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What is Tartar? Tips to Recognize and Fight Tartar Buildups

Tartar is also known as calculus sometimes and is a plaque that grows on teeth giving access to numerous dental problems.

This accumulation has hardened to teeth irritating our gums too.

We know that we are busy with our daily activities, which is why it is quite challenging for us to make dental appointments.

At least that’s what we think.

We feel life is going so fast that we don’t have time to do anything anymore.

But the truth is that to go to the dentist there must always be enough time.

Because going to professionals we can avoid many problems that cost us more money and time too.

This hardened plaque in our teeth can evolve into cavities and gum diseases that can lead to periodontal disease too.

Later in this blog, we can give you some tips so that tartar and plaque don’t build so immediately in your mouth.

And so you can take better care of your teeth. It is complicated to imagine ourselves without teeth, how is it possible to lose them?

It can happen, especially if we don’t take care of them.

Keep that in mind though. Here we give you tips to get rid of those buildups.

But it is important to remember that only a dentist in Tijuana or wherever you prefer, can treat you with teeth cleaning.

That cleaning is appropriate to remove tartar and should be done in a doctor’s office.

It is not enough to brush your teeth every day. There is tartar that only goes away with dental tools.

Now, take also into account that if you are a dark tea or coffee lover and if you are also a smoker, you can expect stains.

Tartar absorbs stains more quickly due to its porous nature.

Having buildups of plaque is no cute, and if it stays untreated, you will also have a cosmetic issue with it.

How Can I know if I have Tartar Buildups?

Plaque is colorless, and it forms due to food, saliva and other elements inside our mouth.

It contributes to the construction of these deposits.

It is estimated that they start to grow in our mouth after 12 hours after the last time we brush our teeth.

That is why dentists insist a lot on brushing at least two times a day, to avoid these hardened developments.

Recognizing these deposits is simple if you see it, and even feel it.

You have to distinguish the differences though between tartar and plaque.

Because even when the two can be destructive, they are both different from each other.

Some patients may confuse them, but they have a connection that will harm your teeth anyway.

Plaque is bacteria that is continuously growing in the teeth.

With all the combination of elements inside the mouth, contribute to this hardened layer to begin.

It is necessary to mention that once this hard layer has formed, the only person able to remove it is your dentist or hygienist.

Even when brushing your teeth is required for your dental health, it is not enough.

Some people are discouraged from hearing that brushing their teeth is not enough.

But don’t worry, is part of it.

So, it is not actually complex to see when you produce tartar or dental plaque.

This is because one can be very dark, like the brown color and you can easily spot it.

And the other one can be seen but also feel it.

Many people can spend months with those deposits stuck in their teeth.

But when they least expect it, those deposits are transformed into gingivitis or something much worse.

How can I Defend myself from the Tartar?


Tartar is something you can’t avoid. It is something that will happen even if you brush your teeth twice a day.

But indeed there are some tricks to defend yourself from tartar so that you can avoid it for much more time.

These remedies are something you can do taking into account that even though you must go to your dentist regularly.

Because it is a professional the only person who will defend you entirely from dental problems.

Nowadays there are special kinds of kinds of toothpaste to fight against plaque and tartar.

You can buy them at a drugstore or supermarket. Just make sure brand is certified and that your dentist recommends it.

These tubes of toothpaste do wonder for your dental health.

I have sometimes used these products even to whiten my teeth.

Just be careful not to do something that your dentist doesn’t recommend.

These products possess specific design to help your teeth fight tartar.

With them, you can control the dental plaque, but not disappear it completely, just remember that.

You can also use baking soda as a cleaner for your teeth.

It is abrasive and can even get rid of that thin film of tartar stuck to the surface of enamel.

With a tablespoon of this product, you will have enough.

Mix it up with a little bit of lemon juice and brush your teeth with the paste from the mix.

Eat Healthy: Chew a lot of Vegetables and Fruits


To maintain a balanced diet, doctors always say that we need to eat very healthy.

Dentists by their side also recommend it. We all want to lose extra weight and play sports to lose more of it.

Well, by eating many vegetables and fruits you can take care of your body and also your teeth.

Chewing celery, apples, and carrots will help clean your teeth naturally as well until you have a chance to brush them.

Plus it will aim to keep them healthy. Better celery sticks than a lot of candies.

Always will be better to have a healthy diet that keeps us away from those foods that can cause harm to our teeth.

We all know that prevention is the key to maintain proper health routines. You will also keep your body strong.

Because the importance of having a proper diet involves rewarding our body for what it does for us every day.

So, don’t forget to eat lots of vegetables (green mostly) and fruits. If you can eat fruits that contain fewer amounts of sugar will be better.


Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
Dr. Cirenia Aparicio Miranda is our dentist in Tijuana and is hands down the best Mexico dentist.Distinguished by being one of the few members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Aparicio Miranda ́s work is synonymous with excellence and quality.She is a Mexico dentist accredited by the AACD and U.S. licensed dentist. With over 20 years of experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Aparicio Miranda has changed the lives of thousands through her devotion to Dentistry and tender care.

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