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Sugar: Cavities and the Seductive Power of Sweets

Sugar is part of our daily life. Whether in our morning coffee or the fruits of our breakfast.

We need to watch the intake of sugar, that’s what dentists and doctors say to us.

But sometimes it is too hard because we are so into candies and chocolates.

Sometimes our inner child is induced to take another slice of chocolate cake, or maybe our outer child is into sweets after lunch at work.

Somehow we are always fascinated by the seductive power of sugar.

Glorious sweet flavor in our mouth that sometimes we just can’t resist.

But, then we kind stop thinking about the sticky candy that is going to find its way throughout our mouth.

Until reaching the hard spot of back teeth.

Of course that we all love the taste of the caramel in our mouth.

Almost everyone loves sugar that is for sure.

Actually, some people are just waiting until the day comes to an end.

So they can go home, open a beautiful chocolate packing box that they ordered on the internet.

They will inaugurate this box and see all kinds of figures and colors of chocolates designed to manage our attention.

Can you imagine this scene? We are just innocent creatures that threaded for the lovely taste of candies and chocolates.

But before you eat the first five chocolates from that box, stop for a moment and think about the cavities that you can get with that amount of sugar.

Loving Sugar Since we were Kids

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We all know that many of us love sweets. And it’s not like sugar is the main villain of this movie.

What happens here is that many times there is a lack of dental information that brings us different dental problems as a result.

You can prevent these dental issues and contain them when they emerge.

But the crucial thing is to watch what we eat.

We all remember maybe that time when we were kids and Halloween arrived while we were waiting for the big day.

During that day we all dressed up in cute costumes and went out to ask for sweets knocking around the neighbor.

Since Tijuana is the border with San Diego, Halloween became popular in Mexico.

We have the famous Día de Los Muertos in Mexico. But eventually, we adapted Halloween, which is a European holiday.

In short, the bottom line here is that candy, all that bag of candy we got on Halloween cloud cause damage in our teeth.

We should know that dental care must begin we are small since dental problems happen at any age.

So, to make this story even shorter, we probably love sweets since we were kids.

But bacteria in our mouth loves sugar also. Plaque is the sticky film on the teeth’s enamel.

It begins to grow when we stop brushing our teeth for more than twelve hours.

Once Dental plaque and tartar forms, we need to go quickly to a dentist in Tijuana or near to you so they can remove it.

This bacteria loves sugar, and when eating it, bacteria transform it into acids.

These acids cause cavities and demineralize enamel making it weaker.

How can I Decrease Sugar’s Impact on my Teeth? 

Definitely, there is no way to get entirely rid of the adverse impacts of eating candies, chocolates or sugary foods.

But we can deliver some tips to decrease the negative consequences that these foods have on our teeth.

It is very tiresome and sad also to go to the movies and not to eat popcorn or drink soda while you enjoy the film.

Or go with your mates grab a bite and avoid eating sweets or desserts.

That is why we recommend you take your toothbrush with you. So even if you don’t brush right after eating, you do it after an hour or so.

Acids begin wearing away teeth’s enamel if you don’t brush your teeth off if you do it wrong.

Yes, there are wrong ways to brush your teeth.

One is to do it fast. Dentists recommend doing it at least for a couple of minutes or so.

So, as an advice, take your time to brush your teeth and don’t use too much force either.

If you brush too hard you can harm your teeth or the soft tissues inside your mouth like the gums.

Remember that these acids can wear away the enamel until they reach the dentin of your teeth.

Dentin is the second layer of the teeth’s anatomy.

If you dare to leave cavities with no treatment, they can get large enough to cause you even more significant problems.

Visit your dentist regularly to avoid any dental problem in the future.

Also, you can drink enough water daily to improve the production of saliva.

Avoiding Sugary Drinks can help you Too

Energy drinks are famous for a lot of things. One of them is the harm those cause to your teeth.

So take into account that a person who is continually sipping sugary beverages during the day have chances of developing dental problems.

If you have this habit, you probably want to rethink the topic a little bit more before buying more than one can of these beverages per day or even per week.

Studies reveal that drinking energy drinks may cause you problems with your overall health too.

So, besides developing cavities, these drinks may cause havoc with internal organs like kidneys.

Your orange juice in the morning doesn’t make any differences. Some juices are loaded with large amounts of sugar.

Watch your intake of these beverages too.

Don’t feel sorry for avoiding sugar or candies.

You just take into account some bits of advice to prevent cavities and limit eating a lot of these, and you will be fine.

Drink enough water, don’t forget to brush your teeth and you will be able to keep this forbidden love to sugar for much longer.

Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
Dr. Cirenia Aparicio Miranda is our dentist in Tijuana and is hands down the best Mexico dentist.Distinguished by being one of the few members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Aparicio Miranda ́s work is synonymous with excellence and quality.She is a Mexico dentist accredited by the AACD and U.S. licensed dentist. With over 20 years of experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Aparicio Miranda has changed the lives of thousands through her devotion to Dentistry and tender care.


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