Dental Tourism in Tijuana: What Canadians Should Know About It

Dental Tourism in Tijuana: What Canadians Should Know About It

Finding a great dentist in Mexico is easy for a lot of people that are coming from different countries to this land to receive one of the best dental services.

Tijuana is a city located on the south border of the United States. This city is becoming an excellent choice for thousands of tourists, especially Americans and Canadians.

They are looking for affordable prices and remarkable results.

Dentistry in Canada can be quite expensive for a lot of Canadian patients. That is why they are looking for reasonable prices outside their country.

They are changing icy winters for sunny beaches and warm weather in Mexico to also have great vacations while visiting.

But, what Canadians should know about coming to this country? Joy me here today, and learn some tips about dentistry in Mexico.

There is nothing bad about coming to have a dental procedure with a dentist in Mexico.

Myths about Mexican Dentistry


Hearing bad things about cities like Tijuana, Mexico is not something new at all.

Many people are aware of what kind of bad things happen in Tijuana. But bad things are happening around the world every day.

Thousands of patients are still coming to this city because they know that as tourists they are going to be safe in Tijuana.

Plus, a lot of dental offices in this city provide free shuttle services that can take them from the San Diego airport to the dental office facilities.

Hundreds of tourists also park their cars in a parking lot in San Diego.

And they cross the border into Tijuana so the shuttle service can pick them up at the pedestrian border crossing bridge.

Given its proximity to the United States border, Tijuana has become one of the best destinations for dental tourism in Mexico.

Tijuana is offering world-class dental working conditions, especially in dental offices like Trust Dental Care.

You can count on a dentist in Mexico will have the right professional qualifications.

State in the art dental technology is part of the Mexican dental equipment.

Dentists in Tijuana have awesome approaches and give great results.

Results as you would get them in countries like Canada or the United States but saving up to 75% of the total amount.

Dental Holidays in Tijuana: Finding a Great Dentist in Mexico


Trust Dental Care receive patients from Canada every week.

They are coming from Ontario, Alberta, and also Quebec looking for dental treatments that most of the times they can’t afford back in Canada.

A lot of Canadian patients that travel to Tijuana also want to have their vacations.

They want some rest while visiting the Mexican state of Baja California, where Tijuana is located.

They call it having dental holidays, and they are searching for the best restaurants, where to find cute souvenirs and also places with nice landscapes views.

In the gastronomic scene, Tijuana has a lot to offer to patients that are looking for vacations while visiting the city for dental treatments.

They can find a full guide in the dental office where they are having their dental work or searching on the internet for best places around.

Something that Canadians should know about coming to find a good dentist in Mexico, is that they can have great vacations in Tijuana, and the rest of the state of Baja California.

A lot of people is coming just to have vacations, and while they are in the city, they decide to have some dental work done here before they go back home.

Local residents know about tourists, and they are willing to guide them into this big city.

You can find a lot of help because, despite the bad comments about Tijuana, is a place full of joy, color, hope, and kind people.

A Full Guide to Find the Right Place

dentist in mexico

Looking for the right dentist in Mexico and the perfect place to have dental procedures sometimes is not as easy as you might think.

Patients sometimes spend several weeks looking for the perfect Mexican city.

And then for the perfect dental office in that city, they choose to start with the arrangements of their visit.

Thanks to the internet hundreds of patients are finding the best place for them to start with the improvement of their smile.

They may receive same day crowns, porcelain veneers, and even dental implants.

The performance of these extensive dental treatments on the same day of their appointments can help them to save time, even weeks.

So, the bottom line here is that online is many stories from other people that already have been in the city having dental treatments.

These people are offering an honest opinion of what they found just to give you useful pieces of advice.

Complete guides are now online to help you in your trip to this fantastic city.

I know that coming from countries like Canada can be a real challenge for you, but we are here to help you find what you need.

Before your trip, you can read useful information to guide through.

The information about several concerns you may have could be online right now.

You can also give a call to the dental office you want to know more about and clear any of your doubts.

Canadian and also American patients want to know more about any risk when they are requesting dental treatment abroad.

They want to clear doubts, especially if they are going to travel thousands of miles across the United States.

Remember that we have medical passes, a document to avoid border crossing nightmare when you coming back to the United States to take your flight home.

Meet our Fly-in Program


At Trust Dental Care we have a useful service for you, our Fly-in Program.

Probably you are still hesitating about coming from Canada because you don’t know how to move in this big city.

Hesitate no more, we are here for you and your family to provide the service you need.

Canadian patients know that they can find a great dentist in Mexico, just like American patients do.

But sometimes they don’t know how to do it, so they go down to the internet to find help.

With our Fly-in Program, patients have tons of benefits that will aid to accomplish their approach.

With our free shuttle service, you can avoid getting lost in this huge city, and you will feel safer this way.

Saving on dental treatments in Mexico never was so easy than these days.

The only thing you need to do is ask about it. We can offer you a lot of advantages.

You need to be selective when you look for a dentist in Mexico, or anywhere else to find the right office.

So, the only thing you can do is search for information before you book at some dental office in Tijuana.

But one thing is sure, Tijuana has better prices than Canadian dentistry.

Despite all the bad comments that a lot of people write so many articles. You will realize that if Americans, Germans, and even Japanese are coming to Tijuana.

They all are coming to have dental treatments if for a lot of great reasons.

One of these good reasons is that people need dental procedures that they can’t afford in their hometowns.

It is incredible due to the idea that the rest of the world have about Mexico.

But regardless every bad comment, we stand for quality dental services, and we step forward every single day in order to offer just the best.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Tijuana, the Smile of your Dreams

Man smile

Canadians are looking for cosmetic dental treatments such as porcelain veneers and dental implants.

Cosmetic dental procedures in Tijuana have affordable prices.

And you can wait for results as you would get them in a good private dental office back in Canada.

Dental implants and full mouth restorations in Tijuana are probably the most popular procedures.

Dentists in Mexico are using only body-friendly materials, and the world recognizes brands like Sirona and CEREC.

Dental offices in Tijuana like Trust Dental Care can perform dental implants on the same day of your consultation.

You won’t be the first Canadian that come to Tijuana to have dental work here.

The things that you should know as a Canadian or American it that for a fact, Tijuana has better prices for the same high-level quality.

Hollywood smiles are possible in Mexico thanks to cosmetic dentistry and high-level services.

We all know that cosmetic dental treatments in Canada and the United States are quite expensive.

That is why we invite you to know our prices in any dental procedure you wish.

If you still have questions about coming to Tijuana, you can give us a call to clear any of your doubts.

We have English speaking staff that will help you through, remember that you can trust us as your dental office in Tijuana.

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