Specially Trained Surgeons

Some problems that require oral surgery include impacted wisdom teeth, which are sometimes referred to as the third molars. These teeth are the last teeth to develop and often do not have enough room to emerge fully through the gumline. As a result, they become trapped or “impacted” in the region between jawbone and gum. This causes pain, swelling and infection of the gum that surrounds the impacted wisdom tooth.

Even worse, impaction of a wisdom tooth can damage other nearby teeth, and may destroy bone or damage gum tissue.

Restore Your Smile

Other problems that require an oral surgeon include replacement of missing teeth with dental implants. If doesn’t matter if your teeth are missing as a result of decay or injury. Whatever the cause, restoration of missing teeth results in a better appearance and function. A dental implant, which is a metal rod implanted into the jawbone, is a replacement for a natural tooth root, and it is capped by a crown, giving the appearance of a natural tooth in place. Implants must be carefully placed at correct angles in bone that is of sufficient density to withstand normal pressures of chewing. Our oral surgeons have had years of advanced training and practice in implant surgery. After an evaluation of your dental problems, they will be able to determine the best type of procedure to meet your needs safely and economically with a long-lasting solution.

Other oral surgery procedures involve correction of problems related to the jaw, specifically temporomandibular joint dysfunction. TMJ frequently causes pain, and although it should initially be treated conservatively, advanced cases sometimes benefit from a surgical procedure to correct the condition.

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