energy drinks harm your teeth

Energy Drinks: Are these Beverages Killing my Teeth?

I not going to lie, I love energy drinks too.

But I know that that kind of beverage can hurt my health and also my teeth.

The danger that energy drinks represent is sometimes ignored by a lot of people these days.

So, this is no news for us since the press, and social media brought this topic up a couple of years ago.

We have easy access to these energy drinks, products that are available almost everywhere.

While a lot of these beverages don’t contain too much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee, they have a lot of sugar.

So, since they are super sugary, these drinks are easy to drink which is more attractive to the younger adults.

Actually, there are some reports that incidents among these young adults beginning at the age of 18 are increasing.

Some side effects of mixing these beverages with alcohol or drinking a lot of energy drinks at the time can bring dangerous results.

Health Risks from Drinking Energy Beverages

energy drinks

Everyone is different and sometimes one person can react one way, and others may have not reactions at all.

One risks that these drinks represent can cause cardiac arrest. Because caffeine can act differently in each person, take into account that large amounts of this component may be lethal.

You need to put a limit on it and on how often you drink them.

If you have a heart condition, you will need to consult with your doctor before trying to drinks a lot of these.

Caffeine is not for everybody which means that you need to watch your intake of coffee and also of energy drinks.

What can do this both to your teeth? Easy, coffee can stain your teeth severely if you don’t watch the intake of this beverage.

Energy beverages can contain a lot of sugar, which means that it can cause tooth decay and cavities.

So, the risks for your heart are established, and the only thing to do next is to be sure that your heart is in great shape.

Some studies show that if you have a heart condition and you don’t know it, drinking energy drinks can cause more forceful contractions in this vital organ.

Can Energy Drinks cause me Migraines and Headaches?

Well, this is a tricky question since all we know that energy drinks may contain a lot of components.

Your daily ingests of caffeine may lead to severe headaches or migraines.

When you drink a lot of products to have energy supposedly can cause you some health problems.

Probably you don’t see all these problems at first, but as time goes by the will appear.

So, watching your health is the main thing to do after reading all this.

When we are young, we tend to think that our health is going to last forever. And we don’t think a lot of the changes that our body is suffering.

So, before you drink a lot of these drinks make sure that you are able to have one.

Some people can see an increase in their levels of anxiety.

This can’t be good for your health either, because you are alert all the time. So when you are consuming super caffeine drinks like the energy ones, you can start feeling anxious.

Thus, more massive doses of these kinds of products can actually cause you panic attacks.

But this doesn’t mean that everyone can react like this. I insist on the differences between each person and the way they respond to these stimulants.

So, when people are anxious can stress out too, and all this can lead to headaches.

We can define a headache as a pain that goes from upper neck of our body to our head.

But it can hurt in different areas of it, and a lot of factors may cause it.

That means that not all headaches are the same, but drinking a lot of energy drinks can cause you one.

Can Insomnia and Stress cause Damage to my Teeth?

There is not a clear answer to what causes bruxism. But, some studies reveal that stress and insomnia are the most significant elements to take into account when we are predicting or treating bruxism.

Dentist reaches these conclusions because of the stressors daily situations we go through every day.

When we don’t have enough sleep, troubles to concentrate at work or school may appear.

At this point, a lot of people may opt for having energy drinks to gain power or keep their eyes open.

However, this can turn out in the other way around.

These energy drinks may keep us up to late at night leading to insomnia when we supposed to be sleeping already.

Also, if we don’t sleep well, stress can hit out, and all this can lead to more significant problems.

That is why the recommendation will be the same: you must watch the intake of energy beverages.

Plus, if you have bruxism or you think you may have it, visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Bruxism can kill your teeth periodically due to tooth grinding.

And even if bruxism and stress don’t have a direct correlation have all this in mind.

Insomnia can also cause serious driving performances and missing good hours of sleep can also damage your entire body in so many levels.

Thus, energy drinks do an amazing job keeping you up too late at night, so don’t abuse it.

Can Energy Drinks Increase my Blood Pressure Levels?


Well, we reach an interesting point right here. See your doctor to know more about this topic, but definitely, that caffeine beverages can increase your blood pressure.

Also, these products can cause an addiction to the caffeine which can also hurt your bank account.

Many people can feel the financial stress due to the need of buying a lot of these drinks daily.

But, the fact is that those that enjoy great health and healthy blood pressure can be at risk too.

Heart problems, hypertension, and other health problems may occur abruptly even if you have good health.

A lot of studies are now proving that drinking them can elevate your blood pressure.

Some patients drank a lot already that their bodies are adapting at some point that now is not effective at all.

At this point, energy drinks can cause nothing but big health issues only.

Alternatives to Avoid Energy Drinks

Well, you can reduce the intake of energy drinks to keep your teeth and body healthy.

But, you can have one once and a while if your health permits it.

Now, regardless all the risks they may be while drinking it, take a right decision.

Allergic reactions can also happen leading to vomiting or other types of issues. Reactions can involve severe erosion of teeth and dehydration.

We must take care of the health of our body but also of our teeth.

Too much sugar can damage our teeth permanently causing erosion and decay.

This can cost us time and money with the dentist. Drinking a lot of water and avoiding a lot of coffee or energy drinks can help prevent dental problems as well.

If you have doubts about your teeth health and how you can improve it, solve them by calling us.

We are here to help you up with your dental issues.

Believe it or not, a lot of patients let the time pass by causing that their problems get bigger and bigger.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth and also flossing them.

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