Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

  1.    Savings can add up to 75% of total costs.
  2.    They prevent jaw bone deterioration and stimulate natural bone growth.
  3.    Dental implants improve appearance because they retain the natural face shape.
  4.    They are made to last a lifetime, making it a wise investment.
  5.    Dental implants are strong and stable and function as a natural tooth would.
  6.    Eating and speaking become easier with dental implants.
  7.    Implants avoid getting cavities and help protect healthy teeth, unlike bridges.
  8.    Dental implants have a 98% success rate worldwide, making it the most predictable dental procedure.

Dental implants may be an option for people who have lost any number of teeth due to an injury or periodontal disease. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into the jawbone to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. When you are missing teeth, you can never feel as confident with your smile, but today’s dental implants are the best solution for restoring both form and function to your smile.

Dental implants in Mexico can save a patient over 75% in costs. Getting dental treatment in Mexico is quickly becoming the norm all over the United States and Canada. Poor oral health can affect a patient in more ways than you would imagine.

American Patients Traveled to Mexico for Dental Implants

When’s the Right Time for an Implant?

Many people have experienced tooth loss due to gingivitis or as a result of tooth decay. Others may have missing teeth because of blunt force trauma.

When teeth are missing, the forces associated with chewing are poorly distributed throughout the mouth, causing damage to remaining teeth. Chewing is impaired, and patients may have unsightly gaps or spaces in their smiles after gingivitis.

So, to repair your smile, dental implants made of titanium are placed into the jawbone, where they serve a function similar to the root of a tooth and provide a solid foundation for replacement teeth. Replacing your missing teeth with implants will result in greater self-esteem.

Dental implants can be taken care of in the same way as your natural teeth. Individual implants fit comfortably and allow access between each tooth, which results in better dental hygiene.

Does It Hurt?

While there may be some discomfort and bruising depending on your situation and restoration needs, many people are pleasantly surprised and report they feel better than anticipated after the procedure. Most patients are able to return to work the following day after the procedure is done.

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