A Healthy Lifestyle and Beautiful Smile

Preventive dentistry refers to the practice of caring for your teeth, allowing you to avoid cavities, periodontitis (gum disease), wear on your healthy enamel, and other types of decay that can easily result in tooth loss.

We recommend that our patients maintain a healthy diet in order to have adequate nutrients to maintain the health of your teeth and your gums.

Daily care should involve flossing between and around both teeth and dental restorations. Toothpaste should always be approved by the American Dental Association, and should contain fluoride to maintain healthy teeth. Your toothbrush is a repository for the many different types of bacteria that live in your mouth. You should not neglect to replace your toothbrush multiple times a year. If you have dental appliances like bridges or braces, our dentists and hygienists will be certain that you understand their care before you leave our office.

The practice of preventive dentistry also requires annual visits to a dentist to be certain that your teeth are clean and strong. We see many of our patients back on an annual basis. In addition to examining your teeth for signs of problems, we also examine your gums. Unhealthy gums may lead to increased decay or loose teeth and tooth loss. This is something we encourage you to avoid through the practice of strict preventive measures like brushing and flossing.

Holistic Dentistry Program

We practice preventive dentistry as part of our holistic, multi-specialty dental clinic. This is one reason that we set the standard for world-class dental care in Latin America. Our patients learn that preventive dentistry can keep them from developing dental problems later. The primary dental problems most patients experience, including gingivitis, periodontitis, decay, cavities, loss of enamel or loss of teeth, can all be avoided through a careful program of dental maintenance and prevention.

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