Missing Teeth: The Unseen Consequences of Tooth Loss

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Missing Teeth: The Unseen Consequences of Tooth Loss

I used to think that missing one tooth was not a big deal.

Although it never occurred to me that something like missing teeth could cause such a mess in my mouth, it obviously worried me.

Adverse effects on the verbal communication due to missing teeth will depend on multiple factors.

A dentist can’t predict all these factors in advance.

But you can be sure that missing even one tooth will wreak havoc in your mouth.

I know it because it happened to me. I lost one of my molars right in the back in the lower jaw.

At first, I thought that it wouldn’t cause any troubles.

But, as the days went by, some things changed in the position of my teeth.

I couldn’t help to wonder, what happens with all those persons that miss most of their teeth whether in the upper or lower jaw?

People can lose teeth due to several different reasons.

But the critical thing here besides preventing that from happening, it to have a damage control plan.

Meaning is, what can we do after losing whether one or more of our teeth?

I don’t even know how to start to explain how missing teeth can affect our oral health.

And how losing more than one can have a negative response to the speech.

What happens if we lost the Front Teeth?

I’m going to start with the front teeth.

What could happen if we suddenly lost our front teeth?

Well, losing them has a huge dramatic impact on speech.

This is probably self-evident since the front teeth play an important role in the articulations of a lot of words.

Thanks to our front teeth we can be able of pronouncing consonants sounds, like the “dentolabial” noises.

For instance, words with the “F” or the “V”, and also sounds with the “T,” the “D,” or “TH” sounds. We can hear the differences in the pronunciation of someone that don’t have the front teeth and someone who does.

As you can see the front teeth accomplish a huge mission when it comes to speech.

A person may lose the front teeth due to a bunch of reasons from an accident to some disease.

But the thing here is that as soon as it happens, this person will need to find a solution to restore those spaces.

A dentist can suggest the best way to restore missing teeth.

The most common dental procedures are dental implants, partial dentures and sometimes, bridges.

Losing the Ability to Talk Correctly

Missing teeth can lead to different problems including misaligned teeth.

The rest of your teeth will change position eventually if you don’t replace the empty space of the missing tooth.

Even if you used braces, teeth have memory, and they can change their place to the way they were at the very beginning when you lose a tooth after braces.

You won’t be able to pronounce the words correctly even if you try.

Teeth are there for multiple reasons, and they are very important throughout our life.

Since we are kids and our teeth begin to erupt, we can be witnesses to the functionality of having teeth.

So, when we lose them we have great chances of having problems with the way we communicate.

Of course, some people will have some troubles at first with missing teeth; but at some point will almost always accommodate perfectly after a while.

I know a person that have relatively just some teeth remaining.

And she adapts so well that it seems like she even doesn’t need them.

But the way she talks serve as a clear example of what happens when a person has missing teeth.

I don’t know how she chews her food because it seems like a tough task.

She bites and eats almost as she has all her teeth.

But, this doesn’t mean that despite the tooth loss, she has a healthy mouth.

Missing teeth have health consequences including the loss of the proper face structure.

The Unseen Consequences of Missing Teeth

Yes, I know that I can enlist a lot of negative effects that missing teeth could bring.

The most evident of them include factors like aesthetic.

The way people look after losing multiple teeth or even one tooth is shocking.

Teeth can change the appearance of one person in a dramatically way!

Plus, someone that missed a lot of teeth may feel the social and psychological consequences of it.

It is not just the gaps in the mouth what bother millions of people around the world, but the way they see themselves.

At some point during the missing teeth process, it is not about teeth only. It becomes a matter of lack of bone too.

This bone that used to hold teeth suddenly lost the stimulation to maintain its density and form.

Tissues like gums and bones provide support to teeth to keep them in place.

But at the same time, teeth also provide stimulation to the bone and gums.

Now, it is natural for us to think that when teeth are missing, massive changes are going to happen.

So when many or all of the teeth are lost, there are changes that can not be avoided.

Not only will our face be sunken, but the confidence in ourselves will also be affected.

Solutions to Missing Teeth

Talk to your dentist about the possible solutions to your problem.

There are alternatives like dental bridges in case the gap is in a convenient area.

If the gap is right in the front, probably your dentist will suggest dental implants or partial dentures.

There are complete dentures too, but they are uncomfortable.

Meaning is that the best way to restore a smile that lost all teeth is something called All on 4 dental implants.

With this solution, you can have a second chance to smile again.

I couldn’t believe at first, but there are affordable ways to get dental implants without breaking your bank account.

I did not fill my empty space when I lost that molar in the back.

Now I need to handle my bone loss and accept the fact that the neighboring teeth moved around.

I did not address my problem when I had to, but I going to proceed from here to replace that ugly space in my mouth that is bothering me!

There is hope after the loss of one or more teeth.

Visit your dentist to explore your options and don’t forget to take care of your teeth.

Remember that it is not the way you look the only thing is going to chance but also it can modify the way you talk.

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