How IV Vitamin C Infusion Can Help To Prevent COVID 19

Can we find the cure to COVID 19  in our household?

Hundreds of studies around the globe are studying the effects the virus has on its victims.

They are now demonstrating that vitamin c infusion could not be the answer rather a short term cure.

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You can obtain specific health benefits through medicine provided by hospitals and medical facilities.

Discussions are still taking place because of uncertain conflicts and opinions.

They share these between the public and specialists.

Specific details that are being taken into question is the fact that people with COVID 19.

Some patients already present a high percentage level of vitamin C that could mean vitamin is an unlikely candidate for detaining COVID 19.

This virus is relatively new and is still under study.

Specific treatments are being experimented with and are demonstrating positive results.

Including IV vitamin C infusion against the virus.

COVID 19 is spreading at a constant rate and rapidly spreading across the population.

Vitamin C: Positive Effects

Vitamin C is a very potent substance that fights off many infectious diseases roaming the air.

They usually pack it with highly effective antioxidants that surround your entire immune system. 

These antioxidants help protect many parts of our body and help out many minuscule matters that exist in our body which are:

  • Proteins (Biomolecules that makeup of amino acids)
  • Lipids (Organic substance that helps offer energy throughout your immune system)
  • Carbohydrates (materials obtained from food that ultimately create energy)

Animals and humans cannot create vitamin C naturally, so we must obtain it from other forms of life.

We must try to consume healthy amounts of vitamin C daily. 

Why may you ask? Only vital for your immune system to take care of any exterior and harmful bacteria of infectious diseases. 

Vitamin C provides other roles regarding iron absorption and many others.

It increases the production of hormones that circulate your body, these are:

  • Vasopressin ( Helps dilate the cerebral and pulmonary functions)
  • Norepinephrine ( Creates dopamine when the immune system)

Many benefits can help when using this vitamin helps out newborn babies to the elderly folk that has shallow immune systems. 

Many of these can should consider the description of life-changing effects like:

  • Anyone who struggles with respiratory infections can be tricky to handle. That can cause harmful lung damage.
  • Reduces the presence of common cold in healthy and unhealthy people that may get sick regularly.
  • It is reducing the time of symptoms in elderly patients that struggle with pneumonia.
  • Older people who suffer from repertory infections struggle with COVID a bit more. 
  • Help prevent the common cold in humans who may be vitamin C deficient.
  • Prevent the incidence of uncommon pneumonia in people who may be vitamin C deficient as well.
  • Studies show the spreading of vitamin C, which drastically decreases during infectious seasons, such as the common cold, which points towards the implementation of the vitamin.

Benefits of an IV Vitamin C Infusion

An IV vitamin C infusion not only offer helpful antioxidants against COVID 19 instead also offer help towards targeting various types of cancer. 

High doses of vitamin C in IV infusions is a beneficial anti-inflammatory for both oral and body implementations. 

Its primary use is for people who suffer from constant infections, various types of cancer, inflammatory diseases become anti-inflammatory, and most importantly, COVID 19. 

Its most recent use is through an intravenous (IV) infusion. Other forms of implementation can be oral. 

High doses of vitamin C can be in this form.

Vitamin C at a low level can still be a powerful antioxidant when implemented in any way. 

Also, high doses of this same substance, when used at a lower level, can be broken down in your body and develop hydrogen peroxide and can even be used to fight cancer and include a useful breakdown of pathogenic cells.

This form of IV infusion has implemented since early 1970. Popularity is slowly growing amongst the population.

Vitamin C Helpful Tips

There are lots of products and supplements that offer practical solutions against numerous viruses and illnesses. 

Including the vitamin C infusion, which is now available at our dental office.

Doctors and scientists have concluded that various foods can provide positive and practical solutions.

Which promotes healthy habits, many already found in your household. 

You can take proper dosages of vitamin C; experts suggest a diet involving one hundred to two hundred milligrams per day cover all of vitamin c requirements for a healthy individual.

 Many of these foods contain sufficient quantities of this vital vitamin, including:

  • Tomatoes: 30 mg (thirty milligrams per tomato offer a portion of vitamin C), which you can mix with other options available on this list.
  • Oranges: 46 mg- 70 mg (forty-six milligrams to seventy milligrams per orange)
  • Strawberries: 50 mg (fifty milligrams per 10 strawberries offer ¼ of the recommended dose of vitamin C) 
  • Kiwis: 64 mg- 85 mg( sixty-four milligrams to eighty-five milligrams per kiwi)
  • Grapefruits: 94 mg ( ninety milligrams per grapefruit)
  • Broccolis: 51 mg ( fifty-one milligrams per broccoli)
  • Orange Juice: 93 mg ( ninety-three milligrams per cup)   

Supplements are or should be in the following candidates whose diets may ultimately be deficient from vitamin C. These include the following:

  • People who have substantial portions of iron found in their blood, vitamin C heads towards the kidneys.
  • Anyone with food allergies that is allergic exclusively to vitamin C or any other vitamin or mineral. Which could then lead to a harmful intake. 
  • Older adults whose diets are deficient in nutritional value. The vitamin C intake can help reduce the risk of any common illness.
  • Significant portions of the population have nowadays restricted themselves to consuming wide varieties of foods rich in vitamins. Supplements can help drastically and promote a healthy yet positive lifestyle.
  • People with a low economic status that afford fruits or vegetables every week would benefit from these supplements.
  • Various individuals with eating disorders have a high risk of suffering from many physical or mental disorders.
  • Infants whose diets only depend on artificial milk should take supplements with high percentages of vitamin C.
  • Individuals with ongoing hemodialysis should promote the use of various supplements to help reduce any complications they may confront.
  • Supplements can vary on disorders, including the GI tract, like ulcerative colitis.

Various vitamin C supplements advise that they may only consist of vitamin C.

Initially made in labs implementing distinctive ways of processing to create synthetic yet efficient portions of this vitamin.


It is cost-efficient, and in these times of uncertainty, there is a positive side note to this, which is preventing the entrance to any virus filled products outside of your household.        

The most expensive variety of supplements that utilize natural ingredients which often use unprocessed food may be through the process of its production. 

The content found in these supplements, as mentioned before, maybe degraded through its production process. 

But, whole food supplements do offer an advantage over synthetic creations that are natural.

These would include diverse factors like:

  • Bioflavonoids (alternative aid to enhance vitamin C have been in use in many modern medicines).

These can potentially aid the utilization and benefit of the absorption of vitamin C that is found within our bodies. 

You can use many supplements that can promote a healthy and safe lifestyle for those that struggle with any type of eating or food disorder.

COVID 19 Adverse Effects and Amazing Facts

There are many variations of whether how infectious COVID 19 (Coronavirus) can be, and short as well as long term effects on a human being. 

Diverse sources have also indicated that it can infect animals just as bad as humans. 

After the first COVID 19 outbreak, things have changed for the worst. It begins developing in the lungs, slowly infecting other areas of the body.

The first trace of this virus was in Wuhan, China. Since then, the virus has left tracks not just in China but globally as well. 

Millions of cases have been in descriptions characterizing it as an unstoppable force that deal with various symptoms that impact the body negatively include:

  • High fever 83%- 99%
  • Drastic chest pain 11% – 35%
  • Coughing blood 25% – 30%
  • Kidney failure 50%
  • Distinct muscle pain 11% – 35%
  • Shortness of breath at any given moment 45%
  • Loss of any smell 40%
  • Lots of fatigue 44% – 70%
  • Drastic eating disorders 40% – 84%
  • Constant confusion 25%
  • High-stress levels 10%

The time of exposure varies depending on how far the virus has spread throughout your body. 

The time between the exposure and symptoms vary but is originally between two to fourteen days.

This process occurs via small drops by talking, coughing, breathing, and or sneezing. Then proceeds to land on any given surface. 

Which then becomes contaminated and may spread when being grasped. 

The most crucial days when a person can become dangerously contagious are within the first three days of being infected. 

This may come to you as a concerning factoid, but it can be simple to deflect any contaminated surfaces. 

Directly proceeding to realize the following safety measures which include:

  • You should continuously wash your hands.
  • Staying a safe distance from others 
  • Covering any cough that may creep up on you
  • Unwashed hands should keep away from your face and others.

For the moment, there is no available vaccine nor a specific treatment that can eliminate the virus COVID 19. 

But diagnosing this virus helps develop specific protocols that allow for a more defined answer.

 Fever is a target as one of the main symptoms presented, showing the arrival of the virus.

 Interesting facts about COVID 19 may come as a surprise to you that include drastic details on how it affects your daily life:

  • You should avoid sex, but is in need of this task. Remember that no one can confirm that it can transmit between genitals but rather while kissing. Consider modifying any sexual activity between you and your partner.
  • If you present any symptoms, a face mask will not maintain you away from the disease. Specialists have said that staying home will allow the ill to access any leftover masks.
  • You cannot catch the virus from your pet. Scientists and investigators have stated that in the case of presenting symptoms avoid hugging or spending too much time with them is necessary. 
  • Climate will not affect the virus in any way. Once warmer weather starts to appear more abroad, the virus will continue until further research. The infection may struggle to advance because of the effects warm weather has over humans. 
  • Medicine that you may have lying around will not end or worsen any symptoms that you may have–utilizing meds that may be in your household. World organizations have debunked any notion of coronavirus spreading because of the use of these meds. 
  • Even if you present a few or any symptoms, you can still be contagious. Tests have shown that the percentage around the globe is 70% to 80%. 
  • Home remedies are not an option to relieve yourself from COVID 19. Some might say that utilizing home remedies are the best way to take care of any illness. But, those quote on quote remedies will not fight the disease itself. Most homemade products or any other combination of drugs or treatments that no one should take should be in a household. It matters if they ingested or applied to your skin. This virus has been advised not to be a joke.
  • Finally, there are theories pointing out where it began. Most have characterized it as a virus that originated in China, which is false. It could have started anywhere. 

Trust Dental Care Offering IV Vitamin C Infusions

We are a dental office located in Tijuana, and we strive to contribute during this health emergency.

We are offering the IV Vitamin C infusion to fight against this virus.

Call us today to learn more about it.

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