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SOS: Traffic to Cross the Border

TIJUANA, MEXICO: Thousands of cars line up to enter the US 27 January 2006 at the San Ysidro Port of Entry in San Ysidro, CA. US Customs and Border Patrol officials recently announced the seizure of over 127 tons of narcotics, an increase of 24 percent compared with the previous year's drug seizures, and the interception of more than 75,000 immigration violators at the Southern California ports of entry in the year 2005. San Ysidro is considered one of the busiest points of entry into the US, with an estiamate 35,000 pedestrians and 55,000 cars crossing the border evrey day. AFP PHOTO/OMAR TORRES/HMB (Photo credit should read OMAR TORRES/AFP/Getty Images)

Well, we already know the nightmare a lot of us are living right now due to traffic.

As you know too, yesterday we remember those who die on the front line, all the brave women and men fighting for the US.

Since it is a Federal Holiday, some take advantage of the break to come down Tijuana, Rosarito or Ensenada to have a relaxing moment.

But the tricky part is when it is time to go back home.

Tijuana has one of the busiest borders in the world.

So you can already imagine the chaos that was yesterday.

The lines were limitless to cross to the other side.

Many spent several hours waiting from morning until late at night.

When you say traffic, the first thing you ask is “compared to what?” because San Diego is also congested with thousands of cars every day.

But, why is happening this? There was always this busy?

Holidays: An Opportunity to Run Away from the San Diego Traffic?

People know that San Diego has busy roads every day, and perhaps they are trying to run away from it.

Unfortunately, they find out that on the other side of the border they are going to find the same traffic or even more.

Many people take the opportunity to become tourists on this side of the border.

Which is great, they also do it to visit family or attend events related to Memorial Day.

However, many suffer from wanting to drive around due to traffic, which grows more and more every year.

The tips to avoid spending so many hours in line to cross are very simple.

Some depend a lot on whether you are rule followers or not.

It is hard to imagine that you can spend so many hours waiting to return home.

So here are some recommendations so that the next time you come to Mexico as a tourist, don’t suffer crossing the border.

  • The first recommendation will be to get to the crossing line as early as you can.
  • Remember not to bring medication without prescription or marijuana, even if it is for medical purposes.
  • Second, I’ll take a small lunch with you so you can eat while you wait.
  • Bring all your papers with you and keep them close so that whoever helping you in the front right to cross can do it quickly.
  • Respect the time of others, try not to waste time at moving forward, and remember that more people are trying to cross.
  • Don’t get in the lines. If there are already a lot of people waiting in line, you will have to be patient and not mess up. All people are in a hurry and have waited a long time. It is unfair that you get in their way or obstruct the road for others. Don’t pay anyone at the crossing border to let you get in the line; it’s illegal and inappropriate.

Are You Planning a Trip to Mexico from the United States?

If you are attempting to come to Mexico to have a good time, it is important to remember some things.

For example, in Mexico, it is illegal to carry guns or ammunition.

Make sure you don’t bring them with you when crossing the border even if you have permission in the US.

Also, remember that some items must be declared.

Like Cuban cigars, alcohol, among other items like large amounts of money.

If you prevent all these details, you can speed up your way to Tijuana.

Take into account that lately the line to get to Mexico from the United States also tends to be a little long.

If you take children with you, it is essential to bring some toys or something that can entertain them during that time.

Of course, tourism from Mexico to the United States and vice-versa has created an increase in traffic.

However, we can adapt to this new challenge by preventing our trips and departures to each country.

Many people take preventive actions to reduce the time to cross the border.

It is also due to the respect that exists between us.

It turns out that in recent days there has been a lot of chaos because several people decide to get into the line roughly.

But the Mexican authorities are already working to bring order to the situation.

Is traffic Always this Busy?

The good news is that if you come to do dental or medical tourism, you can get a special pass that will allow you to go faster in a quicker line.

This document will be provided by the dental office or business where you have gone to receive a medical service.

This paper will facilitate your return home.

Also, yesterday was a special occasion.

We can only expect all the chaos of vehicles when it is an important date in the calendar.

For example, when it is Christmas or New Year. Don’t be scared; the line is not that heavy every day.

It is usually a little lighter, and you will be surprised to know that sometimes you only have to wait half an hour to cross into the United States.

Tourism is present now more than ever, and traffic has never stopped us.

Nor will it now. As a suggestion, be careful when driving and have your current car and medical insurance.

Preventing accidents is essential.

So don’t worry. You can come to enjoy a super pleasant weekend off the coast of the state of Baja California without any problem.

You just have to organize your time properly and of course your return home.

Many decide to stay until Monday or Tuesday when they have appointments with a dentist in Tijuana.

Usually, some say that on Tuesdays and Thursdays the lines to return to the United States are smaller compared with other days.

If you are a coffee or sweets lover, you can find coffee and snacks in vendors that are on the lines.

And you can also bring a book to read while you wait.

A lot of people will choose to have internet on their phone.

But roaming can cost a lot this side of the border.

So a book would be a better idea. We invite you to enjoy the beauties of Tijuana and its many charms!

Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
Dr. Cirenia Aparicio Miranda is our dentist in Tijuana and is hands down the best Mexico dentist.Distinguished by being one of the few members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Aparicio Miranda ́s work is synonymous with excellence and quality.She is a Mexico dentist accredited by the AACD and U.S. licensed dentist. With over 20 years of experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Aparicio Miranda has changed the lives of thousands through her devotion to Dentistry and tender care.

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