The Effects of Energy Drinks on Teeth

Do energy drinks rot your teeth? Drinking an energy drink is intended to improve overall performance in everyday activities.

However, is the same drink the thing that’s negatively affecting your teeth? Many patients have come to us with the question, do energy drinks rot your teeth, the answer is yes, as we explain below. Maintaining healthy teeth can add up to an extra five years to your lifespan.

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In contrast, energy drinks are viewed as a threat to the health of your teeth. These drinks can help influence cavities and decay.

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The Opinion Of Experts About Energy Drinks

Drinking energy beverages takes away from the enamel. This is a layer that protects the teeth. Without the enamel, the teeth are easier to succumb to damage.

It takes as little as five days of drinking these beverages to notice that the enamel on your teeth is beginning to become affected by these drinks, which was showed by a study performed by the Journal of General Dentistry.

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This drinking simulation was imitated by the Southern Illinois School of Dentistry to come to this conclusion. The tooth enamel was soaked in the sports drink for fifteen minutes daily. The tooth enamel was extracted from molars.

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It was then soaked in Petri dishes of man made saliva for two hours. This was repeated four times a day over a five day period. On the fifth day, there was enamel damage.

The Science Behind It

Drinking these beverages increases acidity levels that are on your teeth. Consuming energy drinks is like bathing your teeth in acid. Drinking simulations, however, have a number of factors that can affect its conclusiveness as it relates to people.

People do not hold liquid in their mouths for fifteen minutes at a time. The man made saliva did not have the same qualities as actual saliva, as it did not neutralize the acid from drinks. The experiment could not factor in aspects affecting teeth erosion i.e. hygiene, genetics or eating habits.

Reducing your consumption of energy drinks will help to lessen erosion. Drink water after drinking energy beverages. Water increases saliva and the ability to neutralize the acid. In addition, you should wait a least an hour after drinking energy drinks before brushing your teeth.

This is so that the acid will not be spread over the teeth, which can cause more enamel erosion. Caring for your teeth is important. Over 66 percent of the people drinking energy beverages are teenagers. More and more teenagers are visiting the dentist complaining about sensitivity and cavities.

If you feel discomfort or already have cavities, schedule an appointment with us at (844) 848 7878 and start the road to a better oral health.

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