We practice preventive dentistry as part of our holistic, multi-specialty dental clinic. We set the standard for world-class dental care in Latin America. Our patients learn that preventive dentistry can keep them from developing dental problems later. The main dental problems most patients experience, including gingivitis, periodontitis, decay, cavities, loss of enamel or loss of teeth, can all be avoided through a careful program of dental maintenance and prevention.

As part of our dentistry program, we also take part in preventive dentistry as another form of approach to better our work rate and popularity amongst our patients. At Trust Dental Care, we also worry about taking care of the process previous to the actual doctor’s appointment. But to let you follow up on what we are doing in this department of holistic dentistry, we must explain what this is. Being active in holistic dentistry and taking it seriously, is one of the reasons why Trust Dental Care is among the top dental clinics in Latin America and the best in Tijuana, Mexico.

Full Encompass Dentistry

This is an alternative approach to the craft which is convinced that Dental Health is directly related to your overall body and mental health. This usually focuses on using biocompatible non-toxic materials that have the capacity of restoring themselves, they eliminate any kind of infection and promote an optimal denture. There is absolutely no Dentist that can perform it all, that’s why our Trust Dental Care clinic has a wide variety of Dental Care professionals who have vast knowledge in overall health that promotes integrated, complementary care and school all patients in the various activities they can engage with the goal of improving their Dental Health.

But the actual focus in Holistic Dentistry is to acknowledge areas where oral disease is more prevalent and can be avoided, structural dysfunction that could impact health and well-being of any patient in a negative way. One of the main rules of Holistic Dentistry is the use of the least traumatic and least invasive means of treatment and diagnosis. It may be looked at as a new age approach, but there has been constant proof that Holistic Dentistry care is directly related with the body’s natural self-preservation ability that includes self-healing and regeneration.

Holistic Dentistry also explains what all Holistic Dentists have in common. They have all come out from a Post Graduate (Doctoral) Program for Dentistry and they are all certified with DDS credentials or DMD. After that, things get a little more tricky, because all of the Dental Professionals that graduated from Dental School and decided to go on the Holistic route, came to the conclusion  that the impact of all dental therapies can in fact, be seen throughout the body. They all believe that the mouth isn’t disconnected from the rest of the patient’s body, they are confident that anything done with the mouth tends to have either a negative or positive effect on the overall health of each patient.

The standards for Holistic Dentistry have been created relatively late in the world of conventional Dentistry, back in 1978 many concerned professional Dentists came together to create a community where they shared their common interest in the subject and came up with many treatment modalities that aren’t usually included in any Dental School Curriculum. Many of these modalities were brand new and many others were quite old, they did have additional options of treatment in the options for all patients. All of these Dentists didn’t feel backed by the conventional Dentistry community and thus decided to create an organization that could grant them a forum for discussion and constant development in both innovation and education.

Since this was such an ethereal matter for any normal Dentist, the shift from the dentist’s focus only on dental procedures to a thorough consideration of the many different attitudes and feelings of the patient and the dentist has occurred. The place created is called the Holistic Dental Association, it has been active since we mentioned and hasn’t changed its ultimate goal since it was created. As time goes by, more and more professionals feel inclined to start believing in Holistic Dentistry and even mainstream Dental Practices have adopted many methods that include Holistic approaches to improve their experience with patients. Evolution is a part of everything, Holistic Dentistry is regarded as the next step in Dentistry because of all the implications it has related with the human psyche and its connection with the body.

As there is no school for Holistic Dentistry in the world yet, this Association is as close as Holistic Dentistry has gotten to an actual place for education on the subject. But no school means there are no basic standards for Holistic Dentistry, this gives every Dentist a vastly different approach compared to other Holistic Dentists in the world. The basic education of some of them is usually based on mercury toxicity, orthopedic orthodontics, nutrition and preventive programs. Choosing a Holistic Dentist that is suited for your needs, depends directly on the particular education they had and what their ideas and beliefs consist in.

It is for all these reasons as more that patients from US and Canada travel to Mexico to visit Trust Dental Care. Our treatments are not restricted to your presenting problems, we care about your general health; we care about your smile!

Take a look at the different set of beliefs that a Holistic Dentist may have:


  • They don’t believe in using Amalgam / Mercury Fillings.
  • They know and practice proper Mercury Removal.
  • They have heavy consideration of heavy metal issues ( Electrical / Toxic).
  • They have a Multi-disciplinary (Integrated) Healthcare.
  • Knowledge of Nutritional / Preventative Therapies.
  • Knowledge of Orthopedic Orthodontics / TMJ Therapy.
  • Cavitations.
  • They know about Treatment / Diagnosis of Restricted Breathing.


In its various iterations, Holistic Dentistry can also be known as alternative dentistry, biologic dentistry, integrative dentistry, biocompatible dentistry or unconventional dentistry. As we mentioned before, there really is no standard for practicing Holistic Dentistry. However, most Holistic Dentists tend to give usage of a vast variety of healing practices and traditions they manage to combine with traditional dentistry in perfect synchronicity. Let’s use an example, if you are in dire need of a cavity filling, the Holistic Dentist won’t believe that filling the cavity is enough and then send you back home. Instead of only doing that, he will educate you in terms of the lifestyle you should live in order to avoid future cavity, this includes a class in having a healthy diet and home care important for your dental hygiene. He will also make a thorough research on biocompatibility of the material he used to fill your cavity.


With our holistic dentistry practices, we offer professional consultation to patients regarding:

  • The importance of a proper, balanced diet, the role it plays in keeping the gums and teeth healthy and in maintaining ideal pH to prevent conditions where harmful bacteria are free to attack the teeth.
  • The many disadvantages of indulging in unhealthy, frequent snacking, excessive smoking, alcohol consumption and habits such as tobacco and betel/areca nut chewing.
  • Carcinogenic agents, as well as a few unhealthy sexual practices that can lead to the development of oral cancers.
  • Importance and steps of maintaining ideal oral hygiene, including correct brushing and flossing techniques.
  • Preventive dental procedures including diagnostic tests and fillings to protect teeth from decay.
  • Non-invasive techniques of correcting various dental problems.

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