High Quality & Affordable Dental Treatments in Tijuana

These are the various dental treatments we have at your disposal. We strive to only offer the best treatments in the world of dentistry. We always try to stay up to date on the latest procedures that improve both your dental health and our knowledge. Top of the line technology helps us provide the best possible service to our patients.

Take a look at our most popular high-quality dental treatments.

Dental Implants

Learn more about dental implant procedures and exactly how much money you will save by visiting Trust Dental Care in Tijuana.

Dental Crowns

Find the best quality and materials for dental crowns here in Tijuana, such as E-Max, Zirconia, PFM or PFG.

Root Canals in Tijuana

Our dental specialist will determine if root canal treatment is right for you. Learn more.

Bone Graft

Need bone graft? Save up to 70% and get TOP quality materials on your dental treatment.

Dental Veneers

Get Your Perfect “Hollywood Smile” with Dental Veneers in Tijuana Ask for your quote now!

Sinus Lift in Tijuana

Get you dream smile with dental implants in Tijuana and save up to 70% on Sinus Lift Surgery!