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Malocclusion: How Overbite Can Affect the Whole Body

Malocclusion is an abnormal condition that occurs in most individuals.

It’s a condition that creates visible misalignment in the patient’s teeth.

This creates an undefined relationship between the function of every tooth.

All teeth risk malocclusion once baby teeth have left, and the new set of teeth has come into place.

The term malocclusion derives from the words incorrect occlusion.

The teeth that affect your mouth, in general, are your molars.

If your molars are in the adequate place appearing after your baby teeth, then their relation exists.

Therefore, the individual reduces the risk of suffering from malocclusion, and they will be able to align correctly.

Malocclusion also has a drastic impact on the functionality of the entire mouth.

If the patient doesn’t appear to be offended by these characteristics, then treatment isn’t necessary.

But, in the long-term process, those teeth can harm the patient’s mouth if not treated.

Malocclusion is common among teenagers and adults, but it is not too serious to implement a specific treatment.

In rare cases of severe malocclusion, the patient might require orthodontic or surgical treatments to solve any issues that may be present.

These symptoms and signs are all visible to any dental surgeon and can be dealt with, our dental surgeons at Trust, are ready to solve any of your dental needs.

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Solutions For Malocclusion in Tijuana

Our dental surgeons will take around 20 minutes to diagnose malocclusion and is corrected within 1 to 2 years of treatment.

There are a wide variety of solutions that can solve malocclusion, and the following are:

  • Braces: Devices utilized in orthodontics that straighten and align teeth’s position, abnormal formations of teeth, or malocclusion.
  • Crowns: A dental crown is used to restore a tooth or dental implant completely. Even to treat large cavities that may harm or threaten a tooth’s health.
  • Retainers: Focusing on mild or moderate crowding that may threaten to return to their original position. There is a lifelong risk of suffering from a tooth’s tendency to want to return; that is why dental surgeons treat their patients and offer a dental retainer to maintain oral order.
  • Fillings: Biocompatible materials are utilized to solve any damaged teeth that may have been harmed because of plaque or cavities.

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Factors That Cause Malocclusion

The causes of malocclusion are quite diverse, but certain factors play a role in influencing how the adult teeth may appear.

These factors can derive from environmental reasons or simply because of genetics. Apparent factors of malocclusion are the following:

  • Dental Factoids: Depending on the size of your teeth compared to your jaw. The cause of loss of teeth beforehand can result in uneven spacing between your teeth or misaligned migration, which can cause an overload or refer to as crowding. Other visible characteristics can result in an abnormal eruption, extra teeth, minimal teeth, and timing can all result in strange traits, which will affect the overall performance and function.
  • Muscular Factoids: The function and form of the jaw muscles that are beside your teeth that would usually surround them can also affect the development of your teeth. Other factors that can negatively impact your overall mouth can be negative habits or tendencies we abide by when you get stressed or anxious overcomes you. Nail biting, pacifiers, tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, etc. are all negative habits or tendencies we all confront at a particular moment in time. These unnecessary daily habits can be avoided by distracting yourself by exercising or reading. It is sad to say its common, but almost the entire population struggles with negative tendencies.
  • Skeletal Factoids: The upper and lower jaws position, shape, size, etc. are all key factors that vary depending on the patient. Distinct variations can be caused because of environmental factors.

Malocclusion is not caused just by one factor; instead, a culmination of various habits or diets.

Once a baby is born, after a certain amount of time, it develops baby teeth and is most commonly known as milk teeth.

Once it utilizes a pacifier, the infant risks suffering from malocclusion at an older age.

In rare cases of developing extra teeth or other casualties.

Those individuals require extraction to prevent further damage inside their mouths.

Lost teeth can also play a key role in reducing the mouth’s overall performance.

Teeth that are abnormally formed or damaged teeth shaped in unusual ways, can all become crowded.

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