Nutrition and Kids: Diet Recommendations to Improve Oral Health

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Nutrition and Kids: Diet Recommendations to Improve Oral Health

Nutrition is vital when it comes to children’s dental health.

Kids are the treasures of a mother’s eyes; which is why dental health is priority number one to parents.

There are a lot of ways to keep kids’ teeth healthy.

We must accomplish this mission because there are reports of children that are missing school due to dental problems.

They are missing school days because they are in pain due to cavities or different difficulties.

Sometimes changes in the kids’ lives such as oral hygiene routines, lifestyle or the type of foods they are eating, contribute to those dental issues.

And we must keep them safe from cavities.

So, since they are little, sometimes they don’t know how to take care of teeth.

And if we don’t teach them to brush correctly and have a healthy diet, things can get worse.

Cavities are the most common problem.

I imagine it is because when we are children we love to eat candies, and everyone knows that sugar is an enemy of teeth.

This ingredient becomes an obstacle when you combine it with poor hygiene.

The bacteria has more opportunities to wreak havoc when there is a weak dental cleaning routine.

Sugar cause severe damage to teeth, not only children’s teeth but also to our teeth.

Several sweet servings at morning, lunch or during the day can cause a lot of issues.

Kids who consume a lot of sugar per day combining poor dental hygiene or brushing teeth with no supervision are more likely to get cavities.

So, the first thing here is to teach kids how to brush and floss their teeth.

Read the Labels on Beverages and Snacks

The first advice here is to read the labels on the beverages and snacks of the children.

We need to check if there is a significant amount of sugar in what the kids are eating.

Being aware of what children are consuming is important.

Parents need to opt for alternatives that have low levels of sugar in foods; choosing water over sweet drinks such as fruit juices.

If you can, pick those beverages that provide nutritional value.

The most frequent sources of sugar are lollipops, fruits juices, cookies, milkshakes, ice-cream, chocolates, candies, and soft drinks.

All these foods and beverages we can control, but there are hidden sources.

Sometimes we eat foods that have sugar even when it tastes like something spicy or salty.

We can find sugar in gummy vitamins, sport-beverages, analgesics, breast milk, different types of medicines, and processed foods like cheese chips.

When children are little, there are some aspects we need to take into account.

A kid is a victim of a night-time bottle feeding, and during this stage in life, they have none or minimal oral cleanliness.

So, during this period when children sleep while bottle feeding or nursing, their teeth are combined with sugar all night long.

Having a bottle of milk all night long will allow bacteria to begin the fermentation process that eventually will generate cavities.

Hence, a kid will develop a speedy proceeding of tooth decay which will often cause pain at a very early stage in the lives of children.

Sometimes this painful experiences will require comprehensive dental procedures.

School-aged kids can develop dental problems such as tooth decay.

The beginning of the dental issues is because of the consumption of a lot of processed sugar and unhealthy snacks.

Schools can have minimal or no control at all over the unhealthy diet of the children.

This means that parents must supervise what kind of foods are their kids bringing in their lunch boxes every day.

Apples Instead of Cheese Chips

Apples can be a fantastic alternative to your kid, especially if he is going to school.

Apples add vitamins to a child’s diet, and in the chewing process, they can also improve their teeth.

Apples are great for the children’s over health.

Nutrition is essential for adults too, so apples can be a good option for you since they help to remove dental plaque.

Carrots and celery can provide this advantage as well. Try to add these crunchy and healthy snacks to your menu too.

Sometimes there is not enough time to have proper breakfast.

In the mornings hurry kids may catch unhealthy feeding habits.

Nutrition must be part of the kids’ life, so the first thing to do is to modify the menu to include fruits such as apples.

Go Natural: Boxed Fruits Juices aren’t Always the Best Option

There is a misconception involving fruit juices since some parents believe that are healthy because they are made from fruits.

Parents think that juices are made from natural fruit juice and therefore think they’re nutritious.

However, recommendations from nutrition experts have recommended including other types of beverages in children’s diets.

Fruit juices can combine a lot of sugar, providing a lot of calories too.

Eventually and thanks to poor dental hygiene, children will develop cavities.

Specialists also point out that children under one year of age shouldn’t drink juices.

And that it is the parents’ responsibility to encourage proper nutrition for young children.

Taking care of what children are eating can reduce cavities, but it can also reduce children’s risk of gaining extra weight.

The intake of sugary beverages should be low.

Prepare juices with natural fruits instead of opting for boxes of artificial juice!

Nutrition: Mix it up a Little Bit including Fish to the Menu


You can include fish to the family diet. Fish like salmon provides proteins and omega-3 that help prevent heart diseases.

Fish is also an excellent source of vitamin D, which will help keep children’s jaws and teeth healthy.

You can combine the fish with different types of vegetables to add more nutrients to the children’s diet.

Remember that nutrition is essential for the proper functioning of our body, especially when we are growing.

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