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The function of your teeth depends upon not only your teeth, but the supporting structures, including jawbone, gum tissue, roots, and other supporting structures. The field of restorative dentistry focuses on rehabilitation of your mouth to full function and beauty. The practice of restorative dentistry is one in which dentists focus on prevention and treatment of disease of the teeth and gums, to restore the patient’s mouth to its best possible health.

Multi-Specialty Practice

Many cases of dental restoration require treatment that falls under the umbrella of a variety of dental specialties. When performing a dental restoration, we find that the patient may need extraction, implants or bridges, root canals and even work on the soft tissues of the mouth.

To restore a smile to good health may require a deep cleaning, bleaching, bonding or even veneers, and we can provide specialists to perform each task in your dental restoration, here at TRUST Dental Care. We pride ourselves on the ability to meet all of your dental needs here in our clinic, saving your time and money.

Fillings are commonly placed after a tooth is prepped by removing decay. The filling restores strength and structure to the tooth. Implants are small posts, typically made of titanium, placed into the jawbone to replace the missing tooth root. Implants get covered with a crown, which is a replacement tooth shaped like a cap to cover the implant and to fill the gap in your smile.

To restore or replace missing teeth or portions of the tooth structure, perhaps resulting from decay, injury or fracture, or even deterioration of previous dental restorations, we utilize fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, and dentures.

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