Urban Exploring: Going Inside of Abandoned Dental Offices

To some people, dental offices are already creepy. But, there are no reasons to think a dental office is scary unless you are in front of an abandoned one.

The idea of discovering something new, the excitement of having an adventure, or just pure curiosity can take people into some abandoned places.

The idea of going to the dentist can’t be as terrifying as the idea of discovering an abandoned place and going inside of it.

We may be used to visit our dentist’s office, and it can be common for us to see some of the tools for the dental work they are going to perform.

Usually, we expect any dental office to be clean, in order, proper illumination, and even with a pleasant smell.

These aspects will give us a great impression, and we would feel safe and comfortable.

But, how can you imagine to find a consulting room after it has been abandoned?

What would you expect to find if it has been unoccupied?

Well, you will be surprised to know how some abandoned dental offices or doctor’s places look like after nobody came back one day.

In 2018, some fearless people went inside an abandoned asylum in Italy, and what they found inside of it left them in shock as they were surprised how the building looked.

They walked down the long and high hallways and visiting different rooms into the asylum.

They located the administrative office, an examination room, another room like a gymnasium, and, as you can imagine, a creepy abandoned dental room.

The images show some documents on the floor, some paintings falling from the tall walls, and some abandoned medical instruments.

The rooms were big, and apart, they needed to walk through the dark hallways to get to each room.

It can be scary for some of us just to image those dark rooms, now, imagine the idea of the old and abandoned equipment, would you be brave enough to sit on the dentist’s chair of an abandoned dental office?

Picture going into a dentist appointment and finding what we expected to see clean and bright, into a creepy dark place like this image.

Would you stay in the appointment, or would you run away from the place? What do you think?

abandoned dental offices

An Abandoned Dental Office in Belgium

In another country, Belgium, a few years ago, a Russian urban explorer located an abandoned house.

Some pictures show there was a dentist consulting room as well.

The pictures showed as if the people living there were just going out for a short time because everything was left behind as they were still using it.

abandoned dental chair

You could see the pottery in the table; the beds in the rooms were not made either.

Some instruments still dirty inside the dentist’s office, some rusty utensils, and even bloody syringe were standing right there in that creepy abandoned dental place.

bloody niddles

We always see a clean place when we go into dental offices and looking into the pictures showing a space not too organized, not to mention the used instruments not sterilized can reflect the people living in this place left in a hurry.

The reporter was wondering about what happened to this family.

So, he asked the neighbors if they knew something about the people living there.

It turns out the place nobody is living there for more than a decade.

It is hard to know what happened to this family, why they suddenly left everything behind.

Think about the different appointments you have had to do, have you ever visited a dentist in their own house?

How was it? Was the room adequate for the dentist and patient?

Think of going into a dentist’s office in a village in Japan.

Last year, a couple of students visited the house of a doctor who passed away.

An office and clinic were inside of it. For some of us, the idea of a village can be pleasant and comfortable, but they were there for something else.

While going into the rooms, they locate an old medical cabinet, as well as some medicine, x-rays, and clinical records.

During their visit, they filmed how the walls and some places in the house were falling apart.

On the first floor of the house, they located a space for reception, and some old machines situated still on it.

After that, they went up the stairs. You could notice the tiny space between each wall; it can be a creepy place to visit.

On the second floor, the students found one of the rooms for some surgical procedures.

The video shows some of the medical equipment remaining intact.

It was a surprise for the students, how all the dentist’s tools used during his time, was left there, inside of the house, without giving more use to it.

As well as these people, there are more that want an adventure or just going into the unknown.

People that are willing to explore the inside of abandoned dental offices and different places.

Exploring Abandoned Places

Urban exploration is very popular right now. This activity is taking people to a lot of dangerous places around the world, including Chernobyl.

Urban explorers like to explore into abandoned creepy places to see what they can find, or maybe just because they love feeling of fear and excitement at the same time.

It is always something the community finds attractive about abandoned places.

It can be the construction of the old places, what they can find there, or just the idea of discovering something out of it.

Would you try something like this?

Would you be brave enough to visit some of these abandoned dental offices or creepy places?

Walking into the dark hallways and going into each room of a deserted place can be an exciting experience for some people.

And sometimes they might find things, and on other moments, they just like to provide us details of the history of the place they are exploring.

If you would want to try this experience, which place would you like to visit?

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