Do you know how to whiten your teeth naturally?

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Do you know how to whiten your teeth naturally?

You are probably going through a situation that, both you and many of us, give us an uncomfortable feeling as to how we look, and more when it comes to engaging in a conversation with someone else, because by communicating with either coworker in the hallway or cubicle, going out with friends for a coffee or simply having to interact with someone there will be something that will make us feel a little insecure.

Has it happened to you that it gives you a little bit of insecurity when you talk and what’s more common, smiling, with someone and showing your teeth a little yellow?

If the answer is yes, something you’re here.

And it’s not something you have to worry about or be completely ashamed of, but to prevent this from happening there are certain habits that you have to change in your life.

Some of the most common causes of why teeth become yellow have a lot to do with the lifestyle we carry as oral hygiene and food.

One of our main tasks at Trust Dental Care is for all of our patients to come out safely when showing their smile again, but the most important thing is that they are well with themselves.

We also know that currently, we all lead a very busy life, work, school, etc. then, it is usually a bit complicated to get an appointment for a teeth whitening if we have a social emergency and want to show perfect teeth.

That’s why today we’ll tell you a little bit about how you can whiten your teeth in a more home-made and natural way, so there’s nothing to worry about if one tries to try a procedure to improve the appearance of our teeth, as it won’t affect anything harmful as long as the steps are followed.

But we’re not saying that with this you will remove yellow from your teeth, it can just be a last-minute SOS situation auxiliary.

So how can I whiten my teeth from home?

Following these steps and materials that we easily find in our cupboard or nearby supermarket you will be one step away from having security by smiling again:

•    Strawberry

Because of the acid contained in strawberries (malic acid), they help our teeth whiten a lot. They remove stains caused by coffee, red wine, tea and other foods that contain condiments or acids that affect tooth enamel.

The idea is to make some kind of toothpaste with it, just follow these steps:

– You’ll need to grind 1 or 2 strawberries.

– Add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate

– Little water

Once you have these 3 items ready, mix them until you get the pasty consistency we need.

With a child’s toothbrush, as these are gentler and clean better between our teeth, you will rub some of this mixture on your teeth between 5 to 7 minutes.

Once this time passes, rinse with water and then we recommend that you floss to remove the seeds from the strawberries that have remained there and made us uncomfortable during the day.

But maybe I eat everything. The abuse of this procedure can be a little counterproductive because the acid that strawberries have can bite our teeth, and if it is the worst case, it will make them sensitive to being stained and so… we are looking for solutions to avoid this, aren’t we?

• Baking Soda

He may be the best known to resort to processes that help us with our teeth, so it’s no big deal to mention him on this list. For this, we will need the help of food that will help us with its acid by mixing it with the bicarbonate: natural lemon juice.

We’ll mix a ¼ cup of sodium bicarbonate with half-lemon juice. Once we start mixing, we must get a paste formed, which we will proceed to apply with a toothbrush.

Once we brush for 2 to 3 minutes, we leave the mixture in our teeth for about a minute.

As we mentioned, the lemon contains acids, which we should consider not leaving the paste more than a minute in our teeth, as it can damage and make our teeth sensitive.

Now to finish, rinse and ready.

It is recommended to do this procedure once a week.

• Coconut Oil

Wonders have been heard that can be done thanks to coconut oil, and many, besides for cooking, are for somewhat aesthetic care, as to moisturize our hair, dry our skin, remove make-up or care of the cuticles of the nails.

But it also has a purpose that will help our teeth look bright and say good-bye to those annoying spots.

The acids contained in coconut oil are dissolved in the enzymes that whiten our teeth when it comes into contact with saliva. As a result, this combination produces a molecule that adheres to the stains on the teeth.

This is a free oxidation solution, which creates a chemical stain remover reaction while brushing our teeth.

How can you do that? Simple.

You will need to heat coconut oil in a cup (as much as possible, we suggest it is enough for you to have it later in a small container).

The mixture must obtain a 100% liquid consistency. Once obtained, add two teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate, and 5 to 10 peppermint drops.

You’re going to mix all of the above very well. You let it cool until it gets a pasty texture. You apply it to a toothbrush and start brushing your teeth with it.

Remember that after engages and ready.

• Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleach that also kills all kinds of bacteria found in our mouth, and as a #CuriousFact, for many years, people have resorted to this aid to remove bacteria in wounds they have had.

There is still no confirmed study whether brushing or rinsing our teeth with hydrogen peroxide alone causes discomfort or a negative effect.

Some studies have shown many dental pastes contain a high percentage of peroxide within their ingredients.

Ideally, mix a little peroxide with sodium bicarbonate, as a particular study showed that a toothpaste contained sodium bicarbonate and peroxide, which left very white teeth in the test.

You can try a little peroxide and bicarbonate, perform the procedure carefully and see the results, but we warn you that excessive use of these can irritate the gums and sensitivity to our teeth.

You can use a small dose of peroxide mixed with bicarbonate and your usual toothpaste.:

– 3 to 5 drops peroxide

– 2 teaspoons sodium bicarbonate

– Your usual toothpaste

We mix everything up and then brush our teeth, and that’s it!

Remember that it is not recommended to use this kind of toothpaste daily since the ingredients it contains are abrasive and can damage our teeth.

You can use it from 3 to 5 days and then allow a lapse of about 4 to 6 months to use it again.

• Apple Cider Vinegar

We can also use apple vinegar, being one of the dental whiteners that are considered very good by the fact that it is, in a certain way, natural bleach, but also by balancing the pH.

The acetic acid is the main ingredient found in apple cider vinegar, which kills the bacteria almost immediately.

The best way to achieve this is to prepare a small paste of apple cider vinegar:

In one cup we add apple vinegar and mix it with water. The idea is to gargle with this one, ideally, the amount we use of apple vinegar dilute it into the triple amount of water.

Another alternative is to use it with our toothpaste. It follows the same procedure as above, blend vinegar and water and finally with our toothpaste teeth, and then brush your teeth as always.

Yes, take note. It is not recommended to use it every day, as excessive use of it can erode our teeth.

• Pineapple

It might be amazing since it’s a little weird to hear that pineapples help us, right?

A study found that a toothpaste containing bromelain, which is an enzyme that is found in all the pineapple, it turned out to be a more highly effective and, therefore, providing positive results in the removal of stains on the teeth.

But we should mention that there is still no evidence that consuming pineapple will have the same effect, but probably if we recreate the process for strawberries or banana husks (using their husks as whitening strips directly into their teeth), it may work.

Or, do you think?

Well, you already have an idea what you can use when you come up with an unexpected and you want to or you need to look with an enviable smile.

Similarly, if you have children, these procedures to be the majority of very practical you can use to teach them a little about the care of the teeth, of why you resort to these techniques, and what causes our teeth to become yellow.

Also, keep in mind that these alternatives are not a complete alternative and do not attend your dentist.

At Trust Dental Care, we have Whitening treatment were with the best technology and our experts will make you smile again with beautiful and perfectly white teeth.

Don’t forget to call us or send a message to ask about our whitening services.

What did you think of these alternatives? Do you know another method that has served you? Share your opinion below!

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