Teacher Appreciation Week 2020: Time to be Extra Grateful!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2020: Time to be Extra Grateful!

It is Teacher Appreciation Week, and we are ready to be grateful to those that are tirelessly working, even the current circumstances.

This week is way more important than before; schools are closed, everyone is in quarantine. But, does that mean that classes are canceled? We don’t think so.

Due to the crisis, teachers won’t be able to assist any students like they usually would.

Now, it has to either be through social media or interactive web pages that try to accomplish, which can only be in a classroom, teach.

With everything suddenly taking a halt, teachers are now viewed just as important as health care workers or dentists.

Parents suddenly realize that teachers are necessary now that they are dealing with the academic aspect of aiming their kids through online classes and homework.

Progress is essential for obtaining educative knowledge that any student can learn in an adequate environment, thus the school classrooms.

Learning can yet continue through scheduled programs so that no student is left behind.

During these hard times, and especially during Teacher Appreciation Week, students are seeing their teachers almost as these superhuman like beings.

Citizens must know for a fact that their kid’s education doesn’t have to stop because of these unexpected events.

Families across the U.S. are frustrated over the fact of uncertain lack of planning or preparation.

But, what they do not know is how difficult it can get at times because of social distancing.


Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers are genuinely extraordinary and trustworthy when it comes down to everyday educational programs, and students everywhere are showing their gratitude through:

  • thoughtful videos
  • collages pictures
  • gifts

Thanks to virtual apps, students, as well as teachers, can now reach every single one of them through educative classes and by implementing cooperative learning, interactive tasks, visual concepts, etc.

By implementing these tips, students will, without a doubt, develop professionally and adequately.

These fundamental and intuitive ways can help integral parts of education from home; meanwhile, students will achieve significant improvements through their lessons.

Nowadays, technology is for a wide variety of tasks and activities.

Help Is Everywhere

Most students may even view their teachers as role models. Why? You may ask. These role models wake up every day ready to teach like:

  • tutors
  • mentors
  • trainers
  • coaches

But, how will they realize these sessions from home?

These include real-time feedback from the teacher to student, electronic study books, infographic videos, digital platforms, etc. with these in mind, and teachers are still the authority figure in which both student and teacher create a powerful bond of knowledge.

Teachers primarily try to facilitate learning for every student through a learning process, which can then create comprehensive material for every teacher.

These can include educative projects, involvement through group participation, homework, etc.

Learning can be approached distinctively nowadays through teacher-student focused activities.

See? Tons of work for we now need to be thankful to our teachers, especially during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Trustworthy Teachers

Trust can be intertwined, and as the term suggests, classrooms can be contacted by technology in a variety of ways, either through tablets or computers.

Most teachers assign homework through popular yet educative websites.

These websites can also provide useful tools for kids staying behind in the learning curve.

Without a doubt, tech has changed education in a variety of ways.

Still, with many educators opting for a more traditional, low tech solution to social distancing, they have come up with intuitive ways to approach learning.

Teachers, as well as their students, can develop strategies for smarter ways to confront certain subjects.

Some may tend to be trying to reach a certain percentage of students, especially when it comes down to topics that may end up being new to the class-Implementing knowledge.

Specific terms can be understood by many; in most cases, create helpful feedback for both mentor and learner.

This way, your students can grasp every minor detail that will come their way.

 Easy and comprehendible topics will facilitate students learning of any grade and aid those that may struggle during these moments of social distancing.

Simple Exercises


Simple but effective exercises will, without a doubt, lift any unnecessary weight off of your shoulders.

Learning can, in a wide variety of options. But, some may require a physical presence to boost the interaction between the educator and their student.

Noticeable exposure in grammar can be prominent at an early age because of auto-correct and spell check in computers or other forms of tech.

Which, in other words, can affect their writing skills, which creates a downside to tech.

So try developing and promoting the use of a smart yet more traditional way of learning while spending time in your household to approach various options of education.

Helpful instructions can provide the teacher that will create constructive methods of comprehension.

Throughout this week of celebration, it turns out we are in a period of virtual schooling, which can or may sound frightening.

But, in times of pandemic, students, as well as their parents or guardians, demonstrate their appreciation to their teachers with gratitude in a time that social distancing creates a specific undesirable state.

Yet, teachers still deal with everyday tasks, and students could not be more grateful than now. Teacher Appreciation Week is a huge opportunity to express it! 

Parents can now utilize these moments of quarantine to educate their children about no responsibility being too small nor job too big to accomplish at any given moment.

Parents can get that opportunity before you know it, and before you realize it, your little student will be fulfilling their tasks at a steady but with a keen eye for details.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week 2020, will be the first to be approached up close with a social distancing manner.

These are times in which an individual will stay stuck on a particular subject.

But to evolve and develop in an environment in which their interest can be focused on, primarily education.

Implementing diverse yet fun and interactive activities will definitely keep them at the top of their game.

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