Trends That Can Hurt Your Teeth

It is good to take care of your appearance, but some people can take some risk if that means looking good and being the center of attention. People can seek style without even realizing that they are putting their health at risk.  

 Fashion trends that will hurt your teeth: 


1st. Grillz


Many celebrities such as Madonna, Rihanna, Katy Perry, among others, have been wearing this kind of precious metal dentures with beautiful stones, like diamonds or zirconias on their teeth. Despite its success in the United States and Spain, it is not a fashion that has established itself worldwide (fortunately). 

How do they work: 

These oral jewels are custom made by professionals manufacturers that use materials approved for use in dentistry. When a professional does it, it works like a retainer, does it, but doesn’t help to the teeth. 

The problem with Grillz is when people start buying generic ones that are not custom made and force the grill into the denture, provoking major trauma to our denture due to the force we use to apply it. 

Problems that may cause: 

The problem comes when standard covers are that these generic grills, are not adapt well to the wearer’s denture, forcing the position of the teeth, causing severe damage to the jaw and joints in the area and breaks in the teeth, and also this can lead you to make your teeth crooked. 

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2nd. Yaeba


In Japan, yaeba are human teeth, especially upper canines, with an uncommonly fang-like appearance. It’s seen as a sign of youthfulness and natural beauty by the latest generations.

How it works

This Japanese trend consists of modifying the teeth’ position to get them crooked and thus give them a more childlike appearance.

Some people also sharpen their teeth or put resins over their canine teeth to make them look more exaggerated.

Problems that may cause 

It can cause gingivitis to periodontitis. When the teeth are crowded and poorly positioned, it’s more challenging to clean them correctly.

Saying this, the position that the teeth are with this modification can lead to an excess of tartar accumulate in the teeth and gum area.


3rd. Diastemas


Many people seek to separate their teeth to imitate some celebrities’ trademark characteristics; it can be seen as a sign of beauty in the fashion industry.

Many models follow this procedure to have a unique look. 

Many people use orthodontics for several years to get their teeth together and aligned.

Once their teeth are aligned, they decide to separate their two upper front teeth with the help of a drill. 

How do they work

It consists in the separation of the central incisors, it has become fashionable, and many people decide to use orthodontics to follow this trend.

In addition to affecting dental aesthetics, the separation of teeth has severe consequences for oral health. 

Problems that may cause 

Diastemas favor cavities’ appearance and damage the gums since food and bacteria can accumulate in the interdental space.

It can also affect the joints’ bones in the area since they alter the entire muscular system. This leads to discomfort in the neck, ear, headaches, and even scoliosis.


4th. Oral piercings

Oral piercings

The American Dental Association recognizes that piercing is a form of self-expression well accepted, including piercing inside the mouth. It can be the one in the tongue, frenulum, uvula, tongue, or gums.   

Problems that may cause 

  • On the tongue, for example, they can affect chewing and salivation.
  • If it becomes infected, it can also cause the tongue to become inflamed and block the airways.
  • Both lip and tongue piercings can range from receding gums to enamel damage and micro-tears. 
  •  In severe cases, it can damage nerves in the area and even bone, which can cause teeth to fall out or loss of sensitivity in the area.

This type of ornament makes cleaning the area difficult, facilitating bacteria to accumulate in the area, which can favor the appearance of different oral pathologies such as halitosis, periodontal diseases, or inflammation of the gums.

Oral health is more important than a fashion trend. 

Oral health is always more important than following trends. You should not forget that having good oral health not only ensures you maintain the excellent appearance of your teeth but also guarantees good general health.

Popular trends that hurt your teeth.


1.-Charcoal Teeth Whitening 

Charcoal teeth whitening 

It’s well known that charcoal helps the teeth to look whiter, and it’s known as the natural whitening for our teeth. But whats it is not advertised that if you use it in excess, basically you’re filling your teeth because powder charcoal it’s exfoliating your teeth. 

Problems that may cause 

-Long term use could cause damage to your enamel and overall oral health. 

– Activated charcoal doesn’t contain fluoride; this means that will not be able to help you to deep clean your teeth, the option is getting a toothpaste with charcoal, this ones contains charcoal at a minimal, making it less hurtful to the teeth. 

The recommendation is to use it twice a week to improve your teeth’ color, but never on a daily basis. 


2.-Water and Lemon Juice

Photo by

Although this combination can help boost your vitamin C intake and make your cold slightly more bearable.

Let’s remember that vitamin C doesn’t have to do anything with the coolness, drinking lemon juice daily can put your teeth at risk. 

They can cause a yellowish tone rising from our teeth.

This is caused by their high degree of acidity; they can erode the enamel and cause the dentin (the layer under the enamel) to be more exposed to the acids we ingest, which can cause irreparable damage to our teeth.

The best way to drink lemon juice or any drink it’s with the help of a straw. This way, your teeth will not contact the liquid. 


3.-Apple cider vinegar shots

Apple cider vinegar shots

Apple cider vinegar is well known for its health benefits; it kills bacteria from fruits and vegetables; lower blood sugar levels may help you satiate your appetite.

There’s a rumor that it allows you to lose weight, but this is a lie. Some studies have linked it to reducing blood pressure and a reduced risk of heart disease.

However, both the vinegar itself and all the foods marinated in vinegar that we know: gherkins, garlic, onions, carrots in excessive consumption can irrevocably damage tooth enamel due to its high acid content making them look even yellower!




Tea contains tannins that produce stains on our teeth. 

To avoid this effect, we suggest that you invest in good quality tea. If you add milk to the cup, you counteract the effects of tea when it comes to staining your teeth.


5.-Red wine

Red wine

The bad thing about drinking red wine is that, if consumed daily, it causes the appearance of gray spots on our teeth, which are more difficult to remove than yellowish ones. 

As we all know, in addition to having long-term effects on our tooth enamel, red wine stains teeth while we consume it. Although this effect is temporary (when you brush your teeth, color residues disappear), it can cause a noticeable unsightly impact.

Some TrustDentalCare bits of advice: 

Do not worry if you often consume some of the foods that we have named above. 

We cannot exclude them from our diet, but we can give you some tips to mitigate their negative effects on our teeth:

-Always brush our teeth after eating

-Do not keep sugary drinks in your mouth for a long time; this will prevent them from being exposed to their acids for longer than necessary. 

-Use a straw for drinking coffee, tea, or soft drinks; this way, you will better protect your enamel.

To finish this article we give you final advice:

Do not try this challenge at home: 


The Corn Drill Challenge 


One of the most dangerous challenges that went viral its the corn drill challenge because you can do because it can cause permanent damage to your teeth.

The challenge consists of sticking corn on a drilling machine and eating it while the drill rotates. 

The unfortunate thing is that many people on the wen are taking part in the corn drill challenge, even celebrities, which encourage more people to try it. 

It is not a new trend.

This challenge got viral recently when a Chinese user upload the video when her hair got stuck and got bold because of the drill pulling out her hair from the root. But this is not the only user that had a trauma; one user also from China lost his front tooth because of the drill. 

Many trends can appear helpful to you, but they will only cause you harm, so we advise you to investigate a trend before trying it on you, don’t be reckless if you don’t have the whole picture.

Unless you want to visit Trust Dental Care more often, you shouldn’t fall into false trends and keep good care of your teeth. 

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