I Have My Dental Implants, Now What? Follow These Tips.

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I Have My Dental Implants, Now What? Follow These Tips.

I Have My Dental Implants, Now What? Follow These Tips.

You had missing teeth and made the decision of getting All on 4, All on 6 or whatever the number of implants? Well, you took the best decision on the table. These dental implants are the best solution for multiple missing teeth.

This revolutionary technique will let you eat, drink and talk without the discomfort of a denture skimming itself with your actual gum. The dental implants are also known for the capacity of giving you a natural-looking smile.

Another benefit of the dental implants is that you will enter without a tooth and get out of the dental office with a complete smile on the same day. You will have spare time to go shopping, visit the city and eat on one (or maybe more) of the great food spots Tijuana has.

We have to keep in mind that implants are not real teeth. Yes, they are your teeth because you paid for them but they will react differently because of their distinct biology. Remember, they are just a replacement.

What do we mean by this? You can’t treat them like your original teeth even if they are placed into your gums. They are new so they need special care.

Professional dentists will suggest different pieces of advice to take care of your new implants. A bunch of information will be given to you after the surgery but you will likely forget it as soon as you get out of the dental office.

That is why we collected some recommendations from the experts to help you after your dental implants have been placed. They are not on a specific order because every single advice will help you through the journey with your new dental implants.

First Of All, Rest!

This recommendation will sound repetitive to you but you will not imagine how many people dismiss this instruction. Because it ’s same-day surgery, somehow they think it’s ok to go back to their regular life even with stitches in their mouth.

Going back to your regular life right away means put at stake the dental work that already has been done, even if it’s just a day before the procedure.
Remember that you don’t have your crowns yet. A temporary denture will be placed to emulate teeth so you can eat and drink with no problem. It’s a natural-looking denture so we promise you won’t have people asking you what happened to your teeth.

Take the denture as your baby teeth. They will help you chew your food but surely they are not the strongest or nicest teeth you can have. Your baby teeth or in this case, the denture, will be there while your adult teeth grow, or better said, while your crowns are ready to set on the implants.

If you work in an office where you just sit down in front of a computer, you can return to your desk 3 or 4 days before the first procedure. If you work, let’s say, on a construction company where hard work it’s involved, you will have to rest at least one week.

Don’t Get Scared Of The Side Effects

It’s a small surgery and same day procedure but that doesn’t mean you will not have secondary effects.

Pain, discomfort, a little bit of bleeding or swelling should be normal after that delicate practice.

If you feel that the gap is bleeding more than it should or notice something out of place, contact your doctor immediately and he or she will tell you what to do. Ask for another check out so you can be confident everything it’s going great.  

Yes, we all have a different threshold of pain but if you feel discomfort, don’t try to act strong and take some painkillers.

For the swelling, we recommend a cold compress and head elevation. The swelling will reach its maximum level within 72 hours post-surgery but don’t worry, it will slowly decrease.

Dental Hygiene Tools

Every dentist will have their personal favorite toothbrush but you can use any toothbrush of your preference, just make sure you brush twice a week with a soft bristles brush and low abrasive toothpaste.

Don’t let your gums go unnoticed. Brush under the gumline, all the way to the pink part where the gum meets the tooth.

And don’t forget to floss, floss and floss every single day. You should be flossing even under the dental implants but be gentle.

Experts also recommend buying a stimulator. A commonly metal tool with a rubber tip. This will let you get in where the toothbrush and the floss don’t go.

Plan your “me time” every night. Pamper your teeth and give them love by maintaining your oral health routine and visiting your dental hygienist 2 or three times a year.

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