How can a Dentist in Tijuana fix your Broken Tooth in one Visit?

How can a Dentist in Tijuana fix your Broken Tooth in one Visit?

Your dentist is the person who can help when you have a dental emergency.

One dental emergency could be a broken tooth.

When you bite hard candy, chew ice or use your teeth as tools, you have huge chances of crack one or more of your teeth.

How can you know when it happens? Well, I once met a person that swallow the little piece of her broken tooth.

Even when she felt that in her mouth there was something that didn’t dissolve.

She thought that this thing that didn’t disappear was a hard piece of candy rough to bite!

But no, it was a small part of one of her teeth.

She was absolutely scared about it because she didn’t notice that the tooth was broken until later that same day.

Fortunately, she could fix it, but the lesson she learned that day about bite hard candy will be always there with her.

Something we all need to know is that even when the tooth enamel is the hardest substance in our body, it can break.

We are not talking about vibranium here, so enamel strength has limits.

If you receive a push right in the face, if you fall, or bite something really hard, especially in one tooth that is already weak or has some decay, you can break, fracture or chip one or more teeth.

But what can we do if we have a chipped or broken tooth? Well, the first thing we need to do is don’t panic.

The first thing you probably are going to do is to look for a dental office who can see you right away!

What to do after you Broke or Fracture a Tooth?

When a tooth is fractured or chipped the best thing to do is to go immediately to your dentist.

When you see a dentist as soon as possible you can prevent even bigger problems with that tooth.

If the fracture reaches the very root of your tooth, you can lose it.

So, the important thing here is not letting time to go away because that little crack on one tooth can find a way to reach the root.

If you have a tooth that is hurting you, you may start taking ibuprofen or some other kind of pain reliever.

You can also try rinsing your mouth with salt water or some other type of home remedies.

But, eventually, your tooth will be still in pain.

Those tricks are going to work while you make some time to hit the dentist’s chair.

But the pain won’t be away on its own.

So, if you break your teeth leaving a sharp edge, you will need to cover it with a piece of sugarless chewing gum or maybe a little piece of wax.

This will work until you can be able to see your dentist.

It is very important for you to know that that tooth will continue giving you problems and nobody but your dentist will help you.

How can a Dentist Fix my Smile?

broken tooth

Well, first of all, you will need to set an appointment to see your dentist in Tijuana to explore some options to repair the damage.

The treatment for a fracture or broken tooth will depend on how damaged it is.

If it is just a little piece of tooth that went off, the reparation will maybe involve some bonding with resin.

It will usually take one visit to fix even if that tooth needs porcelain or resin veneer.

But, if the tooth has severe damage, the dentist will need to explore and maybe take some x-rays to see how far the fracture went on your tooth.

Take into account that if the tooth is severely injured it may require a more lengthy treatment to fix it.

Some Solutions to Fix a Broken Tooth

Dental Bonding:  Let’s say that you just chipped off just a little part of one tooth.

A dentist in Tijuana may repair it with composite resin using a technique called bonding. Which involves the use of a tooth-colored material to match the rest of your teeth.

This treatment doesn’t involve numbing the area where the dentist is going to work on.

Probably this is the simplest solution and it will not take more than one visit to the dental office.

But again, this is in case that just a small of the tooth cracked up.

A Root Canal and a Dental Cap: Well, when a dentist decides to cement a dental cap or crown on your tooth is because probably this tooth received large harm.

Meaning is that if you lost a large part of the tooth compromising the rest of it; the remaining portion is going to require even more extensive work to save it.

When the complete top of one tooth is broken, but the remaining portion (the root) is still uninjured.

The dentist or the specialist (an endodontic) will proceed with a root canal therapy placing a post or a pin in the middle of that tooth.

You probably are following me here because a root canal is that technique almost everyone is afraid of.

I can be honest with you; I also have some fears about going to the dentist, especially if I know that I’m going to need a treatment like an endodontic therapy.

So, in case you may need a root canal, the most common thing to happen next is the cementation of a dental cap or crown as a final touch.

And this is another way a dentist in Tijuana can work on a tooth that is severe damage.

To achieve all this process, a dentist will take X-rays from your teeth to see underneath!

So don’t worry because it is normal since the dentist needs to see the surrounding bone.

Plus, he or she will need to make sure that there is enough space to place your crown and there is not going to be further problems.

Porcelain Veneers: Your dentist will probably fix a broken tooth with porcelain veneers if he or she believes that it is the proper way to proceed.

Meaning is that if you broke one or more teeth at the front, the best way to repair the damage will be placing veneers.

These little porcelain shells are going to help you with the appearance of your teeth.

Why? Because you can achieve a natural look since these small pieces of porcelain will blend with the rest of your teeth so nobody is going to notice the difference.

Except that people are going to notice that you have an awesome smile!

So, if you broke or fracture one tooth or even more, now is the time to hit the dentist chair!

Remember that prevention is the key to reach better oral health preventing future dental problems helping you up to save money too!

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