Incorporating the latest research and development in dental practices is essential to improve the quality and outcome of treatments. Modern practices also play an essential role in enhancing the overall patient experience at the clinic in terms of comfort, excellent results, resolution of dental problem, less chair time and convenience; once such development that has shown remarkable results in dental treatments is the Ozone Therapy.

Ozone was previously being used to sterilize public water, food and beverages to make them 100% safe for consumption. In medicine, ozone is being used to treat a number of diseases such as medical conditions associated with HIV, ulceration and systemic disease complications like diabetic foot. It has applications in skin care, in veterinary sciences, in wound healing and a number of other conditions. The same treatment is now being used in dentistry and has shown outstanding results in the resolution of infections and tissue healing.

What Is Ozone Therapy?

The Ozone Therapy is based on the use of ozone molecules for different applications. The ozone molecule is unique in a way that its exposure is deadly to disease causing, harmful germs and microorganisms. However, it does not have any harmful effects on human cells and tissues; in fact it does the exact opposite. Exposure of infected and diseased tissues to ozone has shown excellent results in the reversal and treatment of the condition without any surgical or invasive intervention. Leading doctors and medical professionals across the globe have been using ozone to manage diseases that could previously only be treated by surgery or aggressive medical therapies.

Ozone Therapy In Dentistry

Dentists also deal with infected tissues in the form of caries or tooth decay, periodontitis, irreversible pulpitis and local soft tissues infections of the mouth. The mechanism of action is the same as in medical or commercial application of Ozone; exposure of the molecule to the site of decay causes reversal of the infection and restoration of optimal tissue health. Dental experts can now manage a number of dental problems including periodontal diseases, advanced tooth decay and even infections of the oral cavity in a painless, non-invasive way.

Is Ozone Therapy safe?

The Ozone therapy is 100% safe as the molecule does not pose any threat to the health or structure of a human cell. It is however, fatal to all microorganisms and is therefore the treatment of choice when dealing with diseases caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses. It guarantees effective removal of infection causing germs from the affected site, thus promoting rapid healing and recovery of the oral tissues.

Advantages of Ozone Therapy

Perhaps the greatest advantage of all is the fact that the Ozone Therapy is minimally invasive; this means that dentists may not have to use handheld mechanical or cutting instruments to achieve the desired results. Because it involves minimal preparation, the therapy is generally painless and comfortable for all patients. It promotes remarkable healing with resolution of infection, and reduces the overall chair time for the both, the dentist as well as the patient.

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