Oral Health and How to Take Care of Teeth at Work

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Oral health is an important matter to think about during the day.

Taking care of teeth while working seems like an impossible task.

However, we need to prevent future dental problems in order to save time and money.

While I’m at work, I am probably too busy even to consider brushing my teeth after my lunch or a snack.

Don’t take me wrong, I carry my toothbrush with me to brush after every meal.

But it is hard to clean my teeth when I have an important presentation.

Even so, bacteria is working too causing acids that eventually are going to transform into cavities or something worse.

While I’m collaborating with co-workers on a new project, bacteria is making its way to destroy my teeth.

Our daily habits can ruin our teeth, so here I have some tips that I learned.

These tricks are going to prevent a lot of dental problems if you follow up well this list!

So, pay attention and remember that we can avoid several problems by preventing!

First of All: You need to Choose Water!

oral health drinking water

Ok, this is probably the hardest tasks while keeping our oral health.

A lot of people prefer drinking coffee during work or even worse, prefer to drink energy beverages to stay alert.

The thing is that with coffee we can cause discoloration in our teeth.

And energy drinks can cause enamel erosion and cavities too.

The advice will be to reduce the intake of coffee. Avoid energy drinks if you can and drink a lot of water.

Drinking enough water a day will also improve your overall health; there is a reason why water is the vital liquid.

So, don’t forget it and if it is too complicated for you, bring your bottle so you can make things easier!

Say no to Unhealthy Snacks

I used to have hidden snacks at my workplace.

Candies, cookies, chips, among other unhealthy snacks.

These temptations abounded in my drawer, and if I found myself without something delicious, I looked at the nearby vending machine.

But that is over because since I started to have problems with my energy and also my teeth, the doctor made me do some changes.

So, one of the best tips I can give you is to stop eating those foods that you know are going to harm your teeth.

We know that those snacks are delicious but as delicious as they are, they can cause problems too.

So, consider to cut out all the sweets and chocolates!

Say Yes to the Healthy ones!

healthy snack oral health

Instead of eating a bag of chips you can eat crunchy baby carrots or an apple.

Ready-to-eat meals are super easy, but maybe not so much if we are talking about your teeth.

So, eat fresh and eat healthy by choosing vegetables and fruits!

Plus, there are more healthy snacks you can choose:

  • Plain Oatmeal Packets
  • Seeds
  • Raw Nuts like almonds
  • Healthy crackers
  • Low-sugar granola
  • Yogurt
  • Dark chocolate
  • Sugar-free gum

Pack your Lunch!

Yes, we all are very busy.

The daily life seems to be something harsh because sometimes we don’t have enough hours!

But the day last 24 hours only and we need to take advantage of every single minute.

However, we need to consider to stop eating outside and start bringing our own meal to work.

Meaning is that is important to pack our lunch in order to avoid unhealthy meals.

Find the time to prepare your lunch a day before.

Bringing your food to work will also help you to save money!

This way you will be able to eat healthily, and by doing this, you will keep your teeth safe and strong too!

Don’t Forget to Brush and Floss!

You have no excuses for not to bring your toothbrush and your floss to your workplace.

Use a bag or a backpack to carry your dental stuff so you can keep your oral hygiene during work hours!

Plus, you can also consider bringing your mouthwash with you too.

Even when many people are still believing that mouthwash is worthless, it works.

This little friend will help to clean hard to brush zones, will reduce the acid in your mouth, and will also protect your gums.

Use it so you can give your teeth all the cleanliness available!

Visit your Dentist at Least Every Six Months to Improve Oral Health!

The best thing you can do besides keeping good habits at work is to visit your dentist.

Again, we can be very busy with our daily life even to realize that we need to take care of our teeth.

But it is an important matter though,   so try to visit your dentist at least twice a year.

Going to see your dentist will help to prevent future dental problems which will help you to save money at the same time.

During a dental consultation, your dentist can find cavities before they get worse detecting them right on time.

When you leave a cavity without proper treatment, two things could happen: you may need a root canal or even worse, an extraction of that infected tooth.

So, visit your dentist as soon as you begin to feel that something isn’t good with one or more of your teeth.

Remember that you need a professional dental cleaning every six months to avoid gum diseases.

This is super important; please don’t skip it!

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