We are proud to offer you advanced dental solutions which allow us to restore your smile in a day with our digital technologies, making your dental experience simple, fast and economical.

Contrary to other clinics in Tijuana, Trust Dental Care has the Omnicam CEREC crown technology that allows precise and quick restoration of your smile. Crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays and fixed bridges are made available on the same day you pay for them at the clinic. Same day dentistry is an advantage no one else has in town, as they usually ask you to make several trips to the city and sometimes, even more. We value your time more than anything, so we offer the fastest solutions for your treatment.

Trust Dental Care is a pioneer of CAD/CAM Dentistry and our CEREC Omnicam, by SIRONA allows us to create all ceramic crownsveneers, inlays, onlays, bridges, implant crowns and more, in one appointment.

This 3D imaging technology replaces dental impressions by scanning your teeth and creating 3D models on a specialized computer chair side. Our skilled dentists design your smile and create your dental restorations from ceramic blocks in our CEREC MC XL milling machine (a dental crown takes approximately 5 minutes) which delivers precise results that meet the highest aesthetic standards. This process takes a few minutes before we have your approved ceramic restoration polished and ready to be permanently cemented.

This digital technology has conveniently changed the lives of our patients by reducing the number of dental visits to one, shortening chair time, no uncomfortable messy impressions and no temporary crowns are needed. You only get numbed one time, making it a more comfortable treatment experience that allows cutting the dental lab time significantly and reduces laboratory costs. These all-ceramic crowns have no metal at all which means no more dark margins, no allergic reactions and translate to durable, biocompatible, highly esthetic, affordable and same day restorations.

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