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Your teeth are naturally translucent and white. If you’ve had a cavity filled with silver amalgam fillings, however, you know they can discolor your teeth and leave your smile with a dark grey hue. Beyond the cosmetic downside, silver amalgam fillings can also expand over time, cracking or breaking the teeth they’re supposed to protect.

Thankfully, you can find the best dental work in Tijuana with us and you don’t have to put up with these potential side effects. Today, dental fillings can look natural and get the job done. Your smile’s improved appearance will be immediately evident. Whether you elect to replace one crown or filling, or all of your crowns and fillings, you will be amazed by how beautiful your new, natural resin inlays appear.

Tooth decay, unfortunately, is probably the number one preventable disease afflicting Americans. If you’ve never had a cavity, you have been very lucky. We all live with the simple fact that as we age, and our teeth are subjected to wear and tear, they start to decay.

A filling may be required to repair that damage and restore the tooth in question to its original form.


When you arrive at Trust Dental Care have your cavity filled, our team, the best dentist in Tijuana will do its best to make you comfortable by offering you our many patient amenities and giving anesthetic before the procedure begins.
During the filling procedure, your dentist will remove any decayed material in and/or on the tooth. Next, the gap left by the removed structure is filled with tooth-matching composite resin material.

Once your cavity is filled, your appointment is complete. Any numbness due to anesthetic will wear off in approximately two to four hours. Food and drink may be consumed immediately after the procedure, but should only be done so with caution due to numbness in the mouth.
Dental tourism is something that nowadays it happens; all-inclusive, low-cost packages and everything to provide you the best dental care in Mexico.

Our affordable dental prices and the location of our dental center in Tijuana have been positive when it comes to the dental tourism experience in the city.

Getting dental work done in Mexico is a great choice for your dental care. Remember you’re our priority.
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A root canal is performed to remove decayed or infected tissue from the inner part of an affected tooth. While the blood vessels and nerves inside of a tooth are important, your tooth can function normally with these parts removed. This procedure is a defense against needed a tooth extraction which will leave a space where the tooth once was.


Eliminate disease or decay – The infection from a diseased or dead pulp can cause pain, health problems, and teeth loss.
Prevent future infections – If not completely removed, the infection can remain and spread.
Save a tooth – In the past, if you had a tooth with a diseased pulp, it was usually extracted. Now, root canals can help you keep that tooth. Even teeth with significant damage from disease or accident can be saved with root canals and can last for the rest of your life.


An infection usually provides some warning signs. Sometimes, there are no noticeable symptoms, but your dentist may discover the infection during a routine visit. If the pulp of your tooth has become diseased, you may

Tooth pain
Feel prolonged or increased sensitivity to heat or cold or pressure
See a discoloration or a large cavity
Experience a foul taste in your mouth, even after brushing
Notice pus that drains into your mouth
Experience swollen or tender lymph nodes


Call us ASAP. Remember, the earlier we can catch a problem, the more likely we can save your tooth. It’s also more likely that you’ll require less extensive treatment. We have the best dentist in Tijuana, so don’t hesitate to come with us and let us help you. And also remember, at Trust Dental Care you are our priority.

Though many people are afraid that root canals will be painful, most of our patients are pleasantly surprised to feel little or no pain thanks for the dental work in Mexico that we offer to you.

In fact, a recent endodontic survey showed that patients who had root canals were six times more likely to describe it as “painless” than patients who had not experienced the treatment.

The Trust Dental Care experience

We provide high-quality dental care in Mexico, in state-of-the-art facilities, which feature a modern look, coffee bar, shuttle and hotel service, and special treatment for all our patients.

Our doctors and dental team provide a thorough professional exam, every time, taking special care to:
Attend to any immediate issues you may have, including relieving pain from dental emergencies
Answer your questions so that you can make informed health decisions Explain any procedures in your language of preference
Teach you how to keep your mouth healthy.
Just to let you know, Tijuana dentists for Americans are guaranteed for their professionalism.


When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

As dental professionals in Tijuana, we prefer to save natural teeth whenever possible. There are, however, a few instances when tooth extraction is the most predictable avenue. For example, tooth removal may be necessary if a patient has:
Deep decay: Large cavities that extend into the pulp of a tooth may require tooth removal.

A large fracture: If a tooth has a crack that extends all the way to the tip of the root, an extraction will likely be recommended.
Gum disease: The leading cause of tooth loss, periodontal disease erodes the bone that supports the teeth. As the pockets around the roots become deeper, the teeth become more mobile, resulting in eventual tooth loss.

Overcrowding: Patients who have overcrowded teeth may require extractions before orthodontic treatment can be performed. This will create more room in the jawbone and make the teeth straightening process more predictable.

An increased risk of infection: If a particular tooth carries a high risk for infection, we may recommend extracting it proactively to preserve your oral health.


Whether you require one extraction or several, our skilled and experienced team can help walk you through the process. At Trust Dental Care we offer:
Single tooth extraction: Whether you have a large cavity or a significant fracture, our dentist in Mexico can extract the damaged tooth to prevent problems from spreading to adjacent teeth.

Multiple or full-mouth extractions: Individuals with significant dental damage may need to have several teeth removed. Additionally, we can also perform full-mouth extractions for those receiving dentures.

Wisdom teeth extractions: Most dentists agree that removing wisdom teeth in the late teens or early twenties can help reduce the risk for complications later on.


At Trust Dental Care, every treatment plan is fully personalized according to the needs of the individual. However, the general steps for tooth extraction are essentially the same. First, our professional dentist in Mexico numbs the affected tooth and surrounding gums with local anesthesia.

This will ensure your comfort throughout your procedure. Next, the tooth will be carefully loosened before being lifted from the socket. If the tooth is weak or broken off at the gum line, your dentist may divide the tooth into sections for easier removal. Once the tooth is extracted, a blood clot will form in the socket. This will aid in the natural healing process and prevent a dry socket from developing. If necessary, stitches may be placed over the site.


Following a tooth extraction, patients can expect some degree of tenderness and swelling. These side effects can be mitigated with over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen, naproxen, or acetaminophen.

In most cases, patients can return to work within a couple of days. Individuals should avoid strenuous activity for at least 48 hours after the procedure. Elevating the heart rate can result in increased bleeding, swelling, and discomfort during recovery.

These are some recommendations from our dentists in Tijuana, for more information, contact our experts at (844) 848 7878.

We recommend eating a soft food diet for the first few days. In addition, patients should avoid drinking through straws for at least one week, as this could cause the blood clot to become dislodged.

Dental work in Mexico will provide you with a set of comprehensive postoperative guidelines. Following these instructions will help you enjoy a quick and comfortable recovery.

Also, you don’t have to worry about dental insurance, you can talk to see the facilities we offer to our patients in the United States.

Dental care in Mexico is something we are proud to offer with excellent quality and a unique experience

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