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These Are The Most Innovative Dental Trends In 2020

dental trends

Most Popular New Trends In Dentistry

Nowadays, every topic or event can become a trending sensation with a click of a button, and in dentistry, that is no exception when it comes to dental trends.

With the newest technological advancements in dentistry, your dental routines will change for the better. These offer plenty of alternatives that could ultimately replace traditional methods. This phenomenon is also known as digital dentistry.

Digital technology has been implemented through diverse dental technologies. One example is 3D scanning, which is helpful to obtain faster and more precise results.

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Of all the medical fields, people may not view dentistry as the most popular. For some, the dentist is one of their least favorite places to visit. But these dental trends and new techniques will also be functional to allow the patient to feel safer and even more comfortable than ever before.

We all deserve a brighter future throughout these uncertain times, and why not start by achieving a brighter smile you’ve always dreamt of having.

What Dental Trends Are Just Coming Out Right Now?

dental trends

With the help of electronic devices, daily tasks are being executed more efficiently and effectively. From patients that require teeth whitenings to dental implants, dentists know they must evolve and adapt continuously to provide more advanced dental care.

The following are some of the most innovative and popular dentistry trends that have come out and are being implemented in clinics worldwide.

1. Digital impression

These are dental images that are now a requirement as they allow dental surgeons to perform any task and accurately diagnose a patient’s needs. Examining a patient’s oral state or condition is now easier thanks to digital impressions that capture a detailed replica of the patient’s mouth in the first visit.

2. Patient’s convenience

We all like using our time wisely to execute daily tasks and save more money. That is why dental clinics opt for a more patient-friendly environment where the patients and dental surgeons share their thoughts and opinions about certain aspects of their following appointments and check-ups.

Thanks to household devices, patients can now book appointments all from the comfort of their homes and ask for any other additional services or amenities like shuttle service or dental tourism. The days of having to spend hours in a dental clinic scheduling appointments are long gone.

3. Emotional dentistry

Dental trends have emphasized patient convenience when discussing oral health. Opening the doors for other aspects of dental care, such as emotional dentistry. This allows various approaches and techniques focusing on the mental part of having to undergo more complicated dental operations that were not viewed before as a requirement.

Technological advancements in dentistry allow patients to view the results of their operations even before a single procedure occurs, emphasizing the emotional aspect of visiting a dentist thanks to digital imaging created to envision what they will look like before, during, and after. This provides the patient with much-needed confidence, a breath of fresh air, and answers any questions or concerns they may have when visiting the dentist. They will then verbally share their commitment with their dentist as they have seen the results with their own eyes. This way, they can mentalize and know what to expect from the procedure.

4. Laser technology and dentistry

This oral focused based implementation has a long history of usage, dating back to numerous decades. This laser-based tech has set the entire dentistry field on its head thanks to its precision and effectiveness rather than traditional tools that cause painful dental sessions.

Dental trends like laser technology have now been successfully implemented in: implantology, endodontics, periodontics, maxillofacial surgery, and general dentistry. It allows your dentist to perform and prevent any discomfort during dental procedures effortlessly. The best part of all is that it reduces recovery time by less than half the estimated time.

5. Natural based products

For those who promote healthy dental practices as well as natural ones, the solution has arrived. Nowadays, the dental care market offers numerous products such as toothbrushes made out of bamboo, toothpaste formulas that use all-natural ingredients, and etcetera that are great for your dental routine and the environment.

6. Social media

Social media is an emerging dental trend, but it causes a rather large impact. The dental industry has come to realize that digital platforms are a great way to expand and reach its target audience. But in some cases fails to reach every individual as other dental facilities may be trying the same method; that is why it is optimal to show the type of dental work you have provided to satisfied patients.

7. Dental group practices

Another emerging dental trend is dental group practitioners. This allows up and comer dentists who wish to develop their approaches to combine their techniques with other dentists. This option allows for a more friendly, efficient, and real-time saver alternative for the more traditional methods.

In dentistry, expect helpful progress, emerging trends will undoubtedly replace traditional ones, and the cycle will continue, helping us out daily. The patients’ experience is key to improving dentistry, whether from the simplest of tasks like teeth whitening to dental implants or bone grafting procedures.

We aren’t sure of what the future of dental trends holds, so there is no way of knowing, but it’ll certainly be an interesting one.

The Three Dental Trends That Are Changing the Dental Industry Forever

The demand for dental industry implementations has skyrocketed; this is why dental experts have successfully utilized futuristic gadgets and applications to further their knowledge and years of experience to cope with the growing demand for dental care services.

3D printing

3d printing dental trends

Imagine visualizing something in your mind, and turn it into reality; it sounds impossible, but what if a machine could print a house from the ground up or print a prosthetic arm for someone involved in an accident? This is what 3D printing does; it may just be the most innovative future trend in the dental field.

This device reduces the amount of time required to create aligners, crowns, braces, and dental dentures that were not possible a decade ago. 3D printing offers numerous benefits regarding time; in minutes, a 3D printer can develop various dental products. This type of technology will only grow in popularity and efficiency in the near future. Dental surgeons and patients alike are optimistic about this new approach towards dentistry.

AI dentistry

AI dental trends

AI takes dentistry to an entirely new level, as if having your very own personal assistant in your pocket wasn’t enough. Imagine if you could also be assisted by artificial intelligence. It is still being developed to fulfill a dental assistant’s position as it cannot fully replace an experienced dental specialist. But it can still be implemented in numerous ways as it has been viewed as quite the powerhouse in diverse industries. AI has been inserted into utilizing patients’ data stored in digital files that handle a patient’s treatment history more efficiently.

Automated technology and software

Automated technology has been helping dentists in clinics everywhere. Automated technology handles the dentist’s social media posts and other marketing content forms to reduce the work and mainly focuses on the job’s more technical side. This will undoubtedly help small businesses reach out to their target consumers by managing other functions and scheduling appointments.

Dental trends will astonish patients and dental surgeons alike, allowing both sides of the balance to achieve faster results within a few visits to your local dentist.

Just As Everyone Else, Dentistry Looks Into the Future

It is easier than ever before to provide proper care for your teeth continuously. Taking full advantage of the devices we have at our disposal will only simplify our day to day activities. Remember, committing to maintaining your smile in ideal conditions is a straightforward process as long as you brush and floss correctly daily and schedule a check-up twice a year to prevent harmful bacteria from accumulating around your teeth.

Try promoting this healthy habit around the household and your friends by staying up to date with the latest dental trends.

Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
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