November 9, 2020
ai dentistry

This Is How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Dentistry Forever

Many devices, tools, equipment, etc., help everyday workers like dentists execute their daily jobs successfully, decreasing any potential risk for their health and well-being, but what about artificial intelligence? Technology, followed by AI dentistry goes hand and hand. Both have been rapidly generating traction among the researchers covering this field. The people, in general, has been setting an eye out for this tech. The dentistry field, […]
November 4, 2020

What Are Mini Dental Implants? An Easy Guide to Understanding Mini Dental Implants

Mini implants are pretty much the same as regular implants but half the size (1.8 mm to 3.3 mm in diameter) and less complicated. They consist of a one-piece post made out of titanium. Which will work as the root of the tooth, and a circled shaped head that stabilizes and attaches the tooth to the post.  The procedure for this implant is way more forgiving […]
October 29, 2020
dental crowns

Here’s What You Should Know Before Getting A Dental Crown

A dental crown is known as a custom-made “cap” placed over a damaged tooth to restore its shape and natural characteristics offering long-lasting results that improve its strength and appearance. These are carefully cemented into place to cover the whole visible part of the tooth, and depending on the material and care you decide to give them, they can last for a long time. Many conditions […]