The Importance Of Using Hawley Retainers After Braces

Hawley retainer

What Is A Hawley Retainer?

Everyone wants to have an impeccable smile. And while brushing and flossing does work, maintaining an ideal smile can be difficult. But with the help of a Hawley retainer, you can keep your teeth straight and in place. There won’t be any need to wish for your teeth to maintain their straight position during or after wearing braces.

Hawley retainers go in the upper or lower sides of your mouth right in between your teeth and are not visible if worn correctly. They cause very little interference in your mouth. Still, they may take a bit of time for the patient to feel comfortable, many people pronounce words differently when wearing this device, but all in all, it doesn’t generate any discomfort.

The implementation of a Hawley retainer, in most cases, is at the end of any orthodontic treatment; in some cases, a patient may use a Hawley retainer about halfway through their procedure to prevent their teeth from adopting their original position.

A Hawley Retainer is a critical player in straightening and stabilizing your mouth. This portion, also known as the recovery and maintenance portion, is when the patient’s teeth finally achieve a straight appearance on their teeth permanently.

Maintaining your signature smile will now be up to you.

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Tips On How To Care For Your Retainer: How To Clean Hawley Retainers

How To Clean Hawley Retainers

The patient should clean the retainer-like mold just as they would clean their natural teeth. A few important things to note is that this appliance tends to be fragile and sometimes expensive to replace. Taking care of it, it’s a commitment the person using it should take seriously. If a kid is going to use it, teach them how to keep it safe and not lose it, it could be a little more difficult for them to take the responsibility, so have a good talk with them about their retainer’s care.

By following these steps, you will be able to prevent any bacteria from accumulating over the retainer and slow its deterioration:

  • After having the Hawley retainer set up on either side of your mouth, you must remove it before eating. Because, while you eat, food tends to get stuck in between your teeth.
  • Remember to clean your retainer after removing it and before placing it back in. Dentists do not recommend washing your retainer with toothpaste, as this can damage or scratch its surface.
  • It would be best if you try cleaning it with warm water and a small amount of regular dish soap by scrubbing it with your toothbrush a few times a week. Gently brush your retainer to avoid breaking it.
  • When you are not using your Hawley retainer, store it somewhere nice and dry, most dental clinics provide a small container in which you can place it.
  • Do not brush your teeth while using the retainer, as it can be at risk of breaking.

These types of retainers can function in people of multiple ages; either kids or adults can wear them. In most cases, the patient will only wear a Hawley retainer after using braces for a period of time to make sure their teeth stay in place. However, the amount of time a person must use a retainer varies from patient to patient.

Maintaining a functional and bright smile is very easy as long as you brush and floss every day.

What Are The Types of Hawley Retainers?

The following are the types of Hawley retainers you can find and that have different functions yet will provide an almost identical result:

  • Stationary Hawley retainer: These retainers are removable and do not change their adjustment as they provide a stationary mold for your teeth. It will allow your teeth to stay in place as all of the teeth have a particular memory of their own. They tend to move back even after wearing braces. That is why a retainer is so important to wear after any orthodontic treatment.
  • Adjustable Hawley retainer: An adjustable Hawley retainer has a small compartment between the retainer’s two sides. The patient can adjust the compartment with a small metal bar that will fit into a small hole in the retainer that will either move forward or backward, depending on how tight you want your retainer. Having it too loose will not allow it to function correctly, and having it on too tight can harm your mouth, and you’ll most likely struggle with toothaches.

If you do not use the Hawley retainer adequately, your dental surgeon will have to use other methods or techniques to treat your teeth. The guidance provided by your dentist will allow your orthodontic treatment to keep its new form and will guarantee you have a bright smile for a lifetime.

What Are Some Advantages of Hawley Retainers?

  • These retainers can be adjustable and removable. This means they are more customizable, and it allows a more comfortable fit for the patient. Plus, you can choose the color you want, which will give you a preferred aesthetic.
  • They last longer. It has excellent durability, and it can even be repaired, not like other retainers that must be replaced right away.

What Are Some Disadvantages of Hawley Retainers?

  • They are quite visible. Unlike clear retainers, these run across the teeth, so if you are looking for a more discrete option, this type might not be for you.
  • In some cases, the top part of the retainer can sit in an uncomfortable position, which will make it hard for you to speak correctly.

The ultimate opinion you should have in mind is your dentist’s. They will make sure to give you the best option to maintain your beautiful smile straight and in place. Of course, no matter what retainer you use, always have in mind the instructions to wear them correctly and the hygiene methods to make your retainer last as long as you need it.

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