October 26, 2020

Trick or Teeth: Worst & Best Halloween Candy For Your Smile

Halloween day is coming and along with the fun of dressing up comes the excitement of going out and ask for candy from door to door. Some have been preparing their costumes for months, but few have prepared for the cavities that all that candy in a plastic pumpkin may bring. That is why we looked into the top three candies that will make your teeth […]
April 24, 2018

Episodes of Life: The One When I Fractured My Tooth

When you break or fracture one of your teeth, you probably don’t feel pain at first. But, over time that fracture can reach the root of your tooth and begin to bother you. Especially, if fracture strikes the nerve in the center of your tooth, you can start feeling pain. And sometimes the solution is to remove the tooth. Many of us enjoy eating hard candy, […]