggs to Mexican, French toast accompanied by seasonal fruit or the classic grand slam.

If you are interested, you can order a taxi or via UBER, and it is located at Av Paris 1456, Altamira, 22054.

2:00 pm

Because of the location of our first place and you like to go on your own, you can walk down and discover different panoramas of Tijuana, or maybe take a taxi or UBER again to leave you on one of the avenues of Tijuana that is a definite yes to know, and we are talking about Avenida Revolución.

Walking on Avenida Revolución you will discover that in addition to showing the typical shops of curiosities and souvenirs full of hats and clothes characteristic of Mexican culture, there are other kinds of places that have been charged to promote tourism thanks to a new streak of entrepreneurs with the aim of showing another face of the city.

Locals ranging from cafes, craft breweries, and clothing shops with a vintage touch are a bit of what we find, to add one of the projects that have injected youth into the area, which are passages full of local craftsmen, designers, and entrepreneurs.

And we recommend that you first give a spin to see if you like something for the next day, before you return to the United States, give the other back by these Passages to Cultural and see the action for a Sunday.

4:00 pm

For this time, you may the appetite has already returned after the mega breakfast which we had early, then once you are on Avenida Revolution, why not go out to eat at one of the classic restaurants of the city, in addition to being recognized by a dish that is world-famous and proudly source from Tijuana.

We’re talking about the restaurant Caesar’s, which is famous because that’s where the salad bearing the same name was born, plus at the time of asking you to enjoy a whole show by having your waiter prepare it in front of you from scratch.

The restaurant has other delicious dishes, such as its famous Wellington steak, lamb Chamorro or the version of the Wellington steak but instead of salmon. In the same way ask for tickets like a beefsteak carpaccio, table of cold meats and cheeses, fried squid, among many other options.

All this adds to a cozy and very intimate atmosphere, where the scenery of the place you will be able to observe photographs and images that show Tijuana from the 1920s.

8:00 pm

For this hour we recommend you go and taste something that can crown Tijuana as the national capital of our next attraction.

The city has been named as the capital of artisanal beer in Mexico, this title is earned thanks to the analysis made by RateBeer’s global ranking.

In the whole Baja, you can find too many craft breweries, giving this title to the region, but they have focused on the city of Tijuana as it has the most options as to where to go to taste a good glass of beer.

Some of the breweries that we recommend within the same Avenue Revolution is “Azteca Brewery”, as the place has its own production room and tasting room.

Border Psycho Brewery also has a branch in Avenida Revolución, where you will also find a wide catalog.

In the same way, we find what is Mamut Brewery, located in the center of Tijuana on Third Street, and here we recommend it as in addition to tasting a good American Pale Ale, Brown Ale or a Stout, you can accompany it with one of its pizza, burgers or shared chests that are extremely delicious.

la mija

10:00 pm

To finish the night, you can start your party night at Mi-Ja de la Mezcalera, located on the famous Sixth Street in downtown Tijuana. A good time to start what will be your party night in the city, with DJs that with their blends will make you move completely.

From there you can visit one of the oldest and most classic bars in Tijuana: Dandy del Sur, which is located across the street from La Mi-Ja.

Here the atmosphere is a little different from the previous one, as this place is a canteen that will also show you the other side of the party in the city. Having a few beers with friends, having snacks such as dry meat or fritters, and music coming from a jukebox, without hesitation is a space that will transport you to Tijuana a few years ago during the night.

alma verde

Sunday 10:00 am

The best thing to take off the night before, what better than having breakfast or if you prefer the Alma Verde brunch.

Saturday was our day to get to know and try, and if you are about to return home it is good to go back to our daily diet during the week, and with this, we refer to a balanced diet.

In Alma Verde you will find a delicious and healthy menu, which since its inception the concept that it presented liked many in the city, demonstrating that you can actually eat things very rich in flavor without having to abuse the calories, plus the decoration of the place is very modern that makes your stay very pleasant.

Starting their first restaurant at Colonia Cacho, it has been so much their success in Tijuana that they have been innovating so much in their dishes and spaces, that they had to spread a little because of the high demand that the place presents.

alma verde mom

Its other branch located on the Avenida Hipódromo, at first sight, it can be seen that it is larger but the concept is the same. But something peculiar about this establishment is that they have created a space dedicated to moms.

Many women sometimes find it difficult to go out with their babies to restaurants, and that is why Alma Verde took the mothers into account and created a space for them to breastfeed their children, where the decoration is still very cute and tender, as well as comfortable for them and their children.

Healthy food, baby room, and selling organic products is what you find in Alma Verde. Take a walk!

Vistas Nocturnas Zona Rio

1:00 pm

Before you retire you can go to see another of the main avenues of the city, besides that there is the financial, commercial and cultural sector of Tijuana.

We are talking about one of the parts of the Rio zone, and to be more specific, the area that encompasses Plaza Rio and the Tijuana Cultural Center.

Plaza Rio is one of the busiest shopping malls in the city, both because of its geographical location and because it is one of the most time-consuming and constantly visible, you can appreciate the changes that make it stay modern and provide good comfort to its visitors.

Clothes, food, cinema among other services are those inside the Square, as well as some banks and ATMs.

Regarding the previous point, it should be noted that across the street in front of Plaza Rio we find the different banks and their 24-hour ATM machines, so there is no need to worry in case you need to pay cash if you are close to the area.

On the part of the Tijuana Cultural Center, known as “CECUT”, it is one of the most important cultural centers in the entire lower region.

Cecut tijuana

Going would entail a minimal cost to get into an exhibition or tour the famous California Museum, which gives you a walk through the history of the whole Baja.

Walk around the Botanical Garden and Aquarium in the same way, or enter the IMAX room in its peculiar circular form, and if you are a bit lucky, it will probably touch you that in the esplanade of CECUT some of the great cultural festivals are taking place there, such as Entijuanarte, FestiArte, Jazz Festival to mention just a few.

4:00 pm

At our next point, you can’t leave Tijuana without having gone to Playas de Tijuana.

Here you can have a beautiful view of a sunset in front of the sea, walk through the sand and reach what is the border of the border wall with the United States, where you can also observe people from the San Diego area walking along the beach. Trying a famous coconut with shrimp and watching the sunset is something you must witness.

casa de la tlayuda

7:00 pm

Before returning, we recommend you to go through the Center of Tijuana (Avenida Revolucion), and dine in The House of the Tlayuda, for you to take time merely Mexican with a touch of the kitchen BajaMed in some of their dishes. A 100% Mexican menu you shouldn’t miss!

What did you think of our recommendations? And these were only a few places that are currently in constant innovation to attract more people and offer them incredible service.

All the above you can accompany with a smile that we are sure after you have attended with us, it will look very beautiful! In all of our treatments, we want to leave our mark by giving you results, so you can also enjoy it by showing it in your #selfies and souvenir photos

If you know another place you want to recommend, leave us your comment!

Or, if you want to know more places in Tijuana, cultural or gastronomic.

Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
Dr. Cirenia Aparicio Miranda is our dentist in Tijuana and is hands down the best Mexico dentist.Distinguished by being one of the few members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Aparicio Miranda ́s work is synonymous with excellence and quality.She is a Mexico dentist accredited by the AACD and U.S. licensed dentist. With over 20 years of experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Aparicio Miranda has changed the lives of thousands through her devotion to Dentistry and tender care.

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