Is A Flipper Tooth the Right Solution For My Teeth?

flipper tooth

We’ve all seen a pair of dentures in a glass of water, but what about a flipper tooth? Flipper teeth are lightweight dentures containing one or more teeth; aside from being removable, flipper teeth serve the vital purpose of temporarily replacing teeth due to an accident or tooth decay.

A flipper tooth provides a natural-looking solution for those who don’t feel comfortable walking around with a wide gap between their teeth. They also allow the patient to improve their ability to speak and bite temporarily and even chew food while wearing them.

They may look a bit strange, but they go unnoticeable once they are in your mouth and are an excellent solution when you are waiting to receive dental implants or another form of dental dentures.

Dental offices make flipper teeth with only a few components:

  • Acrylic materials that fit in just right with your base and gums with their natural-look and different tones 
  • Metal clasps that hold onto the surrounding teeth
  • Metal base that allows the denture to sit in place

Dentists notice that when their patients use a flipper tooth, they can have numerous beneficial effects. Wearing them can also help reduce the chance of bone loss (which occurs when the bone deterioration is drastic) in the first few months after losing a tooth. They can also prevent the patient’s teeth from moving or shifting around the gap that can worsen over time.

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 Flipper teeth protect the empty area or the wound of the missing tooth when they are lost in an accident or during tooth extractions, and as a bonus, they aid the healing process much quicker rather than just having space in between your teeth. 

The days of walking around with gaps in your smile are long gone with this device’s help, so no need to struggle with an imperfect smile any longer. 

Can You Eat With A Flipper Tooth? 

Generally, those who have to use a traditional denture have to remove it when they eat or brush to avoid turning the denture into a potential risk because eating with a denture set in place can cause the person to choke on the device, turning it into a hazard. However, using a flipper tooth can allow you to eat with the denture in place, so yes, you can eat with a flipper tooth.

Even though some dentists may consider flipper teeth to be a short-term solution for tooth loss, one of the main benefits that a flipper tooth provides is that you can chew comfortably rather than chewing with a gap in between your teeth. However, they can also be uncomfortable at times. For example, if not set correctly It can become loose.

On the other hand, flipper teeth can be an excellent alternative and provide a solution for the wide variety of prosthetic teeth options for people who are missing teeth.

flipper tooth

Dentists might also suggest opting for a flipper tooth if they aren’t ideal candidates for traditional dental implants or zygomatic implants. Flipper teeth can also replace other dental options like fixed bridges because bridges only provide support between two teeth, where flipper teeth utilize a mold of your palate to stay tight and in place.

Unlike traditional dentures, flipper teeth mainly focus on the gaps, therefore allowing for a more straightforward solution that maintains all of your natural teeth intact; in that manner, the patient can look forward to smiling comfortably around their friends and loved ones.

Additionally, if the patient were to lose another tooth, the current flipper tooth device could handle further alterations instead of paying for a new denture.

Your dentist may recommend specific foods or beverages you should avoid eating because they may damage the apparatus’s function or build. This can prevent it from performing as the patient expects. 

How Do You Clean a Flipper Tooth?

The best possible way to make sure you properly clean a flipper tooth is by using the methods you would typically use to brush your natural teeth; it would be best to remove your flipper tooth at night and gently scrub them with water or toothpaste. However, dentists recommend using regular dish soap because particular toothpaste may contain high fluoride amounts, potentially scraping or damaging your flipper tooth.

  • Try soaking your flipper teeth in a glass overnight, but not just with normal water. Try opting for using an antibacterial and antifungal denture tablet. That will maintain your flipper teeth safe and avoid developing harmful bacteria or diseases while it is not in your mouth.
  • You can then safely place your flipper tooth back into your mouth in the morning and be confident about the appearance of your flipper without having to worry about potential damage or deterioration it can sustain if not in a secure place.  

Try repeating the process every night just like you would with your natural teeth to prevent plaque or tartar from accumulating over the device; make sure that you carefully monitor your flipper tooth to make sure that it is fully functional.

Dentists recommend visiting the dental office twice a year to allow your dentist to verify the flipper and replace it or simply adjust the device if it becomes loose while you use it throughout your day.

While you’re there, make sure to schedule an appointment for your dental check-up; remember that you should visit your dentist at least twice a year for your dental check-ups and regularly visit them to see how your oral health is doing. 

Follow your regular oral health care routine to allow it to be at the top of your dental game because flossing and brushing are good but not enough. Visiting your dentist is still crucial as it can prevent you from being at risk of future harmful diseases or oral infections. 

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