Mercury Removal

Holistic Approach in Dentistry in Tijuana

Mercury Removal: Holistic Approach in Dentistry

Mercury fillings have a very controversial past, it’s been around for a long time, but many are now concerned for their safety.

A mercury filling is utilized to fill in teeth that have been deteriorated over time because of plaque or cavities.

This procedure has been around for hundreds of years. Mercury fillings are also referred to as dental amalgam made out of 50% liquid mercury, and the rest is a mixture of zinc, palladium, copper, silver, and tin.

These are then mixed and sculpted to fit the patient’s cavity.

There have been numerous discussions about the dental amalgam controversy surrounding the long-term effects it can have on the patient.

Many concerns have revolved around this procedure and have been incrementing over the years.

Many are opting to remove this procedure but worry about the after-effects if there are any.

Mercury removal is slowly growing as a means of replacing the procedure for a safer one.

Many struggles to find an adequate dentist and avoid scammers or even dental rookies that are not certified or approved.

Trust strives to provide the safest and most effective treatments around, as an ADA (American Dental Association) approved office certified for the removal of mercury safely and efficiently.

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Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

Benefits that come with removing mercury fillings are the following:

+ Removing mercury fillings avoid constant exposure and contact with the element. With time, mercury vapors release when everyday habits abroad us like chewing gum or chew on hard food.

+ Peace of mind is everything for anyone who wants to remove their mercury fillings; many feel at ease, knowing that their mouth is metal-free.

+ Removing mercury fillings and utilizing natural composite fillings create a visual and healthy approach rather than having to go through mercury poisoning.
Many individuals experience symptoms that are related to mercury poisoning while utilizing mercury fillings but reduce those symptoms when having them removed.

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Does Ingesting Mercury Risk My Overall Health

Everyone is searching for a better and more efficient solution to avoid potential risks of digesting mercury; mercury is a chemical element found in many bodies of water.

Mercury can also be found in the air and found in food, more commonly found in seafood.

Long-term contact with mercury makes it dangerous.

Excessive contact with mercury can create issues and symptoms like the following:

  • Physical weakness
  • Headaches
  • Stomachaches
  • Short term memory loss
  • Short temper
  • Anxiety

The field of dentistry is continuously trying to innovate and improve upon what is already useful.

Amalgam fillings, as we mentioned before, is a mixture of copper, silver, tin, and mercury.

They are durable but risk overall health. Nowadays, avoiding metal fillings is the go-to option for dental surgeons.

With our innovative tech and constant advances in technology, more natural and biocompatible materials are being implemented in all things dentistry.

These materials include aesthetic materials, doctors, and dentists who prefer to work with more biocompatible materials.

Many benefits come with removing your mercury fillings.

Many individuals that decide to remove their silver fillings live on with only beneficial effects.

Unidentified Beginning But Reassuring Future

You may be wondering why mercury was even thought of as a solution for dental cavities, well, that’s all they had.

Back then, people just wanted a solution, no matter the risk.

Dental amalgam has its history as being a not so safe approach towards cavities.

Mercury fillings have had an impact on societies. The first recorded use of mercury fillings was found in china.

China presented the solution to cavities called the Chinese Materia medic of Su Kung in the year 659 A.D. during a Chinese dynasty called Tang.

After years of perfecting the mixture for mercury fillings, it later appeared in Europe, invented by the municipal physician in Germany named Johannes Stockerus.

He recommended a filling made out of amalgam material in the year 1528.

Further down the line, during the 1990s.

Government groups and academies created an evaluation detailing the effects of dental amalgam.

They decided that the most common health effects mercury fillings had over individuals were long term allergies and hypersensitivity.

Thanks to innovative tech, mercury fillings are removed and replaced with biocompatible, commonly known as composite white fillings.

Post mercury removal, our dental surgeons restore your teeth to their proper function and form.

Compatibility tests allow our holistic dental surgeons to decide which suits your dental needs.

Biocompatible materials are being implemented daily in our dental facility, and will further evolve dentistry.