Metal Free Technology Leads Way To Alternatives To Dental Bridges

Have you been thinking about replacing that missing tooth that’s keeping you from smiling brightly? Do you have an infected root canal and considering a dental implant? At Trust Dental Care, Dr. Aparicio Miranda has the solution for you. Metal free implants.

Tooth ImplantWhat are the benefits of switching from traditional titanium implants to non-metal? How does Dr. Aparicio Miranda speed the healing process and reduce the discomfort? We’re convinced that you’ll be convinced that you can’t afford NOT to use metal-free implants.

What are the Benefits of Metal Free Implants?

We are driven to move dentistry forward by embracing the latest technology paired with the highest standard of care. That’s why Dr. Aparicio Miranda will not use titanium implants unless you specifically insist. Why are we so confident that non-metal implants are the best option for your missing tooth?

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They look great

Our Hiossen implants are one complete piece made with a tooth-colored ceramic material. If you have thin, translucent gums or gum recession, a titanium implant may show at the gum line.

They’re non-allergenic

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You may not even be aware that you have a metal sensitivity until years later when problems arise. Hiossen implants are hypoallergenic and contribute to the lasting success of your dental implant.

They’re durable

Because the ceramic material is biocompatible your dental implant will assimilate completely into your jaw bone with no inflammation. The ceramic material is incredibly durable under pressure and ensures your dental implant will last a lifetime.

Metal Free Implants Combined with Cutting Edge Technology

Not only are ceramic implants your best solution, but when combined with the latest medical advancements can result in less pain, faster healing times and ideal placement.

  • 3D guided surgical placement ensures the strongest and safest position
  • Stem cell therapy reduces pain, promotes healing and improves the overall regeneration of the bone augmentation

With these revolutionary dental procedures, patients heal in 1/3-1/4 of the time and may only require one ibuprofen pain reliever the night of the appointment.

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